Wonder Pop

Trick by Danny Weiser and Gee Magic
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Wonder Pop

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Trick by Danny Weiser and Gee Magic ($39.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Thursday morning
Wonder Pop - magic
Wonder Pop Wonder Pop Wonder Pop Wonder Pop Wonder Pop

Transform a floating soap bubble into a lollipop! It’s literally a double transformation eye-candy trick for kids.

And it’s delightfully easy and fun to do. You explain, “Here’s how magicians make lollipops.” Then you blow a soap bubble using the familiar circular ring and bottle of liquid soap. Next you catch one of the bubbles, turning it into a small crystal ball. You attach the ball to a stick, wave it in the air (or wave a silk over it) and the clear lollipop changes into a real lollipop complete with a wrapper!

You can give the lollipop away or toss it into a change bag and make it multiply. Now there are enough lollipops for every kid at the party!

When you order Wonder Pop, you get:

  • A gimmicked soap bubble bottle
  • A small crystal ball
  • A silk
  • Provide your own Tootsie Roll Pop or any spherical-shaped lollipop

Whether you perform it up close, or live in the living room, Wonder Pop is the perfect party trick for children and their families. It’s created by Danny Weiser and Gonçalo Gil. Add some pop to your kids act when you include the eye-popping Wonder Pop in your next kids show.


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Customer reviews for Wonder Pop



It's a variation on another "bubble trick" but takes it one step further. Kids will love this and I bought it the minute I saw it because I knew it would go over big. Super easy, video explanation is good. I recommend this.



Great idea, but less than ideal execution. Just be aware, not any spherical lollypop will work as the directions state (which is a huge deal), and without saying how the trick works I'll just say: The silk is very thin and easily see through (not to mention small in size) and the hole in the ball where you attach the stick is very shallow with a too large diameter. Again, it is a fantastic trick idea, but the creators should fine tune this product, particularly the issue with the hole in the ball.

Wonder Pop by Danny Weiser and Gee Magic