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Trick by Craig Petty (39.95)

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Evoke - magic
Evoke Evoke Evoke Evoke Evoke Evoke

Powerful, easy-to-do effects that leave a deep, emotional impact on your audience and ensure they won’t forget you long after you leave.

"If I had to sum it up in one word... WOW." Mark Elsdon

Despite what some mentalism purists might have you believe, there are actually many great mentalism style effects you can do with playing cards. The problem though is that, while they might amaze an audience, they often fail to leave a lasting impression. This is typically because playing cards simply don’t offer anything tangible to forge an emotional connection with.

Craig Petty solves this issue with “Evoke”, your master key to connecting with every audience.

While the “Evoke” deck handles like a deck of cards, it doesn’t look like one. The standard values have been changed into emotional phrases and quotes. Basic card peeks and reveals are supercharged into compelling, inspriational moments that are impossible to forget.

"I genuinely believe that Craig has solved the problem of Playing cards in mentalism…if you use the ‘Evoke’ deck you can basically do any card trick, any sleight of hand and it will have a mentalism edge to it that will totally transform the trick. This is an amazing achievement!" Marc Paul

Designed in collaboration with Phill Smith, the main secret to “Evoke” lies in the devious peek system woven into the back design. These secret markings are glaringly obvious to you, yet are completely invisible to your audience.

You can get all of this information in just one quick glance at the back of a card:

  • The emotion word
  • The MOAB word
  • The image
  • Whether it’s black & white or color
  • The next emotion card in the stack
  • The author of the quote

This special deck of cards is so much more than just a peek system for basic information though. Craig has intertwined a variety of clever principles, both old and new, to build a powerful, practical, and versatile tool that you can use to convince your audience that you are genuinely tapping into their thoughts and reading their minds

The “Evoke” deck is very easy to use. The ingenious design handles essentially all of the hard work for you. As with all Craig Petty releases, no stone was left unturned in the tutorial either. You get hours of teaching, ensuring you walk away knowing everything you possibly need to get the most out of “Evoke”.

The Power of The Peters

It wouldn’t be a Craig Petty release without enlisting the help of some of the best magicians and mentalists in the world. So, Craig welcomed in Peter Turner and Peter Nardi to share their favorite effects with “Evoke”, as well as invaluable insight on performing effective mentalism as a whole. The nearly 2-hour Peter Turner interview contains a wealth of general mentalism wisdom and expertise from one of the best mentalists in the world. It’s worth more than the price of “Evoke” on its own.

Perfect for Beginners and Pros Alike

While “Evoke” is clearly a new favorite secret weapon for pros, it’s also the perfect way for any beginner to start their journey into mind-reading and mentalism. As you’ll quickly learn, peeking information is just one part of the puzzle. If you want to make authentic connections with your audience, then you need to know how to most effectively use that information once you have it.

Cold reading is one of the most important tools in an mentalist's arsenal. However, it’s also something that can seem daunting for some. Which is why Craig enlisted the help of Ian Rowland, the man who literally wrote the book on cold reading. The duo teamed up to create an hour+ masterclass on both cold and warm reading, specifically in regards to how it can be applied to the “Evoke” deck. You are guaranteed to walk away with a totally new perspective and understanding of this potent skill.

Transform every audience into your secret weapon by tuning directly into their emotions with “Evoke” by Craig Petty.

"People might not always remember what you did, but they remember how you made them feel." Marc Spelmann

"I generally think this is one of the best products for the mentalist that I've seen in years" David Jonathan

"When you leave people with an emotion, it changed everything... this is the mentalism that people will remember." Luca Volpe

"If you have a layperson think of a card and you reveal it - it's mind-blowing. But if you're attaching emotion to that, then that's proper powerful stuff" Roddy Mcghie


Customer reviews for Evoke



EVOKE is a fantastic tool. You can use it many ways as taught in the very thorough introduction videos. There are over 8 hours of discussion including insights from many experts.
You get the prop plus several Master Classes.
Can also be adapted to many other card effects including Pit Hartling’s CHAOS.
I love this purchase.



"Evoke" offers a clever and insightful premise, one that helps move mentalism props away from traditional playing cards and performer-provided book tests, etc., and more toward the realm of people-reading, inspiration, emotion and internalized thought. It's quite a versatile tool for those of us looking for an EC that can work in almost any situation, and one can go in multiple directions with it - images, words, people and feelings. There's a great deal of room for individual approaches as well, and with imagination the mental performer will find several effective presentational ideas. It didn't take me long to work out a stage routine with uncoached volunteers that resembles actual mental "projection," and a well-versed mentalist friend who witnessed that performance was strongly impacted. That said, I imagine the concept will lead to future development; for example, some of the people quoted on the cards will have a limited shelf life, and many emotions that people typically think of (e.g., anger, sadness/grief, happiness, etc.) aren't included because of the methodology and a pair of them are redundant. If it happens, "Evoke 2.1" could bring us revisions, but in the meantime this is an extremely useful product that I've already added to my repertoire.



Evoke is one of the very best props that I've purchased - without qualification! It allows one to connect with particpants and spectators on an emotional level, leaving a lasting, provacative impact. It's a hard-hitting piece of mentalism allowing that offers countless applications. Craig Petty has done it again! This may be his best creation yet.

