The Best Magic Tricks Are In Books

We love magic tricks. But did you know most people would say the best magic tricks are found in magic books?

Well it's true.

Here are our bestselling magic books all of which contain incredible magic tricks you'll love learning.

Principa by Harapan Ong Principia

Principia is like the ultimate magic playbook – the type you can't put down, experimenting with every trick Harapan lays out. Every single trick in the book (and there are 60 of them) are not just practical, but also a blast to perform and totally groundbreaking.

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Parlour Tricks by Morgan and West Parlour Tricks

Introducing the first-ever hardcover collection from the incredible duo of Victorian Time-Traveling Magicians, Morgan & West. Parlour Tricks stands out from typical magic books that just list tricks – it's a detailed breakdown of their complete parlour magic ninety-minute show. Dive into the methods behind their magic, the order of each routine, and how they tailor it to match their personalities and themes. Consider this book a front-row seat to a masterclass in crafting a show and a unique peek into the process of performers shaping a seamless piece of theater.

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The Boy Who Cried Magic The Boy Who Cried Magic

The Boy Who Cried Magic is that unicorn of magic books – no compromises, all awesomeness. Inside, you'll find sixteen mind-blowing routines and fifteen fresh sleights. Andi spills the beans on his magician-fooling tricks, serving up the secrets to his entire pro card act. Dive deep into the details of his legendary moves, like the Master Pushoff and Undo Cut, trusted by some of the globe's top magicians. This book is your backstage pass to Andi's magical universe, no holds barred.

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Calculated Thoughts Calculated Thoughts

In the foreword to Doug Dyment's Calculated Thoughts, Ken Weber dubs Dyment "mentalism's best-kept secret." Guess what? Weber might just be onto something. With 25 years of globe-trotting mentalism performances under his belt, Dyment's mind-bending material was once shrouded in mystery, hidden away in private manuscripts or simply out of print. But now, the secret's out. For the first time ever, all of it is compiled and revealed in the stunning pages of Calculated Thoughts – it's finally arrived.

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The Psychology of Magic: From Lab To Stage The Psychology of Magic: From Lab To Stage

This is a slight cheat, as it's a book about improving the magic tricks you already do. But it's very good at doing that.

Based in the world's only "Magic Lab," esteemed researchers Gustav Kuhn and Alice Phailès dedicated almost five years to pioneering research aimed at making our magic better. Now, they've bundled all their groundbreaking insights into an amazing hardcover containing over 300 pages: The Psychology of Magic: From Lab To Stage. For magicians aspiring improve their magic and leave a lasting impact on every audience, snag a copy of this neo-classic book. Elevate your magic game with the power of science—it's time to take your tricks to the next level.

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