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Cooler Accessory
Accessory by Christian Engblom - $50.00

Best. Deck Switch. Ever. "The Cooler" will change the way you do card magic. Christian Engblom's "The Cooler" is about to change the way you do card magic. The testimonials speak for themselves: David Blaine, Paul Wilson, Rene Levand, Dani DaOrtiz, and on and on and on. They use...

My Assistant Trick
My Assistant
Trick by Anthony Stan and Massimo Cascione - $35.00

Imagine being able to toss any small object INTO a playing card. It's now possible with My Assistant! My Asstistant is a stunning, multi-phase card routine that you will love to perform. A card is freely chosen and signed by the spectator and then lost in the middle of the deck. A random card is...

The Comedy Cosmonaut (Special Offer) Magic download (ebook)
The Comedy Cosmonaut (Special Offer)
Magic download (ebook) by Graham Hey - $10.00

Graham Hey is a comedy writer from England and this is your chance to get four ebooks for the price of one. The Comedy Cosmonaut - Graham's newest ebook is full of great visual gags and comedy. It also includes a handful of tricks and routines too. There is bound to be something that you'll use...

CineMental Trick
Trick by Nikolas Mavresis - $34.95

"I thought I knew what was going on... then that second phase, phenomenal!" Tom Elderfield "Simple, strong, powerful!" Fraser Parker Nikolas Mavresis' Cinemental is a blockbuster two-phase mentalism routine that will leave your spectators begging for a sequel. The first...

Chronicles Book
Book by Karl Fulves - $75.00

Long out of print, The Chronicles is recognized by many Karl Fulves collectors as his finest work. It was a magazine with contributions from Slydini, Frank Garcia, James Randi, Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Tom Gagnon, Max Maven, Herb Zarrow, and hundreds more. The large hardback compilation is...

The Vault - Project Straw Magic download (video)
The Vault - Project Straw
Magic download (video) by Chris Turchi and Brandon David - $19.95

Drink your fill of 10 hyper-visual effects all done with an everyday organic object! In this refreshing new project, the geniuses behind "Envy-Lope," Brandon David and Chris Turchi, share secrets hidden inside every straw wrapper. Here's just a taste what you'll discover: STRAW THROUGH...

For No One Magic download (video)
For No One
Magic download (video) by Jacob Smith - $16.95

A fabulous piece of mentalism that destroys audiences! A spectator comes up with a person's name, and then thinks of any star sign and you prove that you knew which star sign they'd be thinking of right from the start! Further, they turn over an envelope to find that the person's name they had...

GEHEIMNISSE (Hardcover) Book and Gimmicks  Book
GEHEIMNISSE (Hardcover) Book and Gimmicks
Book by Andreu - $100.00

Andreu's new mentalism release, GEHEIMNISSE ("Secrets") is finally here! In this beautiful hardcover book of 144 pages, you will find new concepts and methods which will allow you to portray several abilities ranging from expert body language reading skills to real telepathy. This is 100%...

Vincent van Gogh “The Starry Night” Playing Cards Puzzle Deck of cards
Vincent van Gogh “The Starry Night” Playing Cards Puzzle
Deck of cards by - $11.99

A beautiful, limited edition tribute to one of the most legendary works of art ever created. Only 2,500 are available. There will be no reprints! Experience a never-before-seen look behind the scenes at the creativity and thought process of one of the greatest artists to ever live with Vincent van...

Dirty Work Book
Dirty Work
Book by Ryan Matney - $35.00

Dirty Work is the lowdown on ten new dirty deeds by Ryan Matney. Some are self-working, some are impromptu, and all are powerful examples of highly structured strangeness. Among the deceptions included in this book are, "Already Gone," a transposition and change of signatures between two...

Legend Cups and Balls (Polished or Aged) Trick
Legend Cups and Balls (Polished or Aged)
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies - $150.00

The LAST cups and balls set you’ll ever need! With the Legends Cups and Balls Set, Murphy’s Magic has completely raised the bar on what a superior quality set of Cups and Balls can look and feel like. It would be hard to argue a trick that is more widely known than the Cups and Balls. For thousands...

Clink Caps Trick (pre-order)
Clink Caps
Trick (pre-order) by John Kennedy - $20.00

Three bottle caps vanish one at a time and appear with a loud clink inside a clear glass. It looks like real magic! You'll receive three beer caps along with the simple gimmick. You can use your own bottle caps if you prefer - any caps will work with the gimmick. Clink Caps works great with a glass...

