Trick by David Jonathan
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Trick by David Jonathan (24.95)

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VOX - magic

Transform Siri into your secret accomplice with this mind-blowing fusion of magic and technology from David Jonathan (the co-creator of former Trick of the Year “Snaps”).

"Yet another shining example of why I love David's brain so much. He should be declared a national treasure!” Michael Murray

“VOX” by David Jonathan is a powerful utility that uses your iPhone to perform an ACAAN style effect that is about as clean and hands-off as possible. Your participants handle the cards while Siri takes care of all the hard work behind the scenes. There are no apps required. Just a one-time, easy setup that takes just a few minutes to get you ready to perform this fresh, modern and organic effect you’ll love performing.

As your participant cuts the deck, you ask Siri to name a random card (or you can even have the participant name or select a card) and then a random number. Without you needing to touch the cards, your participant can count down to the number named by Siri to find the chosen card. You don’t have to do anything except sit back and watch the miracle unfold.

We’re geeking out over the method too. It’s so clever. Just a quick glimpse after the cutting process is done and you’ll have all the information needed to secretly cue Siri to do the calculations necessary to find the location of the chosen card.

Key Features of “VOX”

  • Uses the real Siri and native features on the iPhone
  • Easy to do
  • No magic apps or screen recordings
  • No internet connection needed
  • No forces (the participant can even name or freely select the card)
  • 100% hands off
  • They cut the deck (and can even cut again after the card is selected)
  • They count to the number
  • No table required
  • Instantly repeatable with different results
  • Can be adjusted to different languages
  • Multiple variations and methods are taught (both for close-up and stage/parlor)
  • Easy to do and only needs to be setup once

Order now to get everything you need to start performing “VOX”. This includes all the download assets, more than 90 minutes of comprehensive instruction, an accompanying PDF, and access to the secret “VOX” Facebook Group.


Digital copies are currently not yet available from the creator. That means you are purchasing a physical card containing a link for the instructions that will be mailed to you. There are no special tools or props being sent, or any app you need to download. It is simply just the link for the instructions. At this time, dealers have not been given access to email these links or add them to your account.

As “VOX” uses Siri and not a dedicated app, this effect is ONLY possible on iPhones (6s or newer) running at lease iOS13 or later. "VOX" will not work on Android operating systems.

"David has seamlessly woven a variety of methods to create a powerful & highly memorable routine which will amaze your audience and the magician alike. VOX is incredible.” Joel Dickinson

"Meticulously well designed and thought out. VOX is an incredible version of ACAAN." Marc Paul

"VOX is BRILLIANT! David took the ACAAN concept and made it relatable, fresh, modern and added a really clever, unique twist. You are really going to get a kick out of this!" Matt Johnson

"David has a penchant for producing strong effects with clever methods, and VOX is no exception. Add to cart!” Eric Stevens

"David has created something really special with VOX. The presentation is engaging, and the method is fiendishly clever. I don't normally perform ACAAN but I'll definitely be doing this!” Roddy McGhie


Customer reviews for VOX



Boy, I had trouble setting this up. Went to the Vox user groups. Gave me some hints, but still had problems.

I was a novice on shortcuts. Finally figured out what they were. Deleted all and reinstalled!

The duplicate tell me A number from one to 52 finally worked!

Now everything works and I think it is the best trick I have!!!

Don’t be worried by my experience. Get it, you will love it!


Community questions about VOX

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Ignacio asks: Do you know if in the near future, will be the Android version? Thanks in advance!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's unlikely as this relies heavily on using the capabilities of an iPhone
  • Sean asks: Can you use the Siri function on the spectators iPhone? Just to completely discount the fact that no apps are being used? (I know, don’t run if you aren’t being chased)… but I think this would still be pretty awesome if it’s possible. Either way it seems amazing, so that wouldn’t deter me from buying it. Just curious.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Even though no apps are being used, you will need to use your phone. With some really good spectator management, you MAY be able to have them be the ones that activate Siri (because it is the genuine Siri). But, in reality, it won't matter. It's so open and fair that you won't have to worry about it.
  • Jordan asks: Do you need do use an app for this magic trick in order to perform it or perform at once you have purchased VOX and what will you get in the package when you purchase it and what will you get in the mail when it is available?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: When it is available, you will be mailed access to the instructions. No app is needed. It uses features that are already on your phone. The instructions give you step by step directions on how to set them up.
  • Barry and asks: Can you use an iPad instead of an iPhone?

    • 1. David answers: Yes!
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  • Mike asks: For VOX, is it possible to ask Siri other questions prior to or after this routine in order to help discount the “app” idea in spectator’s minds? Thanks!

    • 1. David answers: Sure, you are always interacting with the real Siri so you can ask her anything else you normally would
    Post an answer to this question
  • Adam asks: Is there any stack to learn to perform this as my memory isn’t great,??

    • 1. David answers: No math and no memory work. One of the multiple methods taught requires you to remember just a single word, which is super easy.
    • 2. Aaron answers: This is actually a related question for David: When you say “no memory work,” I presume you’re excluding the memorization of a stack. Or is there a version that can work without a stack? The inverse relationship between my enthusiastic desire to memorize a stack, and my utter neuro-inability to do so is a sad sad story.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Miguel asks: What is the full plot or effect as seen by the audience?

    • 1. David answers: There are many presentations you could do, but here's a full performance: https://youtu.be/iOFsoW34PYw
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  • Michael asks: I would only ever perform this with the spectator's phone. What kind of audience management is required to make this work ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is not possible to do on a spectator's phone.
  • Louis asks: So this is only for Iphone users

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes. It relies on Siri.
  • Paul asks: I hear this is just a download, but I’m being charged for delivery.

    • 1. Brandon answers: Is stack work ? Or can they freely shuffle the deck? Or can the only cut the deck?
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  • Guy asks: Can the performance be repeated with the same audience?

    • 1. David answers: Absolutely. Different cards and numbers every time - there’s no forces.
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  • Dan asks: Looks great, I'm getting it no matter, but... (1) Is this a "dedicated" deck for the trick? Can it be an opener, and then shuffled normally afterwards? (2) Is there something special about the deck in the video (—a deck that most of us already own)? Thanks!

    • 1. David answers: The deck needs to be in a stack, so opener and shuffled after would be fine. There’s so many variations taught - so depending on your preferred handling it could be a totally regular deck or other decks that every magician likely owns.
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  • Doug asks: Is it possible that this method will not work in the future, depending on the iPhone’s update?

    • 1. David answers: It’s not exploiting something Apple overlooked and would patch in the future if that’s what you mean? It’s accomplished using tools Apple knowingly makes available.
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  • Stephane asks: It seems like its just download, but I’m being charged for delivery. ????

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's a physical booklet - an attempt to at least slow down nefarious people...
  • Simon asks: I have poor eyesight and so wanted to know if you need to be able to read a marked deck to be able to do this trick? If so, it not for me which is a shame because it looks great. Thanks for your help

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: David explains a way to do this with Marked & Unmarked cards
  • Branch asks: Can any stack be used?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, you can input your own stack if you would like to customize it.
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