Folding Coins

A folding coin is used for the coin in bottle effect, certain coins across routines, and the now-famous “biting” coin routine, in which you appear to bite a piece from a coin and visually “spit” it back on. These folding coins are cut by laser and are absolutely seamless, and invisible unless touched.

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American coins


Folding Coins for Coin in Bottle

Folding Coin Tips

Premium range
Tango's Premium range has a unique "internal system" in which the band is carefully manufactured and placed inside the coin. This makes the coin more deceptive as the edges look normal (unlike a standard folding coin which has a groved edge).

Repairing a folding coin
The rubber bands in a folding coin can snap from time to time. You can repair them by purchasing spare rubber bands or elastic thread for Tango coins.

Gimmick Coins for Magic Tricks

Turn your coin magic into a coin miracle with the addition of a gimmicked coin. We stock a complete range: