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Gilded Chris Cards Glow V2 Playing Cards Deck of cards
Gilded Chris Cards Glow V2 Playing Cards
Deck of cards by ChrisCards - $24.95

Limited release gilded version of "Chris Playing Cards". Only 250 decks per color ever printed. "Gilded Chris Cards Glow V2 Playing...

Cast Vortex Puzzle Puzzle
Cast Vortex Puzzle
Puzzle by Hanayama - $17.95

One of the most challenging puzzles ever offered through the super popular Hanayama Cast Puzzles line of desktop puzzles and pocket puzzles....

Cross Sticks Puzzle
Cross Sticks
Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse - $14.95

The coffee table and desktop puzzle that everyone wants to try. Yet, few are able to conquer. “Cross Sticks” is a super fun puzzle for adults and...

Premium Secret Lock Box Puzzle Puzzle
Premium Secret Lock Box Puzzle
Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse - $49.95

A stunning, upgraded version of our bestselling secret puzzle box. This “Premium Secret Lock Box Puzzle” is part fun puzzle box and part work of...

Mandala Secret Lock Box Puzzle
Mandala Secret Lock Box
Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse - $39.95

Guide the five sliding keys into the correct position to unlock the cover and solve this fun puzzle. The “Mandala Secret Lock Box Puzzle” is a...

Santa's Pom Pom Trick
Santa's Pom Pom
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $49.95

A Christmas-themed egg bag routine that is perfect for all your holiday magic shows. "Santa's Pom Pom" by Gustavo Raley brings a...

Flushed Out Trick
Flushed Out
Trick by Eric Stevens - $39.95

Simple. Direct. Effective. Three words that truly describe how great "Flushed Out" by Eric Stevens is. With a simple, and what looks to be...

Wine Bottle Puzzle Puzzle
Wine Bottle Puzzle
Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse - $34.95

The best way to gift someone a bottle of wine or break out a new bottle of wine at your next party. Ditch the boring wine gift bags and grab the...

Beat the Devil Trick
Beat the Devil
Trick by Henry Evans, Card-Shark and Arsenio Puro - $39.95

A devilishly fair routine in which you seemingly transfer your magic abilities to the spectator. The first time Henry Evans and Card Shark teamed...

ESPionage: Point Blank Trick
ESPionage: Point Blank
Trick by Card-Shark - $29.95

A mental bond with your spectator they'll never forget. Card Shark improves its best-selling "ESPionage" effect with "ESPionage:...

Transaction Trick
Trick by Mark iNFiNiTi and Paul Fowler - $33.95

Like a book test you can keep in your wallet, "Transaction" is an organic and relatable piece of mentalism you'll want to carry with you...

Balance (Coin Set) Trick
Balance (Coin Set)
Trick by Mathieu Bich and Benoit Campana - $45.00

Balance is a one-of-a-kind coin magic set which offers new approaches and principles for transpositions, transformations and which hand routines....

Ninja+ Fusion Trick
Ninja+ Fusion
Trick by Brian Caswell and Matthew Garrett - $110.00

A stunningly visual close up magic miracle. Now available in a new luxurious gold version! "Ninja+ Fusion" by Matthew Garrett and Brian...

Visa Versa Trick
Visa Versa
Trick by Card-Shark and Michel Huot - $34.95

The Invisible Deck, but with something people actually care about... Don't get us wrong, we love card tricks. But, there is just one undeniable...

Lethal Tender - Euro (w/ Bicycle Card) Trick
Lethal Tender - Euro (w/ Bicycle Card)
Trick by Tango Magic - $29.95 $26.95 (SAVE $3.00)

An instant coin change effect that happens in the blink of an eye. You show a euro coin and then tap it with a playing card to make it instantly...

Rubik's Wall HD (Complete Set) Trick
Rubik's Wall HD (Complete Set)
Trick by Bond Lee, Happy and D.K. Wong - $695.00

The massively successful "Rubik's Wall" gets a big upgrade. "Rubik's Wall HD" allows you to perform the beloved "Rubik's...

Melting  Trick
Trick by Adrian Vega and Crazy Jokers - $34.95

A new very visual miracle from the mind of Adrian Vega. He has fooled and impressed both lay people and magicians alike. This includes performing...

Ninja+ Rings Deluxe Trick
Ninja+ Rings Deluxe
Trick by Matthew Garrett - $165.00 $148.50 (SAVE $16.50)

A true close up magic stunner. "Holyshoot! Matthew had created a new and original trick. It works great both with Ninja Rings and on it's...

Insta Bag Magic download (video)
Insta Bag
Magic download (video) by Rian Lehman - $14.95

A "blind" version of the classic card sword / card stab plot designed for close up magic performances, as well as stage and parlor magic...

Blank Thoughts Trick
Blank Thoughts
Trick by Card-Shark and Morten Christiansen - $79.95

Their card vanishes from the deck, which then turns completely blank on both sides right in front of their eyes. And where does their card go? Well,...

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