Black Mirror Project

Magic download (video) by David Jonathan
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Black Mirror Project

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Magic download (video) by David Jonathan (39.95)

Black Mirror Project - magic
Black Mirror Project Black Mirror Project Black Mirror Project Black Mirror Project Black Mirror Project Black Mirror Project

Seven mind-blowing routines you can do anytime, anywhere with just your phone. David Jonathan (creator of the bestsellers "VOX" and "Synergy") is back with what is quite possibly his greatest release yet: "Black Mirror Project".

"David has done an incredible job. There are so many effects possible that are all so well thought through, and the integrations really take it all to the next level." Marc Kerstein

"Black Mirror Project" is your ticket to destroying every audience you meet. A ton of super powerful mentalism effects are available at your fingertips using something you already always carry: your iPhone.

This is NOT a magic app, but rather a variety of deviously clever ways to take advantage of the native features in Apple's iOS. You don't need to download anything and every effect is super easy to perform. As long as you have your phone, you're good to go.

  • Easy to do
  • Perfect for any skill level
  • No apps to download
  • No language restrictions
  • Each effect ends clean
  • Multiple variations taught
  • All you need is your phone
  • Integrates with other popular apps: QR Genie, Hydra & Inject (which allows you to use BMP on their phone)

"Black Mirror Project transforms your phone into an insane magician's tool. The best part? No apps, no compromises. David performed some of these routines on me and they totally blew my mind! You're not just learning great routines - you're gaining a set of skills to create incredible and memorable magic." Joel Dickinson

Your "Black Mirror Project" download comes with a comprehensive 3.5 hour tutorial and all of the necessary digital components. A detailed quick-reference PDF guide is also included, as is exclusive access to a private Facebook group where insanely creative ideas are regularly shared by talented magicians from around the globe.

Equip your phone with this secret weapon today and start blowing minds everywhere you go!

Effects Included in "Black Mirror Project"

Book Test
Perform a stunning mobile book test using the authentic Apple Books app. They take your phone, swipe to a random page in a book and remember a word. They can even hand the phone to a friend who swipes to another page and remembers a word. Without needing to get the phone back or having anything written/spoken, you instantly know the thought-of words. Doesn't use photos, screen recordings or special books.

Six freely-named numbers end up matching the numbers on a lotto ticket in your phone's photo gallery. This face-melting stunner uses a super clever combination of methods.

Word Peek
This is essentially a test conditions digital version of a center tear that's done with a locked phone. It's a deviously bold peek that you're going to love.

Photo Prediction
A freely chosen object like an animal or food is predicted as a photo in your photo gallery. The photo can even be your wallpaper. Both options work without you even needing to touch the phone.

Birthday Gift
An item is freely selected from a list of 30 birthday gift ideas. You then go to an album in your photo gallery titled "Your Gift". Inside is just one photo...and it's of the gift they freely chose. As a jaw-dropping kicker, it is then revealed that the date the photo was taken is actually their birthday.

A freely-chosen city is predicted in Google Maps without you needing to touch the phone.

They choose a dream vacation spot from a list of the Top 20 Travel Destinations and then freely name a date that they'd like to travel there. You then open up your gallery and show them undeniable proof that you knew exactly which place they'd pick. It's a photo....of a generic-looking beach. They think you're messing with them until you reveal that the geo-tag on the photo shows that it was taken at their chosen destination. As a bonus surprise, you show that the date the photo was taken perfectly matches the one they named earlier.

NOTE: "Black Mirror Project" requires iOS and is not compatible with Android devices. The minimum requirement for this is iOS 13, but it is strongly recommended that you have iOS 17+ if possible. The "Vacation" effect is only possible on iOS 17 or later. Some effects require an internet connection. While every effect can be done with just your phone, some also have alternate handlings using a Bluetooth selfie remote.


Customer reviews for Black Mirror Project






Perfect in every way



Really like this! Lotto predictions are fantastic!



i find it interesting



nice work



First a heads up. I am running iOS 17, but it’s iOS 17.2. So, initially I could not get any of the photo prediction effects to run, because I installed the iOS 17 versions. I kept getting error messages.

When I deleted them and switched to the pre-iOS 17 versions, everything in the photo prediction worked as expected and it’s pretty cool

I’m extremely experienced using iOS. But even if you don’t have experience, almost all the work is already done for you.

The only effect I’ve played with so far is the photo prediction. It’s quite cool. But, coming up with a presentation so it looks like Magic, rather than running a program will be the challenge. I think the one using a billet, might be the best way to go. I also purchased a phone remote, so I can do the effects without handling the phone. When I update to 17.4, there’s some other methods that will work without the remote.

A great deal of thoughtful work went into Black mirror project. And the videos explain a variety of ways to do the effects. If doing magic with your phone appeals to you, please consider it!


Community questions about Black Mirror Project

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Daniel Jose asks: I only own an Android phone. Can these effects be done on a borrowed iPhone without preparation?

    • 1. David answers: That would not be possible - you will need to prepare your iPhone in advance.
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  • Aron asks: Any chance it's coming to android and will it be able to be crossmobile?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is just a planned release for Apple IPhone as the IOS system is required
  • daniel asks: in español?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is not sadly.
  • Dave asks: Which languages are supported?

    • 1. David answers: There are no language restriction to perform the effects.
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  • Joe asks: Will it work on my Motorola G14 Android phone ?

    • 1. David answers: No, it is not compatible with Android.
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  • Steven asks: I have a 13 Mini. Will tricks work on this device?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If it can run iOS 12 or higher, you're good.
  • Dhivan asks: I'm pretty late with getting to know about this trick but is there a chance it'll work with soon coming iOS 18?

    • 1. David answers: There's no guarantee that any app (not just Black Mirror Project) will work with an iOS until it is actually released, but there's no indication that there will be any issues.
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