You Know

Magic download (video) by David Jonathan
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You Know

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Magic download (video) by David Jonathan (8.95)

You Know - magic
You Know You Know You Know You Know You Know

"This is my favorite effect of the year." Rob Jacks

You Know is a mind-boggling demonstration of mentalism using regular UNO Cards. This powerful prediction effect is so FAIR and so DIRECT, it's truly baffling. David Jonathan has dusted off a long-forgotten and criminally underused principle, and modernized it with delightful new twists to create an unbelievable hands-off prediction that is INCREDIBLY EASY to perform!


After briefly bringing attention to an envelope in your pocket, you introduce a pack of UNO cards. A spectator then names one of the four colors in the deck as their "target color". They then take all the UNO cards and genuinely shuffle them in a random order. Looking through the shuffled deck of cards, they remove the first three cards of their target color that they come across. The numbers on these cards are then added together to create a totally random sum. You then remove the envelope from your pocket to show that a number written on it matches this total!

But, that's not all!!!

You then open the envelope to show that you also correctly predicted the COLOR and the EXACT THREE NUMBERS they'd arrive at.

  • NO Gimmicks
  • NO Sleight of hand
  • Ends clean

You Know is a super fun and unique change of pace from standard boring card tricks. While this effect was designed for UNO cards, it can be easily adapted to playing cards. You're also going to learn a variety of extra ideas and handlings for incorporating the You Know concepts into other routines like Book Tests, Pin Code Revelations and more.

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"David Jonathan is one of my favorite creators... and this is one of the very BEST effects I've reviewed in a long time, and the BEST effect for the money. It's an absolute steal." Rick Carruth, The Magic Roadshow

"This effect is an almost perfect example of a great self-working trick. It gets my highest recommendation for anyone who loves impactful magic with a theme that suits both adult and children audiences. 10/10!" Alex Hui (Alex Magic Review)

"I have added this to my repetoire and I expect it to stay there. I highly recommend You Know for the trick, the method, the teaching and the strong thinking behind it. It is very easy to perform, sleight free and it is impossible to back track. 9/10" Straight Talk Magic Reviews

"A perfect close up prediction routine. Easy to learn, yet the outcome is super mind-blowing. No unnecessary procedure, this looks exactly how a prediction should look like!" Miss Katalin


Customer reviews for You Know



I love this - I love this type of effect - easy to do, cards are genuinely shuffled by the spectator, and the prediction is always right. I like that the prediction contains multiple layers. I also like that the principle can be applied to other effects and be used as a utility device in other effects.



A fun, solid idea that explores an old (and in my opinion underappreciated) principle. This video is a great example of how large of an impact you can make with a small change - while essentially a card trick, the use of Uno cards and the focus on colors over suits breaks up the usual expectations when someone starts shuffling a deck.

David explores a couple different handlings in the video and accompanying download and explains the trick in great detail.

The video quality is great for demonstrating the trick - well lit, different angles used, and David narrates clearly and at a pace that makes it easy to follow.



A very fun trick wich can also be done with normal playing card, altough I love to use the uno deck. I think the explanation video is very good and the instruction are clear. I am a beginner with not much skill, but this is really for every level. The multiple kicker makes it really nice, people are shocked when you show them the second and third prediction. The extra handling that can be done by the spectator (if they know how the riffle shuffle) makes it even more amazing.

So for me, just an amazing trick for a very good price.



This is an excellent piece of magic. The UNO cards take this trick to the next level! Everything is explained very detailed, anyone can do this. Amazing price too!! Ken M.



What a wonderful effect! It’s clever, different , and fun!
Good for you David; definitely not “Pick a card, any card”

Jay Ungar



I absolutely love this product. The instructions are clear, the video and the pdf are super helpful, it is easy to perform and at the same time can become truly mindblowing if you take the time to master it.



It has a nice hook. It gets away from regular cards for a bit (which is nice) but can be done with regular cards too (which is also nice). The principle is clever and fooling. this can be done almost totally in the spectators hands and the small part you do may not even be remembered as you are simply showing them what to do. Crediting is given (almost 100 years ago) and in the end you have a great cross between a mentalism effect and a multiple prediction card effect that will fit into either genre of magic (or both together).

The effect itself is easy in that there are no knuckle busting card moves (and no Elmsley Counts) The spectator can really do 95% of the work. I think for me, I will grab an UNO deck and show this to some younger folks and use it as a nice opener using an "everyday item" (of course I grew up in an era where everyone owned and still owns an UNO deck) then I can lead them down the path to regular card/coin effects.

One of the really nice aspects of this effect is that it has multiple kickers, without overdoing it and the prediction is in plain sight thru the effect. Also, you can easily show "proofs" that several simple different choices along the way would have resulted in a different outcome than the written prediction. Pocket space is very minimal other than the UNO deck, which could be borrowed.

The teaching video is a private Vimeo clocking in at just over 40 mins with a timestamp menu in the beginning. It is very well put together and not full of "Fluff" or the dreaded "overexplaining". Different details that you probably want to write down or take notes is boldly and colorfully left onscreen long enough to hit pause and copy down the part you need.

All that said, I did get a review copy to look over, give feedback and post a review (optional). I would have given it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars simply because the UNO deck would be yet another deck to carry or borrow ---BUT--- I will give it a solid 5 out of 5 because he goes over how to do it with a regular deck, so - no extras if you choose the latter. It is not a long tutorial on the regular deck but the gist is a no brainer (substitute the 4 suits for the 4 colors and use the spot cards that match the UNO numbers. Not rocket science).


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