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Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost, Volume 7 Book
Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost, Volume 7
Book by H&R Magic Books - $50.00

Nick Trost's Subtle Card Creations series of easy-to-do card effects continues with Volume 7. As in the other volumes in the series these routines rely on subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand. Once again there are over 100 tricks, this time collected in 11 chapters...

NEAT Review (Issue Two) Book
NEAT Review (Issue Two)
Book by Alex Hansford - $40.00

Issue Two of The Neat Review takes us to New York City. This issue presents a stark contrast with Issue One, and with the opinions shared by our London group. With Asi Wind we discuss magic and art as time-constrained events, and blurring the line between the elements of magic that are seen and...

Pure Imagination (Book) Book
Pure Imagination (Book)
Book by Andi Gladwin, Scott Robinson and John Campbell - $60.00

Scott Robinson creates some of the most interesting visual close-up magic that we have ever seen. In his hands, coins appear in three separate locations at once and cards dematerialise in ways that we never thought were possible. His magic is the rare complete combination: deceptive, entertaining,...

G4 Trick
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - $80.00

A great finale for your billiard ball routine. Visual and practical. The G4 was first introduced in one of our tutorial DVDs, Reborn. Since then, we have received numerous inquiries and now it is available! This prop was inspired by the Flash 4 gimmick, which was a convenient method to produce 4...

All Alone Trick
All Alone
Trick by David Regal and - $30.00

In David Regal's "All Alone," a participant names any card. You then spread the deck between your hands and the freely named card is the only face-up card in the face-down deck. So far, so normal. But then when you turn the cards face up, you reveal that every other card is completely...

Crimson Deck Trick
Crimson Deck
Trick by The Other Brothers and Laura London - $40.00

The most innocent, yet diabolical gaffed deck of cards! From television and the real-world working repertoire of Laura London, comes the most versatile gaffed deck of cards: The Crimson Deck! The Crimson Deck is a brand-new utility in the world of trick cards that allows you to have a card selected...

MIND WISE: Subtitle is Entertaining & Creative Mentalism Book
MIND WISE: Subtitle is Entertaining & Creative Mentalism
Book by Marc Salem and Richard Mark - $60.00

Mind Wise is creative and entertaining Mind-bending Mentalism from psychic entertainer and award winner, Richard Mark, author of Mind Warp, Mind Work and co-author of Maurice Fogel, In Search of the Sensational. Marc Salem's comments enrich the material. 35 audience-tested methods, presentations...

Modern Function Volume1 DVD & props
Modern Function Volume1
DVD & props by Sang Soon Kim - $79.95

As seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us! Sang Soon Kim, the winner of the most original stage act in FISM 2018, brings you his newest release! Modern Function Vol. 1 - Are you ready to experience the classics with a modern twist? In his DVD, he explores his take on classic techniques converged with...

SYZYGY 1-6 Hardbound Book
SYZYGY 1-6 Hardbound
Book by Becker & Earle - $125.00 NOW $95.00 (SAVE $30.00)

There are very few publications that can legitimately claim they have altered the way Mentalism is presented; SYZYGY is one of them. Editor Lee Earle accepted contributions to the newsletter on matchbooks, cocktail napkins, telephone calls, and scribbled legal paper and then rewrote them all,...

Together 2.0 Trick
Together 2.0
Trick by Snake and Tumi Magic - $39.95

Together 2.0. This incredibly visual torn-and-restored effect is surprising, and its method is unique in the world of magic. We join two systems in one, allowing you to perform different ways of reconstruction. Producing Together 2.0 took us a year. Handmade one by one and examined to deliver the...

What the Tarot Holds Trick
What the Tarot Holds
Trick by Alakazam UK and Phil Tilson - $20.75 NOW $15.77 (SAVE $4.98)

Phil Tilstons' What The Tarot Holds takes a classic effect and gives it a spooky new twist. Perfect to perform any time of the year, What The Tarot Holds will certainly engage and amaze your audience. What The Tarot Holds comes complete with beautiful, aged looking Tarot cards (major Arcana) and...

The Vault - Saplings Magic download (video)
The Vault - Saplings
Magic download (video) by Skymember Presents and Yu Huihang - $29.95

Saplings is a collection of ideas from Yu Huihang, a magician from Singapore. The coin magic you'll find here are classical coin magic plots, BUT, with a slight twist to it that will be sure to leave your audience in awe. Saplings contains 7 powerful coin tricks that are designed such that it will...

