Come Fly With Me

DVD by Mark Mason
325.00 Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
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Come Fly With Me

325.00 usd

DVD by Mark Mason (325.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.

The plot is simple, yet the magic is stunning. Not one, not two, but three coins travel from the right fingertips across to the left fingertips. This is visual coin magic taken to a whole new level. Marks revolutionary new handling for this modern classic will guarantee a mind blowing experience for any audience.

Check out these amazing quotes from some of the worlds leading magicians.

"Mark Mason's 'Come Fly With Me' is a tremendous version of Three Fly. It's wildly visual and as usual Mark has put his own creative spin on things that take it to the next level. When Mark showed it to me I was thrilled. It was U3F...but different. He's added a special gimmick that makes his nifty handling easy even for a beginner in coin magic. CFWM is a totally professional routine that gets both my praise and my blessing. It's packed with incredible training and value."
Bob Kohler.

"A rare piece of magic, don't let it FLY by you". Jeff McBride
"The most intimate version money can buy. Feels like real magic". R.Paul Wilson
"I didn't think it was possible to perfect perfection....i was wrong " Daniel Garcia
"This must be real magic" Henry Evans
"I've been using a variety of versions of 3 fly in my performing repertoire since 1995. I think I have been through them all and this is, without a doubt the cleanest most magicial version I've seen yet. I can't wait to start using it". Marc DeSouza
"Mark has added some twists that you'd never have thought of to his 3 fly routine. Like all his stuff you hit yourself in the head, laugh and then go to work. Keep it coming Mark". Bob Sheets
"Mark Mason has created a three fly routine that eliminates the possibility of using any extra coins, and as such looks very magical, clean, and downright impossible!" Michael Rubinstein
"When you first showed me your coins across routine, I would have sworn you were doing the best sleeving i've ever seen. Then, I noticed that you were wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Honestly, I had no idea how you could make those coins travel so invisibly! (and I know all the other methods. When you showed me what you were doing, I marveled at the beautiful, and clever workmanship of the coins. Please let me be one of the first to purchase a set". Bob King
"This routine is amazing, It looks excellent". Jorg Alexander
"This is what real magic should look like. People have started religions with less than this". Wayne Dobson
"I cannot write what Simon said, but he really likes it" Simon Lovell
"Mark Mason's "Come Fly With Me" is SUPERB. Like many out there, I am a 3 Fly fanatic and very familiar with most of the published and many unpublished versions of 3 Fly. Mark's "Come Fly With Me" is one of the best and truly looks like trick photography. Mark gives you everything you need... very high quality gimmicks, a tremendously thorough instructional DVD. This is for those who are serious and want something that looks like real magic, something they will USE for many years to come. HIGHLY Recommended." Tim Trono
"That's truly amazing coin magic" Gene Anderson
"Astounding. Quite simply the best and easiest version of 3 fly I've ever seen." Richard Kaufman
"Even I can do this and believe me I will over and over and over again." Stephen Bargatze
"It took my breath away". Bob Fitch
"Brilliant, I'll take one right now". John Lenahan

Comes complete with all the precision made genuine half dollar coins and a step by step instructional dvd.

Made in USA Half Dollars. This set of coins is the highest workmanship. They have been made to last a lifetime.

Mark would like to thank both, Bob Kohler and Steve Dusheck for their kind permission in allowing come fly with me to be produced.


Customer reviews for Come Fly With Me



First the effect is mind blowing. It is simple to learn and perform. Very angle forgiving with a solid 180 degree or literally surrounded if you bring the coins up to your chest. The make and quality of the gaffs are outstanding. Mark does a great job of explaining and teaching each of the pases. I cannot recommend this highly enough. A real go to you will always have with you.



I'm a big fan! This effect was perfectly made and is a very carefully considered routine. Thank you Vanishing Inc!

VI Monthly


A mild and expensive disappointment. The gimmicks and the handling seem to me much more suitable for coins larger than the included half-dollars. In the video, Mark Mason demonstrates with silver dollars, which are both more visible and, I would imagine, easier to handle. Because of the nature of the gimmicks, this routine would seem more suitable for parlor rather than close-up distances. So in spite of the hesitation-inspiring price of this set, I would have willing paid more for a set of silver dollar sized gimmicks.


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