Magic by Mark Mason

Switch-A-Two Trick
Trick by Mark Mason, Ian Fraser and Chris Payne - 49.95

A devastating and invisible switch that happens right in front of the spectator's eyes. Roughly two decades ago, Mark Mason had the entire magic...

Fourtunate Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and David Jonathan - 40.00

Fourtunate is a trick where the workings are as much fun as the trick. Here’s what happens: You draw a prediction on the cellophane of a card case...

No Choice Wallet Trick
No Choice Wallet
Trick by Mark Mason and Tony Miller - 60.00

"Best trick I saw at Blackpool by a mile!” Steve Parnell No Choice is a powerful multi-phase routine you can carry in your pocket. You’re...

Reboxed 2018 Magnetic Version Trick
Reboxed 2018 Magnetic Version
Trick by Mark Mason - 35.00

"A total mind @&#! It fooled me." - Gary Kurtz "Wow! What a fooler-dooler!" - Daryl "Just do it!" - Dan Garrett "I was...

Quartet Trick
Trick by Mark Mason - 39.95

Two cards are folded into quarters. One is red-backed, the other is blue-backed. The cards are placed behind your back and mixed around. The...

Blue Illusion Trick
Blue Illusion
Trick by Mark Mason and Yarden Aviv - 35.00

"Shut up and take my money." Eric Jones "Shut up and take my money." Eric Jones BLUE ILLUSION IS AN EYE-POPPING MOMENT OF...

Case Dismissed Trick
Case Dismissed
Trick by Mark Mason - 39.95

The most visual way to open your card magic set. Make the card box instantly disappear with "Case Dismissed" by Mark Mason. This hand-made...

Fully Loaded Trick
Fully Loaded
Trick by Mark Mason - 45.00

After being asked to release this for the past 17 years, Fully Loaded is finally here! The Ultimate in signed card to impossible location!You have...

The Pen Thing Trick
The Pen Thing
Trick by Mark Mason and Alan Rorrison - $29.95 $25.50 (SAVE $4.45)

A regular Sharpie visually melts right through a bill. Pencil thru bill and pen thru bill effects are as old as time. They're truly magical moments...

JuxtaPad Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and Alex Latorre - 45.00

Juxtapad is more than just a magic trick. It allows you to perform numerous effects. Imagine being able to make any word, any number, any picture or...

In the Middle Trick
In the Middle
Trick by Mark Mason - 25.00

From the brilliantly creative mind of Mark Mason, Vanishing Inc are pleased to be able to offer you In the Middle, a no-table, in the hands,...

Killer in Manilla Trick
Killer in Manilla
Trick by Mark Mason - 40.00

A METHOD LIKE NO OTHER!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS EFFECT. A regular Manilla envelope is freely shown on all sides and is placed on the table. Any card...

Z Fold PLUS Wallet Trick
Z Fold PLUS Wallet
Trick by Mark Mason - 19.95

A clever and devious switching device with limitless potential! The Z Fold PLUS Wallet is a gorgeous upgraded version of a classic of magic. It...

Initial Shock Trick
Initial Shock
Trick by Mark Mason and Alex Latorre - 40.00

Powerful, visual magic that ends in a unique souvenir your spectators are sure to keep and cherish forever! With Initial Shock, a card is selected by...

Misers Delight Pro X from Mark Mason Trick
Misers Delight Pro X from Mark Mason
Trick by Mark Mason - 212.50

Several brand new features have been added to the Misers Delight bag. Along with all the usual features, you can now make the lights cascade...

Slick Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and Alan Rorrison - 44.95

A devious and innovative way to peek anything. "Slick" by Alan Rorrison and Mark Mason is your new favorite everyday carry. Disguised as...

Alibi Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and Kaan Akdogan - 40.00

A mystery box / card to impossible location style effect you can (and will) carry with you everywhere. "Alibi" is a custom-crafted gimmick...

Devastation DVD
DVD by Mark Mason - 40.00

We love this effect, it blows laymen away.A deck of cards are shown to be ALL BACKS on both sides, as you explain that last night you had the...

Trick by Mark Mason - 35.00

Here is a brilliant effect that's really clever and really different. THIS CAN BE A DIFFERENT CARD EVERY TIME. THE CUSTOM-BUILT GIMMICK...

Scratch Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and Kaan Akdogan - 29.95

A wildly visual and exciting piece of super easy to do magic. "Scratch" by Kaan Akdogan and Mark Mason is one of the most unique effects...

Fire Wallet Trick
Fire Wallet
Trick by Mark Mason - 35.00

Regarded as the best fire wallet in the business, J B have this back in stock. This wallet will fit into any pocket, even jeans. It has been crafted...

Solo DVD
DVD by Mark Mason - 35.00

Effect Think inside the box! A deck of cards are removed from its case. The case is handed out for examination, it is empty....

Digital Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and Arman Abir - 30.00

A unique transforming prediction that must be seen to be believed. "Digital" by Arman Abir, in collaboration with Mark Mason, is a...

Come Fly With Me DVD
Come Fly With Me
DVD by Mark Mason - 325.00

The plot is simple, yet the magic is stunning. Not one, not two, but three coins travel from the right fingertips across to the left fingertips. This...

Trick by Mark Mason - 29.95

Tony's BLOCK BUSTER is GREAT. This hand built, custom gimmick, allows you to vanish and reproduce a regular coin only inches away from your...

Ghost Tag Pro Trick
Ghost Tag Pro
Trick by Mark Mason - 45.00

A Piece of Magic You Can Carry With You Everywhere. Inside a key ring there is a picture of a gentleman with a face-down card in his...

Decade DVD
DVD by Mark Mason - 40.00

A decade after releasing his first DVD set Real World Magic, Mark's back, with 19 brand new routines and closely guarded moves. These routines are...

Miracle Floating Ring DVD
Miracle Floating Ring
DVD by Mark Mason - 100.00

Mike has created the FINAL WORD in FLOATING RINGS. For over 12 years through 1000's of performances, Mike has perfected one of the most astonishing...

Shoet Trick
Trick by Mark Mason - 25.00

Mark Southworth and Mark Mason have developed an absolutely killer ending to any card routine. At the end of the routine, you pull an UNFOLDED,...

Perfect DVD
DVD by Mark Mason - 30.00

A regular deck of cards are shown, there are no extra cards, there are no repeating sequences etc. The deck is spread face down, a card is...

E-Case DVD
DVD by Mark Mason - 145.00

Silent but Deadly. The hit of the MAGICLIVE dealers room This electronic hand built unit, allows you to create the perfect signed card, to card case....

Cross Word DVD
Cross Word
DVD by Mark Mason - 25.00

Direct to you straight from Marks working repertoire comes CROSSWORD.This is a NO RESET, STROLLING, EYE POPPING ROUTINE that packs a knockout punch....

Folding Coin Trick
Folding Coin
Trick by Mark Mason - 29.95

This is the perfect coin for our Blindspot effect. This cut is down the centre of the coin. Comes complete with spare bands.

Real World Magic DVD
Real World Magic
DVD by Mark Mason - 40.00

The real world magic series are now available in DVD format. These two dvd's contain material right out of Mark's act, these are the effects that...

Transformer Card DVD
Transformer Card
DVD by Mark Mason - 20.00

The crazy card that turns itself inside out and upside down. J B Magic are proud to present the transformer card by Dan Burgess. This is the crazy...