Brick Frame

Trick by Gee Magic
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Brick Frame

399.95 usd

Trick by Gee Magic (399.95)

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Brick Frame - magic
Brick Frame Brick Frame Brick Frame Brick Frame Brick Frame Brick Frame Brick Frame Brick Frame Brick Frame Brick Frame

A stunning revelation that is almost impossible to believe.

"Brick Frame" by Gee Magic allows you to perform a variety of different routines:

  1. A failed prediction transforms into the correct one
  2. A random image becomes the chosen image
  3. Double revelation

You'll receive 40 different templates that allow you to customize "Brick Frame" to suit any stage and parlor magic show. It's perfect for magicians and mentalists alike.

Important Details

  • The back of the frame can be shown in the beginning and end of the performance
  • You can insert bricks in the beginning and at the end of the performance
  • The plate can be removed from the frame once the change is done
  • Resets in seconds

While this frame was specially-constructed to hold the building brick plate, you can also adapt it to other materials like white boards, chalk boards, puzzle images and more.

What You Get

  • The frame
  • Building brick pieces
  • Building plates
  • Templates
  • Cloth
  • Transportation case

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Community questions about Brick Frame

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Mike asks: How many brick pieces do you receive and are they actually LEGO brand?

    • 1. Stefan answers: More than enough pieces to do most pictures. They give you a chart that shows which pictures can be made at the same time. They are not LEGO branded bricks.
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  • Ron asks: How much does it cost for the custom pictures? Seems like a great give away "gift" at a wedding or birthday party....if it's not cost prohibitive.

    • 1. Stefan answers: There’s free software online to generate ”brick portraits” but it takes a lot of time to do a portrait and the parts are not cheap (even though they are not LEGO branded).
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  • Joe asks: Can you show the cloth empty?

    • 1. Stefan answers: Yes (because it is)!
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
    • 1. Stefan answers: Yes (because it is)!
  • Michael asks: Once the picture is changed, can it be changed back again?

    • 1. Stefan answers: Not as an effect, no, but the reset is almost instant, but should not be done in front of the audience.
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
    • 1. Stefan answers: Not as an effect, no, but the reset is almost instant, but should not be done in front of the audience.
  • Arnie asks: What is the size of the frame and Lego board

    • 1. Stefan answers: The baseplate is 48x48 studs (38,4 x 38,4cm or 15,1 x 15,1 inches) and the outer measurement of the wooden frame is 41,4 x 41,4 cm.
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  • David asks: I have a great fear that what was shown cannot be done as shown as example wave cloth over lego they disappear then to the board. So many tricks have heavy edits and cant be done as shown. Am I wrong here??? For this price I would hope its honest without cuts or misleading shots.

    • 1. Stefan answers: I think that was meant to be in the "ideas section" to show the almost endless possibilities of this prop. Basically you'll have to make the parts disappear on your own (at least it's not described in the first batch that I got last year).
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  • Peter asks: Hi Everyone...just a few questions please: 1. Do you get extra pieces in case you loose any? 2. While not Lego pieces how do they handle and attach. Reason is I have had non branded Lego and they are terrible, really bad and they loose their attachment capabilities after a while, they just awful moulded pieces, so this is why I ask. 3. Where can you purchase the pieces if you wanted to. Is there a specific type or size of these pieces. Reason not all non Lego pieces match the similar size of Lego. PS..can real Lego be used etc 4. Yes great idea but price requires people ask as it will be used over and over again about its durability. Again great idea...Peter in Oz

    • 1. Peter answers: Thank you...yes 4 not a question just saying because it is an outlay...questions around the non standard pieces would have to be asked...but I like it...I'm thinking. Although one question comes to mind what is the weight of everything...sending to Australia might have to be by parcel post etc.
    • 2. Gustavo answers: Hello Peter, answering your questions: 1- yes, you will receive more than enough extra pieces. 2- They attached in the frame very very well. 3- the pieces are 1x1 dot pieces. You can buy in amazon or otherplace or go direct to gee magic. 4- i feell the 4ª is not a question ;)
    • 3. Gustavo answers: the weight is more or less 3kg.
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  • Geert asks: Hi! Would it be possible to start this trick letting several spectators add the squared lego peaces to the initial plate shown?

    • 1. Gustavo answers: you can. But i wouldn t advise you to do it. The best is if it is the magician to put them ;)
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