Gimmicked Coin Effects

Sometimes we love sleight of hand with coins. Sometimes we prefer to use a gaff. Here, you’ll find classics like the Karate Coin, Scotch and Soda, Bite coin, Hopping Half, and more.

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Karate coin

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Coin Effects

Gimmicked Coins for Effects

The following page highlights some of the finest gaffs used for unusual and amazing coin effects.

Karate Coin
The concept of this trick is simple and beautiful: you "skewer" your finger through a coin. Originally devised as a gag, coin master David Roth turned it into an elegant piece of coin magic. You'll find a variety of styles to the Karate Coins we carry. Some look like you tear through a coin, while others are simply a hole for your finger to protrude.

Coin thru Card or Hand
This can be a startling interlude for a coin act. The effect works with magnets, and usually requires a wine glass so when the coin penetrates the card, it can be seen and heard easily. We offer this in a few different currencies and sizes.

Coins thru Deck
This is the perfect way to end a close-up set. After performing a series of card tricks, you place the cards back in the box and cause one or more coins to penetrate through the box. The box is gimmicked, and allows the coins to fall--usually into a glass--one by one.

Balancing Coin
This is an unusual effect in which you appear to balance one coin on top of another, just at the edge. We offer this coin in a variety of sizes and currencies.

Gimmick Coins for Magic Tricks

Turn your coin magic into a coin miracle with the addition of a gimmicked coin. We stock a complete range: