Bite Coin

The "Bite Coin" gained notoriety in the 90s when it was performed on television by several high-profile magicians.

The effect is arresting and amazing: you borrow a coin and BITE the coin in half. Then, you "spit" the bit-off portion back onto the coin. The effect was initially accomplished using a folding coin, and it ranks as one of the easiest tricks possible due to the nature of the gaff. By simply folding back the flap of the coin with your lips, you can achieve a perfect illusion of "biting" off part of a coin. By releasing the flap with your fingers, it pops back into place and looks like the coin restores. Coin manufacturers have since developed special "bite coins" that have a more ragged, realistic edge for the bite coin illusion.

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Premium Bite Coin
If you intend to perform this for video or on television we suggest the premium version, which looks better under high-def cameras or test conditions.

This effect is far better if you borrow the coin before you bite it. To do that you must do a switch, so a quarter is the best option in the USA because it's a readily-available coin.

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