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Trick by David Jonathan (49.95)

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Synergy - magic
Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy

Impossible predictions in real time using your iPhone.

David Jonathan, the creator of bestsellers "VOX" and "Snaps", brings you another incredible effect you can carry in your pocket. "Synergy" launches the multiple outs concept into another stratosphere. 100s of possible outcomes can be effortlessly predicted without even needing to touch your phone.

No, it's not a magic app. No, you don't need NFC, RFID, or voice recognition. Most of the routines don't even need internet. "Synergy" takes advantage of native features on the iPhone to make everything possible.

They make free choices every step of the way and you're always able to produce a perfect prediction. Whether it appears in your photo gallery, as your wallpaper, or even within other apps like Apple Music, there are so many possibilities with "Synergy" by David Jonathan.

These effects are organic, strong and make for the perfect EDC.

Here are some of the highlight routines you can perform with "Synergy":

A photo in your phone's photo gallery shows a perfect prediction of a suspect, weapon and location that were freely named from a game of Clue.

Coin Toss
An imaginary coin is flipped four times and the wallpaper on your phone is shown to have perfectly predicted the outcome of all four flips.

Comic Clash
Your participants are asked to visualize their favorite superheroes battling each other. In your phone is a photo of those two thought-of superheroes on the cover of a comic book.

Music Playlist
You ask someone to look at a list of popular songs and imagine one of them playing in their mind, as well as arrange the others from their favorite to least favorite. You open Apple Music and show a playlist that perfectly matches their choices. As a stunning kicker, the song they were playing in their mind has been playing on mute the entire time.

They choose any film from the top 10 highest-grossing movies of all time and you use the IMDB app to prove you knew what they would pick the entire time.

Playing Cards
A freely-named playing card is your phone's wallpaper.


  • They make free choices that you perfectly predict
  • Tons of different effects possible
  • Starts and ends clean
  • Two input methods included
  • Not a magic app
  • No NFC, RFID or voice recognition
  • Many of the effects don't even need internet
  • Uses native iOS features (not available on Android)
  • Can be performed without touching the phone (when using supplied remote)
  • Only needs a one-time setup

Comes With

  • 3 hours of video tutorials
  • All required digital components and assets
  • Custom-printed props for certain routines
  • Bluetooth selfie remote
  • Step-by-step PDF guide for setting up "Synergy" on your phone

"Synergy" FAQ

Is "Synergy" easy to perform?
Yes, very much so. The "Synergy" effects are easy to do. The initial one-time setup will take a small bit of time, but it is not hard. The step-by-step instructions tell you everything you need in crystal-clear detail. And it only needs to be done once!

Is this a magic app?
Nope. "Synergy" takes advantage of features already built-in to the operating system of iPhones.

Does it work on Android?
No. Sorry, "Synergy" does not work on Android. It is exclusive to Apple's iOS.

What are the two inputs?
The best input method is the one using the supplied remote. "Synergy" transforms a regular Bluetooth selfie remote into a multiple outs machine. When using the remote, you don't even need to touch the phone—making your "Synergy" routines completely hands-off. The other method requires you to use the phone, but is also fast, motivated and super easy to do.

Does "Synergy" work with "VOX"?
Yup! You can use "Synergy" to input the freely-named card into "VOX." This means they can cut the deck as much as they like, they can name any card, they deal down and that named card is at the number Siri named. All without you ever touching the cards or the phone! (You must already own "VOX" to perform this hands-off miracle.)


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  • Peter asks: Any chance this will be produced for an Android phone in the future.

    • 1. Nicholas answers: It's not possible. iPhone has specific features that this trick relies on.
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