Magic by Gustavo Sereno

Aquarium Trick
Trick by Gustavo Sereno - $59.95

Lynx Magic along with Gustavo Sereno created Aquarium, the most innovative and powerful clear deck ever created, where a deck of cards transforms into a small aquarium with a live fish inside, in the spectator hands! In this illusion the magician asks a spectator to remove any card...

Rubik Art Trick (pre-order)
Rubik Art
Trick (pre-order) by Gustavo Sereno and Gonçalo Gil - $550.00

In short, this is THE ULTIMATE Rubik's cube routine for the stage. The market is now flooded with gaffed rubik's cubes and special props that are filled with electronics or flaps. But what few of these routines consider is how the piece will be PERFORMED. "Rubik Art" is the best of all...

Mental Pen Sherpa Limited Edition Trick
Mental Pen Sherpa Limited Edition
Trick by Gustavo Sereno and Joao Miranda - $99.00

Imagine if a spectator wrote or marked something with a Sharpie, and that marking matched your prediction. Now it's possible thanks to the MENTAL PEN SHERPA EDITION! This pen can do all that and more! Thanks to an extremely clever gimmick, the spectator can hold the pen the entire...

BURN Trick
Trick by Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic - $39.95 $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic together are sharing with the magic community a revolutionary blister effect that will allow you to amaze your audience. They will remember you for the rest of their lives. You introduce an envelope by saying that inside there is a prediction. Then you ask your...