Magic by Gee Magic

Music Box Trick
Music Box
Trick by Gee Magic - From $60.00

Music and magic have always had a harmonious relationship, but few effects blend them as beautifully as "Music Box". This simple and...

Wonder Pop Trick
Wonder Pop
Trick by Danny Weiser and Gee Magic - 39.95

Transform a floating soap bubble into a lollipop! It’s literally a double transformation eye-candy trick for kids. And it’s delightfully...

Royal Couple Trick
Royal Couple
Trick by Gee Magic - 29.95

A romantic and unique take on the classic Anniversary Waltz plot. Like Anniversary Waltz, "Royal Couple" is a great effect to have for...

Instapad Trick
Trick by Gee Magic - 29.95

The plot is simple. The magician introduces the Instapad by saying that it will be important in a few moments. He can put it on the table, or...

NO BOX Trick
Trick by Gee Magic - 59.95

No Box revolutionizes the "Card to Impossible Location" plot. No Box is Gonçalo Gil's magnificent co-invention along with (and developed by)...

Inverse Trick
Trick by Gee Magic - 35.00

One of the cleanest and smoothest ways to peek information. This is the ultimate tool for the arsenal of any mentalist. . Inverse is remarkably easy...

Lynx Wallet 2.0 Trick
Lynx Wallet 2.0
Trick by Gee Magic and Gonçalo Gil - 99.95

After the huge success of the "Lynx Wallet', Gee Magic is proud to finally bring you the "Lynx Wallet 2.0". Based on the effect...

Brick Frame Trick
Brick Frame
Trick by Gee Magic - 399.95

A stunning revelation that is almost impossible to believe. "Brick Frame" by Gee Magic allows you to perform a variety of different...

Flavoured Trick
Trick by Gee Magic - 29.95

Visual effects always astound spectators. Flavored gives you the ability to change a pack of Halls into another color and flavor as many times as you...

Instapad 2.0 Trick
Instapad 2.0
Trick by Gee Magic - 39.95

A signed card vanishes from the deck and re-appears as part of a flipbook image. Discontinued for a long time, the beloved "Instapad" is...

Air Dice Trick
Air Dice
Trick by Gee Magic - $79.95 $68.00 (SAVE $11.95)

"Air Dice" revolutionizes how elimination routines using dice are performed on stage or in parlor settings. "Air Dice" is a...

Music Box Refill Strips Refill
Music Box Refill Strips
Refill by Gee Magic - 20.00

Extra music strips for the Music Box effect by Gee Magic. Each set comes with 50 strips of normal paper and the 5 special dry erase strips. NOTE:...

BURN Trick
Trick by Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic - 39.95

Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic together are sharing with the magic community a revolutionary blister effect that will allow you to amaze your audience....

The Movie Trick
The Movie
Trick by Gee Magic and Mario Daniel - 55.00

The magician shows a case with a virgin DVD inside and asks the spectator to sign it. Then he shows his collection of cinema tickets containing his...

God's Hank Trick
God's Hank
Trick by Gee Magic - 49.95

God's Hank is a versatile tool that allows you to do a variety of different effects that you can apply in your close up, parlor and stage...