The Boy Who Cried Magic

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Andi Gladwin
The Boy Who Cried Magic

The Boy Who Cried Magic is a perfect magic book, written by the best writer in magic. The tricks are world-class performance pieces, and the book itself is stunning. Every magician should own it! — Dynamo

Over the last decade, Andi Gladwin has helped produce more than a hundred magic books. Despite continued promises to one day produce a book of his own, that dream never came true … until now.

That’s right. It’s finally Andi’s turn. And since he hates talking about himself, we’ll do it for him.

The Boy Who Cried Magic is a rare magic book with zero compromises. In all there are sixteen routines and fifteen new sleights. You'll learn Andi's highly sought-after magician foolers, as well as his complete professional card act. Plus, he goes in depth on some of his most enduring moves, including the Master Pushoff and Undo Cut which are in use by some of the world's finest magicians.

Without question The Boy Who Cried Magic is the most gorgeous book we've ever produced. From the photos to the premium glossy paper to the pragmatic layout and stunning slip case, the production values on this project set a sterling new standard in the industry. It exudes a style and quality that is rarely seen in magic.

In addition to everything being explained in precise detail across the more than 250 pages and 240 high-resolution photos within this gorgeous hardcover book, you’ll also receive access to performance videos of every routine.

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A Book of Performance Pieces

For the first time ever, Andi offers you an exclusive look at his complete walkaround and stand-up card magic set. Focusing on clear-cut construction and fun presentations, the 16 routines in this book are the result of a lifetime of crafting and perfecting magic through real-world performances in almost every environment imaginable.

Included in The Boy Who Cried Magic is Andi’s “Fireworks” routine, a mind-boggling burst of 12 rapid-fire magic moments, as well as how to make four Jacks vanish and reappear inside a wine glass and a thought-of cards across routine that plays so big it can be used in a theater without any projection.

There’s truly something for everyone from his commercial “Whack Your Phone” effect to his “Perfect Order” Triumph routine in which the audience actually helps you mix the cards. As a lifelong student of card magic, Andi, of course, also includes a ton of material for the sleight of hand specialists including “Ghost”, the cleanest and most direct Sandwich effect we’ve ever published and his wonderfully unique take on the classic Call to the Colors plot known as “Red Black to the Future”.

Combine this with an astonishing 15 new sleight of hand techniques such as his full work on the Master Pushoff, new moves such as the UnDo Cut (which both Joshua Jay and Luke Jermay have said to be the best false cut available), the Undo Shuffle, and his version of the Braue Popup (which is destined to become your new favorite Ambitious Card ending), and you have a book that should be on the shelf of every card magician.

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Our Most Beautiful Deluxe Edition Yet

For the most avid collectors, we produced a limited edition Deluxe Version that comes wrapped in an exclusive box with a signed and numbered bookplate and two decks of the stunning The Boy Who Cried Magic cards.

This set was limited to just 300 copies, and sold out within 72 hours. The deluxe set is no longer available.

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Boy Who Cried Magic

How we Made The Boy Who Cried Magic

Includes performances of every trick in the book

Words from the Wise

"One of the most beautifully-designed magic books in recent memory. It looks and feels like something you'd find in an art bookstore. As for the magic, Andi Gladwin's Undo Cut is a highly deceptive false cut that is going straight into my act."
—Steve Cohen
"A book filled with crystal clear descriptions and illustrations for powerful, commercial magic, and practical ingenious ideas."
—Paul Wilson
"A stunningly produced book. Chock full of well thought-out and impactful card magic."
—Ben Harris
"The Boy Who Cried Magic is a beautiful book, both inside and out."
—Jim Krenz
"One of those books that you can flip to any page and find something practical, amazing, and polished to perfection."
—Harapan Ong
"The effects are direct, well constructed and very fooling. This collection highlights Andi’s ability to create streamlined compositions without compromising the impact and amazement for the audience. It is a robust, mature and hugely valuable collection of professional performance pieces that I highly recommend."
—Luke Jermay
"From the inside out, this book is beauty squared. Developed over years of meticulous labour, it is packed with a rare potency. Whether you’re reading the trick, method or theory, an extensive pursuit of excellence is revealed on every page."
—Ollie Mealing

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Customer reviews for The Boy Who Cried Magic



I bought an early copy at Magi-Fest. This is a great book full of very usable material and some sage advice.

Great job Andi.



Just received the Deluxe edition and it’s simply beautiful.
I can’t wait to read it.



Purchased the deluxe addition and couldn't be any happier. Quality is above and beyond anything I have purchased before. Thank you Vanishing Inc & especially Andi for the amazing gift before Christmas!



This is a quickie review--I received the book as a Christmas present, and I so have not yet opened it.

That having been said...I have watched every "play video" segment it comes with, and I feel confident saying this: anyone with an interest in close-up magic would be insane not to buy this book. It's that simple.

Picking a trick at random--watch "Castle Jacks" and tell me: do you have any idea how it was done? Can you think of a way you could improve it? More importantly--don't you want to perform it?

In addition to tricks, there are some really great moves. Two finesses I really like are his handlings of the Braue "pop-up" move and the Tilt. His pop-up occurs from an absolutely flat palm--think about that for a moment. As for his "Convincing Tilt": well, it's the most convincing Tilt I've ever seen. It's really beautiful, too.

I'm going to write a more complete review after I've had some time to work on the material. For now...I said I'd wait until Christmas to open the book. I don't want Santa to get honked off at me--but this is going to be one LONG wait.


David A

I got the Deluxe Edition, and WOW!! This is the most gorgeous book edition I have ever seen. Started reading through some of the effects and I cannot wait to work on these. The only problem I have is which effect do I start with first? Thanks Andi, this book is Amazing!! In looks and content.



If I could I would give this an excellent plus rating..beautifully written and the deluxe version comes beautifully presented...that's why I purchased two...this is sure to become a very very sought after magic book in the years to all out there ..get in now, you won't be disappointed...oh by the way the tricks are great as well.



This is honestly the nicest magic book of my collection. I just finished reading it the first time through (always read it cover to cover first) and I can't wait to go through these in detail. There are so many great tricks in this book, you won't know where to start. As usual, well done Vanishing Inc. and congrats Andi for finally publishing your own killer magic book!





A must buy. Nuff said.









One of the greatest magic books.



Where to begin with this book. The content is some of the best I have ever read. You can really tell that this book has been created by someone with a true passion of the craft. Every bit of material is strong and there is no filler as you sometimes find with books on Magic. The book is so easy to read and get throughout that I have read it cover to cover and then have went back to specific sections again and again to re-read and practice.

Beyond the content the book itself is stunning. It really stands out of the shelf and is definitely the best looking book I own!



This book is amazing. The best material isn’t exactly easy, I’ve spent hours and hours for weeks working to perfect moves like the master push off. And I’ve loved every minute of it. The material in this book is well crafted, simple, direct, and powerful magic. 10/10



Great mix of reworking some close up card favorites and new effects destined to become classics. Particularly enjoy Whack Your Phone, Pocket Mule and Thought Experiment. Clear description of the Master Push off – while it will take more practice, it will eventually be worth the effort. Top notch production and photos, clearly written.







Often I struggle reading text and translating that to what a trick is supposed to look like. Even though this video doesn't explain the cull shuffle, it really helps me see how it is supposed to look when performed.





A beautiful book that is easy to read. I also love that they included the videos to see what things should look like. I am, however, not a fan of the super glossy pages. I think that there are other nicely produced books with nice paper that handle easier than full gloss paper. Overall I am very happy though.

The Boy Who Cried Magic by Andi Gladwin