Trick by Zamm Wong and Magic Action - $35.00

From the creator of Santa, we proudly present a new version that can be used any time of the year. Introducing Teddy! Teddy is a perfect routine for you to present your (or your spectator's) gifts magically! Teddy is a fun, multi-phased routine. You can produce any object that fits inside the teddy...

Leo's Totally Nuts Trick
Leo's Totally Nuts
Trick by Leo Smetsers - $157.00 NOW $119.32 (SAVE $37.68)

Leo's Totally Nuts is a powerhouse of an act. Yes, an act! Leo's Totally Nuts is not just one routine -- it's a modular close-up act featuring multiple effects that may be added or removed to fit your performing situation and/or time. Leo's Totally Nuts is fun, hard hitting and has a killer ending...

Lies All the Way Trick
Lies All the Way
Trick by John Carey - $19.95

Lies All The Way is John Carey's great, fun and super strong approach to the classic lie detector plot. Lies All The Way adds a stunning finish that they just won't see coming! Practically self-working, you will want to add this to your repertoire straight away. Comes complete with special...

Back To Vegas Magic download (ebook)
Back To Vegas
Magic download (ebook) by Michael Breggar - $10.00

"Back to Vegas" A.K.A. "The Breggar Bundle" compiling two books: The Five Roads to Vegas and Back to the Launching Pad Never before in the history of sentient beings has such ridiculousness been bound together into a single volume. This is most certainly because no one really...

Card Magic For The Enthusiast Book
Card Magic For The Enthusiast
Book by Paul Hallas - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

Enthusiastic yet? Welcome back to another compelling compilation of clever card conjuring for the card magic enthusiast. This book is not intended for beginners, as some knowledge of card magic is already expected. But there is nothing contained to bust your knuckles. It's guaranteed that the card...

Note A Bill 2020 Trick
Note A Bill 2020
Trick by Ltd. Tenyo Co. - $22.00 NOW $16.72 (SAVE $5.28)

Your drawing turns into real currency! Like a dream come true, you can now pluck a drawing of a banknote off the page, visually transforming it into genuine money! You will be able to perform this eye-popping trick at a moment's notice, since it uses everyday objects that you can carry with you on...

Buzz Kill Trick
Buzz Kill
Trick by John Bannon - $19.99

A packet trick that packs a STING! Buzz Kill is a brilliant bit of commercial magic that packs small (just a thin packet of cards) but delivers a mighty wallop. The nine specially printed cards make a compact, self-contained routine that will slip in your pocket or wallet, and will always be ready...

On Target Trick
On Target
Trick by Sean Taylor - $30.00

On Target by Sean Taylor is as impossible looking as they come! Your spectator makes every decision, and does all the work BUT amazingly they manage to choose the exact card you want them to! So what's the effect? Well, the effect is super simple to follow. Two decks are introduced -- one red and...

Gumbelievable Trick
Trick by SansMinds Productionz - $35.00

What's real magic to you? To us, it's magic you can do with everyday objects. It needs to be visual and it needs to look like it's totally unintended. Gumbelievable is our pet effect that we do day in and day out in casual settings. A visual effect that's light and breaks the ice. Check out the...

Eugene Burger: From Beyond Book
Eugene Burger: From Beyond
Book by Larry Hass - $79.95

In 2017 magic lost one of its brightest lights: Eugene Burger. Astonishingly, a new book has emerged that celebrates Eugene's storied career, and delves into parts of his repertoire NEVER explored during his life. Before his passing, Eugene expressed to Larry Hass that he wanted to produce a book...

NESURA Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Nesmor - $15.00

At last, the secret to Nesmor's signature techniques is out! Get ready for card manipulations that represent the ultimate in visual effects. Nesmor is finally releasing the method to his signature card vanish and production. Just take a look at the trailer. His work is unbelievably visual. This...

Empty Tone Magic download (video)
Empty Tone
Magic download (video) by KISSER - $24.00

Coins inside a card case multiply and change denomination! No gimmicks. Immediately hand out for inspection. Coins inside a card case multiply and multiply and multiply. And the case is clearly shown each time. There are no words that do justice in describing how clever, bold, and artful this trick...

The Vault - Precision Aces Magic download (video)
The Vault - Precision Aces
Magic download (video) by Jason Ladanye - $9.95

Learn this and you'll certainly be viewed as a powerful card manipulator! The magician shows the four Aces and keeps them aside. Three spectators remove any three cards from anywhere in the deck. The magician then places the four Aces into four separate parts of the deck. The selected cards are...

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