Trick by Jeki Yoo
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Trick by Jeki Yoo (39.95)

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Poker-X - magic
Poker-X Poker-X Poker-X

Leave it to Jeki Yoo to create one of the most impossible and visually stunning matrix routines we've ever seen.

Jeki Yoo's "Poker-X" was one of the most talked about tricks at the FISM European Championships. It sold out immediately after his performance. This mind-blowing matrix routine is unlike anything available today.

"Poker-X" starts like a normal matrix routine, where you place four blank cards over four poker chips. These chips then magically start gathering, one by one, into a singular spot. As a grand finale, the chips then vanish and reappear printed on the card.

The part you won't believe: The "Poker-X" vanish can be performed in a volunteer's hand.

The part you'll really love: This routine is surprisingly practical. The setup is minimal and the execution is very simple and direct.

The part you'll really really love: "Poker-X" is super easy to do. Any magician will be able to master this routine.

This visual miracle is not just a social media effect either. Like mentioned before, it's designed for real world performances and can eve be done in their hands!

Get "Poker-X" by Jeki Yoo before it sells out!


Customer reviews for Poker-X



Overall I'd say this trick is pretty good, but not excellent. It is certainly fun and visual, but there are a few considerations worth mentioning. First, there is some secret setup involved so it is not impromptu. The setup could be done quickly, but it cannot be done in front of the spectators so you will need to go off and hide to do the secret setup before you perform, or be prepped to perform from the very beginning. Also, for the 'in the spectator's hand version', I'm not sure how realistic this would be to perform in a real-world situation. Again, it is very visual and a fun effect, but any curious spectator is going to want to look around and see where the chip went, and very well might find it. And lastly, and this is a minor gripe, but the "specially printed card" that is revealed in the end, with all 4 poker chips printed on it, is not specially printed. It is a blank card with 4 stickers on it. I found that to be a bit of a let down. But all in all, it is a fine trick for what it is.


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