Trick by Mark Mason, Ian Fraser and Chris Payne
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Trick by Mark Mason, Ian Fraser and Chris Payne ($49.95)

In stock. Order in the next 1 hour, 1 minute and it will go out today!
Switch-A-Two - magic
Switch-A-Two Switch-A-Two Switch-A-Two Switch-A-Two Switch-A-Two

A devastating and invisible switch that happens right in front of the spectator's eyes.

Roughly two decades ago, Mark Mason had the entire magic community in disbelief when he introduced "Switch-A-Roo" by Russel Niedzwiecki. It was one of the most talked about effects in magic for months.

Now, over the last year, Mark has worked closely with magicians Chris Payne and Ian Fraser to take the learnings from 20 years of performances and re-design this beloved device to be better than ever.

"Switch-A-Two" allows you to easily perform an incredibly versatile split second switch that is undetectable. Your spectator will never suspect a thing since it truly looks like you're just grabbing something from your pocket. Openly switch playing cards, billets or similar items in the blink of an eye.

The best part? There's nothing difficult to create or adapt. Just drop the "Switch-A-Two" gimmick into a jacket pocket and it will magnetically lock into place. It's super easy to use and can be learned in minutes.

Here are just some of the amazing magic tricks you can learn with "Switch-A-Two":

  • Seamlessly switch in gimmicked cards
  • Make unbelievable open predictions
  • Clean up any packet trick
  • Visually change double-faced cards or double-backed cards
  • Make signatures change places
  • Visually print blank cards
  • Perform very fair "Out to Lunch" style routines

Comes with complete instructions, including 6 full routines and a variety of bonus tips and ideas.

Jacks & Jokers
Two Jacks and two Jokers magically change places before changing into the four Aces.

All the Same to Me
A comedy prediction combined with a knockout punch ending.

Signed Transposition
Two playing cards change places and so does the spectator's signature.

Signed Cards Across
This brilliantly clever take on cards across is highly-recommended and widely-considered to be the standout effect in the tutorial.

Open Prediction
A simple, direct approach to the open prediction effect, with a unique twist.

Four blank playing cards magically print, and then the entire blank deck of cards prints.

Note: The gimmick couldn't be used if you have a pacemaker


Community questions about Switch-A-Two

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  • Andreas asks: Hi. Do you have more information on the measurements and weight? Thanks a lot.

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    • Scott asks: Can this work with button down shirt pockets? (or is the material too thin?)

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's made for a jacket but can be done in a shirt pocket.
    • Tom asks: Can you switch items in and then w/o resetting switch them out again at the end of the routine? For example, you switch in three gaffed cards for ultimate 3 card monte, perform the routine w/ gaffs, and then switch gaffs out to end clean never having to reset?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely.
    • Lawrence asks: Does the gimmick make noise?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No noise.
    • Markus asks: Does is work mechanical or electrical?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No electronics, it's all mechanical.
    • James asks: How is this different than the original version?

      • 1. Russel answers: I’d recommend checking out Craig Petty’s review of this product on Magic TV (find it on YouTube). He interviews Mark and they answer this and many other questions. Worth a look.
      • 2. James answers: Thanks! That video helped a lot!
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    • Zaki asks: the angle in the demo is the same every time, so what are the bad angles (if any)?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While your hands are pretty cozy when the switch happens, there really aren't any bad angles.
    • Matthew asks: How robust is this? Can it be easily repaired if it breaks?

      • 1. Chris answers: It is made from robust plastic and should survive being dropped or accidentally sat upon. The internal mechanism is simple and reliable and can be repaired, or fully replaced, using materials widely available at negligible cost.
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    • Anthony asks: I purchased and the link provided for the trick does not work very frustrating please help

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please send our Customer Support Wizards an email and they'll help you out. wizards@vanishingincmagic.com
    • Randy asks: I watched a video of Mark Mason demonstrating the original version switch a roo and he mentioned all the things you could switch and coins were on the list. Can you switch out coins with this updated version?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This version is not designed to switch coins.
    • Gary asks: I remember walking into Mark's shop in Blackpool (the good old days) and he was doing demos of this. Close up looks fantastic, cards go into pocket and the switch is instant and delivered straight into your hand!

