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Moser's Miracle Monte

$25.00 Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
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Moser's Miracle Monte

25.00 usd

Trick by Wolfgang Moser ($25.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Moser's Miracle Monte - magic

Building on the work of Theodore DeLand, Michael Skinner, Eddie Taytelbaum, and Harry Anderson, Moser's Miracle Monte is an astounding sequence with an unforgettable ending.

It's EXCEEDINGLY RARE TO SEE A CLOSING PIECE THIS MAGICAL. If you do or have ever wanted to do a three-card monte style effect, this is HANDS DOWN THE BEST WE'VE SEEN.

You know Vanishing Inc. by now. We don't do flashy trailers...we show you footage of the trick IN FULL, so you can see what you're buying. We're particularly excited about this. Due to high demand in custom-printed cards, we are GUARANTEED to sell out of this trick, and we're not sure how soon it will come back in stock. If you think this is something you will use, we suggest you order now.

If you do Skinner Monte (a classic), you'll instantly want to switch to Moser's Miracle Monte.

If you're looking to leave your spectator with a magical souvenir, you'll want to learn Moser's Miracle Monte.

If you want an angle-proof trick that is easy to do yet completely deceptive, shocking, entertaining and magical, you'll want to learn Moser's Miracle Monte.

If you want to do a packet effect that ends completely clean and examinable, you'll want to learn Moser's Miracle Monte.

If you enjoy routines that have been worked through so completely or if you appreciate magic with intelligent construction, you'll want to learn Moser's Miracle Monte. 

Contains 20 gimmicks, an instructional DVD and a bonus effect. Moser's Miracle Monte is a practical routine that will fit perfectly into your close-up repertoire.

The ending, an idea for the ages by Harry Anderson, is a fitting closer to this tight, thoughtful monte sequence.

Refill packs now available.


Community questions about Moser's Miracle Monte

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  • Martin asks: As the refills use Mandolin back design cards, do you get ungimmicked cards of both red and blue backs with the main set?

    • 1. Gregg answers: No. I just received Trick / DVD and my Refill Set, and the only Cards included are the Gimmicked Cards.
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  • Steve asks: Did I see this requiring a double lift?

    • 1. Jed answers: Obviously.
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  • Gregg asks: As the Mandolin Backs are in the Refill Kit, does the main effect come with Mandolin Backs as well?

    • 1. Gregg answers: Having received the Product and Refill Kit, I will answer my own question - NO - you have to supply the two "real" Cards.
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  • Ken asks: The 20 card refills say they come 10 red and 10 blue. Does the base set come with both red and blue, this is not clear in the description. Please advise. Thank you.

    • 1. Gregg answers: Having received both the Trick and the Refill Kit - the answer is - both come with ten red and ten blue. And don't forget, you need to secure to "real" Cards from a Mandolin Deck - either Red or Blue.
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  • Gary asks: is it instore for delivery ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sure is.
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Customer reviews for Moser's Miracle Monte



I just received my Miracle Monte and this is a must have for anyone, regardless of magic experience. The routine is super clean, no difficult moves at all. In fact the moves are so natural it will feel like and look like you are truly making magic happen. I highly recommend this effect. Vanishing Inc. has a true winner with this one!

Steven Warburton



I saw the video; had to have it. Received it quickly - thanks.

The DVD instructions are spare but more than sufficient. Took me about an hour to learn the handling. Take some time to write your own script and this will be a KILLER closer for you. I am doing it everywhere - impromptu, at strolling gigs, bar gigs, etc.

It's especially good as an "extra" goody to do for the client after the gig when they give you the check. Even better - do it for the client and their boss!'

My only quibble is that the refills come in pack of 20 but are 10 red and 10 blue backs - wish I could order them in one color.



Wow. This trick fools everyone I do it to, and I learned it literally in 15 minutes!! He did a very good job explaining the trick, and the gimmick is so cleverly made. Will definitely buy more refills though.



I perform my own version of "Virginia City Shuffle" using either the Ace of Hearts or the Three of Clubs, so I was very excited to see this routine! Have incorporated the routine into my carry everywhere wallet. When I received my package I opened the refill part first. Disappointed to see 10 red and 10 blue in the packet. I don't use blue. Much, much relief when I opened the DVD to find 20 red cards. Hallelujah! Tried to figure out what to do with the blue cards. I did not want to give them to any friend who uses a blue deck as I would have to let them "borrow" the DVD to learn the routine. No way! Came up with an ending for my VCS routine. Triple whammy,… Ace,.. blue back and torn off corner. Now can you follow the money card? Love the routine, love the cards. Wish there was a way to order just red or just blue. As such 9 out of 10. (or ten out of twenty, ha)



Love it! Love it! love it! Will be performing it again at my next corporate gig this weekend!