Royal Couple

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Royal Couple

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Trick by Gee Magic (29.95)

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Royal Couple - magic
Royal Couple Royal Couple Royal Couple Royal Couple Royal Couple Royal Couple

A romantic and unique take on the classic Anniversary Waltz plot.

Like Anniversary Waltz, "Royal Couple" is a great effect to have for romantic and special occasions with couples.

You have each person select a card and sign it. These cards are placed face to face and held between in their hands. Impossibly, they fuse together as a symbol of their bond.

This is a powerful piece of card magic that will leave a lasting impact.

Easy to do. Comes with enough gimmick cards for 50 performances.

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Customer reviews for Royal Couple



A very new and delightful twist on a King and his Queen "couples" card effect. Nothing out there quite like this spin. Very well made and very adaptable to your style and patter. I think it is one of the best King / Queen tricks of all time. Tom Becker, Orcutt California



This as an excellent piece of magic, that I've added into my repertoire straight away. This isn't one of those tricks that you'll be table hopping at every table with, nor will you get loud cheers and applause. This is one of those "special, intimate, pieces of theatre" to be performed with a special couple.
The instruction is clear enough. Gustavo Sereno goes through the basics. English isn't his first language, but I think he does a great job of explaining everything. There is no really difficult moves here, so I think once you have performed it a few times, you might adopt the handling to suit your style. As we have just has St Valentines Day, I did perform this to 5 couples, and got an overwhelming "thank you" at the end, every time. It will be a gift that they will cherish. This is the selling point of the effect, the gimmicks are the give-away. It is a beautiful souvenir. You get enough cards for 50 performances, that works out at less than 60 pence (UK) per gimmick. This would be a great give-away to the bride and groom at a wedding (personally, I wouldn't perform it for any else at the wedding). I made the decision not to force the King and Queen. I took out the King and Queen, and explained the characteristics of the cards and how they represented the couple. I felt it gave more meaning and connection to the cards, instead of forcing them. Re-fills would be a good option, but I guess if re-fills weren't available, I'd just have to pay for the effect again. For diversity and inclusion, it would have been good for the pack to include a few "King of Spades + King of Hearts" and "Queen of Spades + Queen of Hearts". I've still given this 5 stars as this allows you to create a beautiful and powerful moment that the couple will remember for a long time.



This is truly almost not a card a trick and more like just an outright special gift you create and give away.
Of course what makes this special is you selecting two people who are clearly showing affection to each other or two people who are a couple.
The fact they sign the back may put the alarms bells up for some - two points here :
1. You can and will show both cards separate and you will be able to show front and back very fairly. I was surprised the lack of heat here. Actually in some ways I sometimes get the vibe that as long as the audience feels they are signing their card - the audience may even prefer not marking up the faces of the queen or king. And prefer signing the back. And again you clearly can show two separate cards.
2. This is not an effect you will be showing to two jerks who's only present mission will be to catch you out.
This is a story effect with the story taking centre stage.
There is the amazing moment when you the magician can say with a big smile to "Frame this picture" as the two members have their hands together holding the cards. Knowing the couple has no idea about what is coming, but you are foreshadowing something.
So when you first reveal the backs and show the cards have partially connected together - it gets a warm reaction.
I wait and if you've got the couple going they may insert a nice phrase about there relationship - which you can piggyback onto the bigger reveal coming.
If not you can then do the turn around reveal using any creative phrases you want.
I can tell you for sure - at this point there eyes (and heart) really do light up.
It's not that |OMG!!| reaction - It's a more romantic / emotional huge warm moment.
I find this routine works really well in an intimate setting of just the couple and the magician. But of course this could also play huge for more although I have only done this for couples.
The handling will take some practice to get smooth. And again when the audience "picks" the Queen and the King that actually gets a great reaction in itself (this is a good vibe trick).
This is why I'm saying it's a good intimate trick where really the two participants want good things to happen - and there's not some fringe partypoopers trying to catch you out and be the "stars."
Interestingingly from a lay persons perspective this trick has things the anniversary waltz does not have, such as the hand holding and the ability to display the front and back together.
At the end of the day (or night) this is truly a trick the audience will never want to forget.
Should be mentioned the colour and stock of the gimmicks are slightly different than regular bicycles, but only when closely looked at. And you may have to clean up some of the gimmicks as there may be some small pieces of shaved paper loose. It's no big deal - I might even try just leaving them - for some extra melding explanation.
For less than $0.75 a gimmick - I can assure you if you are a working magician this will make you money and is a joy to perform.
If you're a hobbiest - you'll get a chance to see some romantic reactions and this routine will give you some great practice in storytelling with a payoff.
Thanks to the creators of this trick for making it available with many gimmicks and an affordable price.


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