      • 1. Jim answers: Nice!
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    • Paul asks: Can it only be a jacket pocket or can you use your Jean pocket?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is made for a jacket pocket.
    • Markus asks: How deep does the pocket have to be? Thx

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It fits in a normal top pocket of a jacket.
    • Brady asks: Can this be used with a pocket square in the same pocket?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We haven't tried, but probably not.
    • Nathan asks: I wear a apron to work ..Would this work in a apron?Or would I have to sew it to fit the gimmick?

      • 1. Jim answers: It might. I'd have to have the apron to be sure.
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    • Morris asks: Can this be used for the shirt's front pocket? I don't really wear jacket but I do have bunch of formal shirt.

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I can be done in your shirt pocket but it's made for a jacket. The gimmick might look bulky in your shirt pocket
    • John asks: Is the mechanism silent. Do you need to keep spectators at a distance so that they do not hear any moving parts.

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely! It's very silent and the spectators can be fairly close as long as they can't see into your pocket.
    • Ian asks: Guessing the magnets for holding in place are in your inside left pocket; I keep my JOL wallet in that inside pocket. Would it bump into the magnets? As it is removed a lot during walk round.

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It would probably be in the way of the magnets so you'll want to re-work your pocket management.
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    Customer reviews for Switch-A-Two



    This product is absolutely amazing. I give it a strong 6 out of 5 stars. It's mechanical, so no worries about electronics going bad or needing charging, it is also dead silent. Use this tool...no..weapon! At the right times, and you will absolutely slay your audience.



    I have seen a few different ways of doing what this does and for me as long as what it says it will do..it does then I have no issue. A touch overpriced for me...but again nicely package and well constructed, silent, and as mentioned mechanical which is a bonus if you worry about batteries not functioning etc so I like this. You need to make sure your pocket can handle the size but again if your magic requires you to do enough switches and transpositions you will find a way to bed this down and maybe come up with a few different ideas other than cards. Purchase and play with this, you won't regret it.


    Paul E.

    I love it...so simple to use and so strong of an effect...the switch is perfect...so glad I bought it...with the right presentation it's sure to get you a "WOW!!!"...I use it to switch four randomly selected cards to the four aces in pseudo gambling bit...and after the switch, I slowly reveal the aces one at a time to build up the suspense.



    Another best buy ! Now you have to find a natural way to use your jacket pocket to display chosen cards…



    Had SUCH high hopes for this. Let me say...Awesome concept but has some issues. Supposedly this is the new and improved so that's a little concerning ... First, I was surprised at the weight of it for what it is. Now, to be fair, they say in the video that it works best in a jacket pocket but that it can work in a shirt. That's technically true...but...in a shirt pocket the weight of the gimmick has a tendency to show off the outline of it in your pocket and telegraph that you have something there. I can see why they encourage a jacket pocket (maybe it was just the shirt I was using). Secondly, I began practicing with this (actually rather gently just because I wasn't sure just how casual/rough I could be in switching items)... and the piece that makes this work literally broke (read: pulled through the device) after 8 switches. Huh? This should be rock solid to practice with and make it through hundreds of switches. What's more is that I can't see how I can fix this by the way it's designed so either I'm not seeing something or it's just a design flaw in that regard. Again, I was not rough at all on this thing so that brings me to another point. Due to the frailty of what makes this work (which could have been made much stronger etc) this is going to make me worry about it and take away focus from performance. This piece should have been made fail-proof. If it fails during performance, you're completely toast. Maybe I just got a lemon. Reached out to VI about it and I'm sure they'll be super helpful. They always take care of their 'peeps'.

    Switch-A-Two by Mark Mason, Ian Fraser and Chris Payne