Trick by Mark Mason and Kaan Akdogan
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Trick by Mark Mason and Kaan Akdogan ($40.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Tuesday morning
Alibi - magic
Alibi Alibi Alibi Alibi

A mystery box / card to impossible location style effect you can (and will) carry with you everywhere.

"Alibi" is a custom-crafted gimmick that hides in plain sight among your credit cards, driver's license, business cards, etc., that allows you to perform miracles at a moment's notice. Anyhwere your phone goes, "Alibi" can go too.

After repeatedly losing and finding a signed card that has been lost in the deck. You invite the spectator to attempt to find their card, but they can't. That's because hanging from the credit card holder on the back of your phone is a folded card. This card is removed and handed to the spectator to open and discover it's THEIR signed card. A true miracle!

Your phone is in full view the whole time.

This the perfect ending to your ambitious card routine and the ultimate EDC.

Each set comes with a lyrcra mobile phone credit card holder that will work with any phone and the special "Alibi" gimmick that comes ready to go in either red or blue. This gimmick can either stay on your phone or be removed at any time.

  • No language restrictions
  • Perform surrounded
  • Instant reset
  • Easy to use

You'll also gain access to a comprehensive instructional video that teaches everything you need to know. This includes multiple handlings, Mark Mason's super easy card fold, his ambitious card routine, how to do do the effect left or right-handed and other bonus ideas.


Customer reviews for Alibi



Easily better than Mystery Box (which is what I thought was the best card switch available today. I was wrong by like 14 miles, this is the most practical thing I have ever seen, and I've spent 10s of thousands on magic products. This is a gem, I have one very small issue with the fact I'm not sure how long this will last you given the wear mines already gotten, but Id pay 14 times the price for this, so ill just go ahead and buy 13 more if necessary.




Very portable
Don’t have to carry around switch boxes
Super switching tool
Can be attached to phone or in some cases a wallet.
Looks like ‘real magic’

Questions over durability and longevity, but only time will tell.
Still need to use special skills i.e a Mercury fold to accomplish effect.



As stated elsewhere, this is a better solution for Card To Impossible Location. Always ready to go and kept right in sight the whole time.


Community questions about Alibi

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  • George asks: Is the good gimmick only able to be used as a card? Can it be changed to look like a billet? Thanks -Rocky

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The gimmick looks great but we recommend leaving it as is and not altering it because it was designed specifically for a mystery card.
  • Mr P asks: Could this be tucked into a regular, leather card holder (without the Lycra phone holder part)?

    • 1. Sean answers: The gimmick is separate from the card holder so I don’t don’t see why you couldn’t use a different one. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max with the magnetic back and I’m buying a magnetic card holder to stick to the back so it can be easily removed whenever I want. I’m going to use that with the gimmick. I think as long as it’s not too thick of a card holder it should be ok.
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  • Mark asks: Can you change the type of card it uses? Go with a Phoenix, say?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you are crafty, you can carefully change the card out at your own discretion.
  • Louis asks: Can this gimmick set up be attached to a notebook style phone case..

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Possibly. The gimmick is designed to look like a small back of a phone wallet so if you think that it would look good on the back of your case, then go for it!
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