Magic by Sergey Koller

Placebo Eight Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Placebo Eight
Magic download (video) by Sergey Koller - 9.60

A move that has forever redefined the way we think of controls and impossible predictions, we're sure you'll agree -- Placebo Eight by Sergey Koller...

Second Form  DVD
Second Form
DVD by Sergey Koller - 14.95

Second form is a collection of 15 modern thoughts in card magic focused on visual and practical applications. Here you will find completely new...

Under The Roof Magic download (video)
Under The Roof
Magic download (video) by Sergey Koller - 6.99

Seven visual effects based on a single technique. The color change that is taught in this download is sure to glue you to the screen. It...

Prestige (Dry Erase) Trick
Prestige (Dry Erase)
Trick by Sergey Koller - 220.00

Why is this effect so powerful? It is the vehicle for you to customize different outcomes for different audiences! Think about that sentence for a...

Alive (Stage Version) Trick
Alive (Stage Version)
Trick by Sergey Koller and Hide - 250.00

A super strong animation effect for your stage and parlor magic show. Your spectator thinks of a word or number before you introduce your...

Prestige 2.0 (Dry Erase) Trick
Prestige 2.0 (Dry Erase)
Trick by Sergey Koller - 299.95

The mega-popular effect is now twice as big and comes in a convenient dry erase format. "It's clever, it has so many possibilities!"...