Wayne's Exchange 2 Trick
Wayne's Exchange 2
Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alakazam UK - $45.50

Wayne's Exchange is back and better than ever. We have made the cards larger and now the entire selection procedure is totally hands off. You will love Wayne's Exchange 2! Alakazam Magic highly recommends this product! Once in a while an effect comes alone with a presentation so funny in its own...

Rainbow Pro Trick
Rainbow Pro
Trick by MS Magic and Mirko Callaci - $129.00

Looking to perform with bubbles and smoke? The answer is here! Produced by FISM Winner Mirko Callaci, a professional who has worked with bubbles for years. Rainbow Pro is a must-have for bubble and smoke users! Produce dense smoke inside a bubble Built-in LED (red/ blue/ green) Constructed by...

Raven Starter Kit Trick
Raven Starter Kit
Trick by Penguin Magic - $39.95

Imagine the power of this awesome effect: You show a coin and place it on your spectator's hand. With complete confidence you wave your hand (fingers open) over the coin... The coin vanishes right before the spectator's eyes in one of the most visual moments in all of magic. The best part is, your...

Interpreting Magic Book
Interpreting Magic
Book by David Regal - $75.00

Where do we begin about Interpreting Magic? Theoretically, this book shouldn't be good. David Regal is prolific and just ten years ago he published the outstanding Approaching Magic, which contained a lifetime worth of magic and wisdom. It's almost unheard of for a magician to publish more than two...

Modern Mind Reading Magic Zee DVD
Modern Mind Reading Magic Zee
DVD by SansMinds Productionz and Zee - $30.00

Mentalism is not magic. Mentalism is a way of demonstrating the supernatural ability for entertainment purposes rather than using it to take advantage of others. With virtually impromptu mentalism pieces, you can perform for crowds of any size at any time using only borrowed objects. Modern Mind...

Intimate Power Book
Intimate Power
Book by Eugene Burger - $25.00

Psychological Presentations for the Close-up Entertainer This was Mr. Burger's follow-up to his "Secrets and Mysteries for the Close-up Entertainer" this volume includes more thoughtful advice on performing close-up magic plus, Ten powerful effects from his own repertoire. A favorite is...

Classics Revisited Book
Classics Revisited
Book by Phil WIllmarth - $10.00

This booklet of notes is from a lecture Mr. Willmarth presented at the Tannen's 34th Magic Jubilee. You need not have seen the lecture to get good value from this set of notes. Phil thought every performing magician could find one or two gems that you'll use forever in the items he...

Food To Go 2.0 Trick
Food To Go 2.0
Trick by George Iglesias and Twister Magic - $50.00

After 10 years from his original launching, Food to Go 2.0 by George Iglesias has returned better than ever! Imagine being able to magically produce a real BURGER and FRIES from a food Menu! Or a PRINGLES can and a SNICKERS bar! Or a Set of HEADPHONES. Now you can customize it to any other objects...

The Vault - Fire When Ready Magic download (video)
The Vault - Fire When Ready
Magic download (video) by John Bannon - $25.00

Easy-to-achieve, yet staggeringly powerful card magic! After the bestselling smash hit releases 'Bullets After Dark' and 'Bullet Party', John Bannon is finally ready to close out his 'Bullet' trilogy. The third and final entry is Fire When Ready, a veritable feast of card magic delights. Fueled by...

Fusion Folio Trick
Fusion Folio
Trick by Secret Factory - $99.95

Fusion Folio is an elegant take on the classic effect--two images fused together. The high-quality folio will do everything for you. You don't need to do any difficult sleight of hand. Just focus on the performance. You can use drawings or words. Perfect when performing for couples in love, two...

Gagnon Unfiltered Book
Gagnon Unfiltered
Book by Tom Gagnon - $89.95

Over five years in the works, Tom Gagnon is proud to release the beautifully hardbound, over-sized format GAGNON UNFILTERED. Readers will find 170 items, 1350 illustrations, packed into 500 pages. Contents include: ZigZag Pass, 12 new Multiple Shifts, Cased Card Controls, Cards/Paper Clip routines,...

Hannya Playing Cards (V2) Deck of cards
Hannya Playing Cards (V2)
Deck of cards by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $11.95

The massively popular Hannya Playing Cards are back and better than ever with a devilish new red-foil version that you’re going to love! Just like the original—Hannya Playing Cards (V2) commemorate the iconic Hannya mask which, in recent years, has risen in popularity due to its prevalence in...

Trick by ZIHU - $25.00

A fantastic effect using a borrowed bill, perfect for walk around or close up! TRUE VALUE is a simple and modern trick that works with a bill, ticket, banknote ... A corner of the bill seems to float and then visually transform into a coin. The best part -- everything can be handed it out instantly...

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