Trick by Mark Mason and Alan Rorrison
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Trick by Mark Mason and Alan Rorrison (44.95)

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Slick - magic
Slick Slick Slick Slick Slick

A devious and innovative way to peek anything. "Slick" by Alan Rorrison and Mark Mason is your new favorite everyday carry.

Disguised as an innocent credit card or business card holder, "Slick" allows you to secretly gain information without anyone ever suspecting a thing.

  • No holes
  • No electronics
  • No privacy glass
  • No mirrors
  • No weird lighting quirks
  • No fishing

You remove a business card and allow your spectator to write whatever they'd like on the back. It could be a name or a number or a symbol. Anything they want. The card is then slid back into the wallet without you seeing anything. Any credit card is then slid behind their card to sandwich it and make things even more impossible.

The card holder is immediately handed back to your spectator. Despite these impossible conditions, you know exactly what was written. It's so unfairly clear. You have to see it to believe it. This amazing method is a powerful tool for any mentalist or close up magician

The included instructions include a knockout bonus routine that is built right into the gimmick.

We predict you will love "Slick"!


Customer reviews for Slick

VI Monthly


I purchased this recently and just couldn't get it to work properly. Contacted the wizards at VI, and went through quite a few iterations of steps to get it to work.

But work it did! (User error, btw).

And it works well. Very clever, very sneaky.

I too wish the elastic was sewn flatter, and one of these days I'll stop by a seamstress/tailor in the area and see if they can't make me a different one.

But all in all...great item.



4 out of 5 stars. If I am giving/taking one star for each quality/price/accuracy to description/inspectability/effect, then I can give a star for all 5 categories, but deduct one star because of a reason mentioned below:

1) Quality: YES - The items seem high quality, with nothing appearing to be overly fragile or easy to break.
2) Effect: YES - The effect itself is great and impressive and the bonus effect is good as well.
3) Inspectability: YES - For the mind reading routine it is completely inspectable which is a must have for an elite wallet routine. If you do the bonus effect, it prevents the audience from fully inspecting it, but I think it is easily avoided (especially if you let them inspect the wallet after the mind reading routine so in their mind they think you have nothing to hide - they would have to remove all your cards to find the blister effect gimmick, and I don't think most people would do that to another person's wallet. You can put the wallet away and out of sight by the time you reveal the blister anyways, and they probably won't think about the wallet since you already let them inspect it earlier).
4) Accuracy to Description: YES - I would say the video accurately depicts what happens in this trick.
5) Price: YES - This is such a cheap price for an inspectable wallet that does 2 different things. It can also comfortably hold all the credit/insurance/license cards I keep in my regular wallet.

Where I minus one star is the fact that only a certain style of credit card can be used or you need to do some arts and crafts (arts and crafts are always a minus for me). Having to use your own business cards makes sense and makes it seems more natural, so I don't have a problem with that, but it's actually better if both sides of your business card are busy in the middle of the card so you can force the spectator to write on the bottom of the card (in the video his card is blank on the back and it seems more suspicious that he's forcing you to write on the bottom, so I can see it being an issue for people with blank sided business cards).

Overall I really like this whole package. For the price, I can mostly ignore the warts mentioned above because inspectability in magic is like a holy grail that carries a lot of weight.



You just receive a video and the wallet. Dummy credit cards, and blank cards are Not Provided, you can only use certain types off credit cards, even have to use cellotape on certain credit cards to make the prediction work, What Aaagh, He even uses prediction cards that he shows you with printed txt, to force the spectator to wright on the bottom third of this card, As you can Only Peek the bottom third of the prediction card,Would off Been good too of received A dumby credit card, and some Blank cards as a start up,especially for those that dont have buisness cards with blank backs, or spare credit cards, although you can use a current one or he explains how you can source certain types of cards. No crib for the symbol routine either.The edges off the wallet need to be made beveled to make it smoother for sliding in the prediction card, The elastic belt going around the wallet, one side has a very bulky join, this should be flattened elastic and neatly aligned with finishing stitches. But the idea and the method is good. Would off been better to off received a start up kit as the full package untill you can source the correct cards needed, to be able to perform using this wallett, But no he didn't provide any off these. Although the design floors for the wallet still need updating, That's for sure.
This is not your every day carry wallet either.


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  • Jeffrey S asks: This says Slick is by Mark Mason but the trailer shows that it is by Alan Rorrison? Please advise!

    • 1. Jim answers: Slick is listed as being by Alan Rorrison and Mark Mason. I hope that helps!
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  • Edgar asks: Is this a one (trick) time use or can it be used over & over again with different things written?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can be used over and over again.
  • Larry asks: Just received and having issues. I DO use the VistaPrint cards. Mine are 8.9 cm x 5.1 cm (aka 3.5in x 2in). I don't know if they are glossy or not, but the surface *IS* shiny. NO rounded corners. My problem is they don't seem to do ANYTHING. Any advise?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please drop our Support Wizards a line at and someone will help you out.
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