The tutorials are masterfully produced, providing over 12 hours of instruction. My favorite was video #9 in which Cold Reading master and guru Ian Rowland performs several routines for Craig, leaving his speechless and blowing him away. Thank you Vanishing Inc for carrying this wonderful piece of magic!



I love this tool. ????
I’ve only had it for a couple of days and I can use them very smoothly. The materiel discussed in the Peter Turner segment is worth the price of admission ! So many ideas. I agree with another review that mentions one could really use something like this to practice developing a mentalist persona.
Highly recommended????????



I haven't received mine yet but have watched most of the tutorials and I have to say I like this a lot. The tutorials are very thorough and go through a lot of different routines you can do with the deck stacked and with it shuffled. The possibilities are endless and a lot of the ideas in the tutorials can be used as springboards to create your own routines or come up with your own ideas. I love that there are so many principles included in the deck.
Like others have said, it would have been nice if the stack wasn't alphabetical, but as I haven't received it yet, I don't know for sure if that will be an issue. It probably will not be an issue as I don't think people will notice or pay attention to that. I get that Craig designed this to make it as easy as possible to remember the stack, with as little memorization as possible.
If there is another version in the future with a non-alphabetical stack, here is my idea for a mneumonic:


"Craig Petty's 'voke Decks. Humanz will just quickly be floored."




Brilliant that's the review best tool created it many year. Will be buying one more for back up soon


Laura Bautista

Like almost everything Craig Petty does, it's powerful and cool. By purchasing Evoke you not only get a fantastic product for your mentalism routines (and even card-magic) but you will also be able to enjoy a 5-hour super lecture that you will surely get the most out of. There are certain issues that could be improved, such as the fact of alphabetical order, which is perhaps too obvious in the eyes of magicians (I still have to see how suspicious it is for the laymen) but it is certainly worth doing. There will be a lot to talk about and you will surely want to join the conversation.



You get so much for your money with this product. The cards are lovely and it’s really good fun to apply your own card tricks! Highly recommended!



After working through 6.5 hours on a 9-hour project, I can say that these cards are of high quality and feature excellent artwork. The secrets contained within them are well-concealed, so even upon close inspection, the audience will not be able to uncover them. I have performed some of the provided routines as well as worked these cards into my existing mentalism effects (telepathy, psychometry, and hypnosis).

The teaching provided in this course is suitable for newcomers to mentalism and covers a range of good mentalism routines and tricks. It's a crash course that teaches many effects and some psychological subtleties quickly.

Pros: A solid tool for those who are new to mentalism and a good source of inspiration and reminders for seasoned pros. The cards alone enhance some mentaliam effects.

Cons: I wish they had discussed more of the cold reading system, but they did provide a good reference to find the information.



I'm giving this 5 stars, but I do think that when they bring out Evoke 2 it could be improved. When working with a st**k I think the ordering might be more obvious than it needs to be. I wonder if an alphabet like that used in ABSee would make this impossible for anyone to figure out. Either way, bloody brilliant tool!



Haven't received my order yet but must say the teaching alone on this project is top notch.Craig Petty has yet again released a great product. Love the fact he was transparent about what this deck can do and it's many features. This is not a one trick pony trick, it's a tool which can be taken in many directions. For the price I'm very happy.


Community questions about Evoke

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  • Marc asks: I would love to have it. Unfortunately a lot of people at my place are not so familiar with the english language. Any chance that it will be available in german and french some day?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not at this time sadly.
  • Ged asks: Ged asks: When will I be able to access the video instructions, as I ordered Evoke this morning? Will there be a link available? Thanks, Ged

    • 1. Terry answers: It should be in your product instructions, mine was
    • 2. Ged answers: It was not.
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  • Nick asks: How easy is it to navigate through the tutorials? I am interested in the effect but don’t have the capacity to watch a 5hr download

    • 1. Craig answers: They are broken down into 9 separate videos. The first one explains the system and then the other offer different routines. Two are with Pete Turner, 1 with Pete Nardi, 1 with Ian Rowland and the rest with me. It’s cruel easy to navigate Thanks
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  • Claire asks: Why are there others who are buying 2 sets of these? Are there any particular effect that uses 2 of these?

    • 1. Craig answers: I’m not sure. If I really like something I always buy a spare. The product has been popular and will sell out at some point. Then it will be a waiting game till it’s reprinted So that might be why!
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  • Matthew asks: Are there gaffs and dupes included for different effects? Along these lines are all the cards usable in the “amnesia” style effect or just one or two?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are some extra cards with this
  • Billy asks: Any chance (maybe on a reprint) we can just buy a bundle such as a 3 pack of the deck or something along those lines? I may have to just buy a second if I like it as much as I think I will!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is nothing confirmed yet about refills
  • Alexander asks: Does it come in other languages, or just English?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Just English at the moment
  • Todd asks: I purchased 2 of them and I'm wondering if there is a way to get the syllabus for the videos. As already stated lots of great stuff, like so much trying to find one thing is pretty difficult.

    • 1. James answers: I watched a review by Magicorthodoxy. In the review he suggests to watch Chapter 1 and then Chapter 5, before the rest of the chapters.
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