Bent & Stretched Coins

Causing a coin to bend is an extraordinary feat. It’s a simple switch of a normal coin for a bent one, and we carry several varieties of bent coins. We also carry “stretched” coins, which look fabulous. End any one-coin sequence by apparently stretching a coin with your strength. These look amazing.

Select the bent or stretched coins that you'd like to purchase below and then click the "Add to Cart" button below:

American coins

Bent Coins

Other ways of bending a coin

The coins are pre-bent so that you can switch them in and pretend to bend them. We also recommend these tools and routines:

SL Coin Bending Tool
Ben Earl's Skin
Ox Bender

Gimmick Coins for Magic Tricks

Turn your coin magic into a coin miracle with the addition of a gimmicked coin. We stock a complete range: