Magic by David Jonathan

Fourtunate Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and David Jonathan - 40.00

Fourtunate is a trick where the workings are as much fun as the trick. Here’s what happens: You draw a prediction on the cellophane of a card case...

VOX Trick
Trick by David Jonathan - 24.95

Transform Siri into your secret accomplice with this mind-blowing fusion of magic and technology from David Jonathan (the co-creator of former Trick...

Snaps Trick
Trick by Dan Harlan and David Jonathan - 39.95

"A clever tool for creative performers. Endless possibilities" R. Paul Wilson "SNAPS is just what I wanted. Do virtually any card...

Profile Trick
Trick by David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis - 24.95

A hands-off, easy to do stunner from David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis. "Profile" is a fun, engaging routine that builds toward a...

Black Mirror Project Magic download (video)
Black Mirror Project
Magic download (video) by David Jonathan - 39.95

Seven mind-blowing routines you can do anytime, anywhere with just your phone. David Jonathan (creator of the bestsellers "VOX" and...

You Know Magic download (video)
You Know
Magic download (video) by David Jonathan - 8.95

"This is my favorite effect of the year." Rob Jacks You Know is a mind-boggling demonstration of mentalism using regular UNO Cards. This...

Pr3miere Trick
Trick by David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis - 44.95

A stunning, multi-phased, blockbuster routine inspired by a love for cinema and featuring an ingenious method. "Pr3miere" is an...

Synergy Trick
Trick by David Jonathan - 49.95

Impossible predictions in real time using your iPhone. David Jonathan, the creator of bestsellers "VOX" and "Snaps", brings you...

Fortuity Trick
Trick by David Jonathan - 37.25

Doing tricks with a colorful rainbow deck is a great way to foster interest. You present two dice and a rainbow deck, and proceed to do an absolute...

Wrong Turn Magic download (video)
Wrong Turn
Magic download (video) by David Jonathan - 7.95

A stunning ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number) with an unexpected kicker twist! Wrong Turn is a fun and baffling approach to ACAAN that adds...

Ideal Meal Trick
Ideal Meal
Trick by David Jonathan - 29.95

A delightfully fun, relatable and powerful routine from David Jonathan, one of the creative minds behind the bestselling effect "Snaps"....

Destined Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by David Jonathan - 6.95

The spectator finds their card in an incredible way, with a stunning kicker revelation! The Jokers are given to a spectator to hold, then a card is...

Sovereign Sandwich Trick
Sovereign Sandwich
Trick by David Jonathan - 15.00

A Unique, Hands-Off Evolution of The Sandwich Plot! Welcome to the first routine of its kind where the spectator makes the sandwich as they shuffle...

TOCAAN Deluxe Edition Trick
TOCAAN Deluxe Edition
Trick by David Jonathan - 39.95

An unbelievably clean ACAAN with a stunning kicker they'll never see coming. "TOCAAN" by David Jonathan is an incredibly practical and...

Arbitrium Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by David Jonathan - 8.95

Why do a ACAAN with one deck when you can up the apparent impossibility with two decks? That's the beauty of ARBITRIUM. Imagine...