Magic by Hiro Sakai

Recipe Trick
Trick by Hiro Sakai - $32.50

EffectUsing this envelope, you can perform the effect of change. For example, a white paper change into a bill. The greatest merit of this is that the audience can put something in the envelope by themselves and pull it out by themselves.

Deluxe Forcing Dice Trick
Deluxe Forcing Dice
Trick by Hiro Sakai - $49.95

This is a useful item to force a number with. The set consists of 6 double-numbered dice, and one normal die.You can choose the number which you don't want to be picked by using these dice.Example Routine:There are 6 paper cups and a pin holder.The performer asks a volunteer to write the numbers...

Dr. Leon Deck Playing Cards (Yellow) Deck of cards
Dr. Leon Deck Playing Cards (Yellow)
Deck of cards by Hiro Sakai - $5.85

This is a new, different looking deck. Manufactured to the exacting specifications of both Hiro Sakai and the US Playing Card Company. Hiro Sakai is recognized as one of the finest magicians and magic creators within the magic community. He was recently honored with being...

The Nest of Gecko Trick
The Nest of Gecko
Trick by Hiro Sakai - $10.00

Specialized holder for Jim Rosenbaum's The Gecko designed by Hiro Sakai and Kenji Kobayashi. This version is for Left-Handed performers. Right-handed version is sold separately.