Scotch and Soda

This is the title for one of the most iconic yet still overlooked coin effects. There are several amazing effects you can do with this gaff coin set. It's essentially a set that allows you to display a copper coin and a silver coin together and make one of them jump to another location. The copper coin typically nests, secretly, inside the silver coin and locks, with a magnet, allowing it to be immediately examined on both sides.

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Scotch and Soda

Magnetic Scotch and Soda

Scotch and Soda

Scotch and Soda

Using Magnets
We suggest the Magnetic versions of this gaff because they are easier to manage and easier to nest silently. There are versions that "click" into place and use what's called a bang-ring to disengage. Once locked into place you must use this tool to get them apart. In our experience, the magnets pass a brief examination by a spectator and are easier to get apart during reset.

Dollar Size
It's interesting to use this effect in dollar size because it's more visible for larger audiences.

Poker Chip
We usually prefer real coins to poker chip gaffs because the coins have a nice sound to them, when metal touches on metal. But these poker chip versions are quite attractive, and in the right circumstance, would look great.

Tip: get a bang ring!

A bang ring is an inexpensive, but very worthwhile little tool to help loosen the coins in a Scotch and Soda set.

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