OX Bender

Accessory by Menny Lindenfeld
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OX Bender

99.95 usd

Accessory by Menny Lindenfeld (99.95)

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OX Bender - magic
OX Bender OX Bender OX Bender OX Bender OX Bender OX Bender

The OX BENDER™ by Menny Lindenfeld is a custom-made, ingenious device, engineered for BENDING COINS EASILY with ONLY ONE HAND! It's actually EASIER to bend coins with the OX Bender™ than with any other coin Bender!

With one hand free, you'll be more relaxed and have effortless, natural control over your coin bends. This means you will need very little to no misdirection during the crucial moment.

The gimmick is fully concealed and requires only a small, natural hand-movement to EASILY BEND COINS LIKE BUTTER.

Use the OX BENDER™ anywhere, in any situation and FULLY SURROUNDED. Use it close up, walk-around, on the street, on stage and even on TV. The bending action is 100% INVISIBLE and done right in-their-face! But they'll never know or see anything! You can even bend coins while seated with your hands casually resting on the table.

The OX BENDER™ leaves no evidence behind, producing spotless bends with no marks or scratches on the coin. Weighing only 26 grams (0.057 lb.) makes the OX BENDER™ the WORLDS MOST LIGHTWEIGHT coin bender. A hassle-free gimmick you'll easily carry with you everywhere you go!

The OX BENDER™ is more than just a coin bender -- BEND signed Coins, Spoons, Keys and more!!

OX BENDER™ comes complete with custom-made secret device + full-HD video tutorial (download).

  • Bend borrowed, signed coins with only ONE hand!
  • With one hand free, you'll be more relaxed and have effortless, natural control over your coin bends
  • Use OX BENDER™ single-handed or with both hands.
  • Fully concealed gimmick.
  • BLIND coin loading -- Easily load coins without the need to look at gimmick.
  • 100% INVISIBLE BEND. Never get caught during action!
  • Use it anywhere and fully surrounded.
  • For close up, walk-around and stage.
  • Best bending tool for use on TV.
  • No switches. No pulls. No sleeving.
  • Bend small or large coins (max DIA = 27 mm./1.06 in.).
  • No scratch marks: Produces spotless coin bends.
  • OX BENDER™ can also be used for neck-twisting signed spoon. OX BENDER™ can also be used to bend, twist & break signed keys.
  • WORLDS MOST LIGHTWEIGHT COIN BENDER! (only 26 gr./0.057 lb.).
  • Hassle-free gimmick. Easily carry OX BENDER™ with you everywhere you go!
  • Gimmick + Video tutorial (Download / Full HD 1080p / 53 minutes).

In the video tutorial, Menny Lindenfeld will teach you:

  • Various methods and techniques for using the Ox Bender™.
  • Methods for using the Ox Bender™ single-handed.
  • Techniques for using the Ox Bender™ with both hands.
  • To use the Ox Bender™ while standing or seated.
  • To invisibly bend signed coins right in-their-face and never get caught during action.
  • Live performance routine with audio commentary.
  • To bend perfectly straight neck twists in signed spoons using OX BENDER™ + performance method.
  • To use the Ox Bender™ to bend, twist and break signed keys.

Menny is a great creator, with incredible attention to detail.DAVID BLAINE
I was amazed by Menny Lindenfeld's coin bending demonstration. I was shocked how he bent my own signed coin. I don't know how he does it. It's impressive." URI GELLER
Finally, you can do a coin bend with only one hand - without being an actual superhero. GREGORY WILSON
Watching Menny Lindenfeld bend metal is like watching real magic. Ox Bender is serious artillery for the serious mentalist -- it's deceptive, practical, and powerful. DOUG McKENZIE
If I told you [that you] could bend signed coins using just one hand, you wouldn't believe it. But it's true. When you try it the first time, you won't believe you're actually doing it. Menny Lindenfeld is an ingenious inventor and one of the top thinkers in the field of metal bending. His Ox Bender is a clever James Bond-like device you will love using. It's amazing and something I will use. Recommended. TIM TRONO
I can't see how someone can top this. If there was a contest in magic inventions, this one would get the prize!!! TITANAS
The Ox Bender is my favorite coin bender. I love that I can bend a quarter with one hand. RAN PINK


Customer reviews for OX Bender



The perfect tool for bending many types of metal (utensils, coins especially). Discreet and easy to both carry and conceal. I have several other tools for similar purpose and this is easily my favorite. It does require some hand strength but nothing that a $4 grip squeezer couldn't improve if necessary.



The four star reviews for this product are kind of weird to me. Taking away one star rating for the weirdest reasons. Coinvexxed first of all is 25% more expensive and there was upgrade kits and revised versions that are clearly money grabs. (they had to improve it 3 times to get it right) One person says if they are performing for a small group they'll use Coinvexxed which implies that Ox Bender isn't great for one on one performances and small groups. Completely untrue. There is no reason why Ox Bender would only be good for large audiences and not for small audiences. Finally, not all Euro coins are two piece coins which does not make a gimmick like this useless, just ask a spectator to pull out their change and choose a coin that isn't a two piece. Secondly, you could've asked Vanishing inc on their Q&A before buying to clarify (they have an amazing team) and finally thirdly, the idea of Menny deliberately trying to deceive Euro customers and Canadian toonie customers is ludicrous



Very good product, it is difficult to bend quarters with one hand, it definitely takes a bit of strength, but I'm a fairly small guy and I can do it. With some practice I'm sure I will get it much smoother. My wife can't bend it at all with one hand, but he does teach a two handed method in the download.



Definitely one of the best coin bending devices out there because it’s invisible.

I will continue using coin vexed for one on one performances. It is great when you’re performing for a very small group.

However, when performing for a large group, I think Ox Bender is the best choice.



.....upon arrival, was a bit put of by design. two days in i love this thing. slight of hand is minimal. i work in the construction field, bend washers and nails, fun tool. color is perfect, well, im not sure if they are all the same color put the color works well. and shape size mobility are awesome. sweet impromptu tool.



I have choosen the rating "good" because of one single fact THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN COMMUNICATED IN THE ADVERTISEMENT of OX Bender - it cannot be used with coins (such as Euros) which consist of two different metals (have an insert of a different metal). For me living in Europe OX Bender is worthless - and I feel deceived. This is the first time Vanishing Inc. has disappointed me.


Community questions about OX Bender

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  • Diego asks: what sizes of US coins can it bend? Can you control how much bend you put on the coin?

    • 1. Jim answers: A quarter, or smaller, will work. A little.
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  • Hsiang Lin, SPG2224706 asks: What is a dimension of the gimmick? I want to know if it can hide in my hand.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is approximately 2 x 2 x 1 inches, yes it is small enough to hide in your hand
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