Hopping Halves

This is the classic coin effect many magicians like to start with. It's a great blend of easy to do and high impact magic, and we heartily suggest it for beginners and working pros alike. It's not just one trick, but really a series of magic effects in which you show a copper and silver coin. Despite always removing one coin, two coins appear back inside your hand. The coins change places and to end, they both vanish entirely. It's completely easy to do and packs in several amazing effects into one. The gaff consists of a series of shells. In each phase, you simply remove one layer of shell and place it in your pocket, which allows you to continually show two coins in your hand.

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Hopping Halves

Hopping Halves

Half Dollar/English Penny
This is the set to start with if you've never performed the trick before. Because the coins are different colors but the same size, the handling is easiest and allows for other creative interludes, such as making the coins change places and vanishing it at the end.

US Quarter and Penny
In this version the two coins are of different sizes, and BOTH coins used are part of the common change carried around in the USA. That makes this version the most innocent and impromptu looking. Just be careful, as the coins are so small that it's a little less visible than the larger version.

Sun and Moon
When you see "Sun and Moon" versions, this essentially is an effect with an outer shell that fits over a double-sided coin, allowing for super visual changes and sequences.

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