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Parlour Tricks

Book by Morgan & West
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Parlour Tricks

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Book by Morgan & West ($60.00)

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Parlour Tricks - magic
Parlour Tricks Parlour Tricks Parlour Tricks Parlour Tricks Parlour Tricks Parlour Tricks Parlour Tricks Parlour Tricks Parlour Tricks

“Morgan and West are that rare thing, utterly unique, enormously entertaining and totally fooling. This gorgeous book contains all the secrets of their professional repertoire.....What the hell are they thinking! Buy it now before they change their minds”Andy Nyman

"We love you guys!"Penn & Teller

This is the debut hardbound collection from the sensational double-act of Victorian Time-Traveling Magicians, Morgan & West. Unlike most magic books which are comprised of trick descriptions, Parlour Tricks is the dissection of a full ninety-minute show. You'll learn how they approach their material, how they sequence each routine, and how they fit the material to their personalities and premises. This book is a masterclass in building a show and a rare insight into how performers work on a cohesive piece of theater.

It's 356 pages of full-color photographs and detailed description. There are a dozen tricks discussed, as well as deep-diving articles on magic theory. You also get full scripts for each of the effects so that are covered in the book to help you understand the level of detail and precision that go into a Morgan & West show.

You'll learn signature effects like "Ring on Ribbon," "Thought-of Cards Across," and a book test without a book, plus much more! While Morgan & West perform as a duo, this material is easily adapted for solo performers, and all of the advice and theory is applicable to solo magicians.

Bonus: To help ensure the best learning experience, we're also including the full show performance by Morgan & West so that you can enjoy and appreciate the contents of the book live and in action.

"I love this snuff-snorting duo more than I love my taxidermy. I want to climb into a tiny iron bed with them and tickle them in their nightshirts until they consumptively cough up every last filthy blood-soaked secret into their tatty gentlemen’s kerchiefs. Please no-one else buy this book."Derren Brown

“Morgan & West’s book – a full exploration and explanation of their very enjoyable show – is a wild flight of generosity.”David Regal

"Parlour Tricks is not just attractive, it’s informative as well. A real peek inside two minds worth peeking into. Even if they don’t know how to spell parlor." Mac King

"Excellent [...] Essential reading for anyone thinking of putting together a show."David Britland

Contents of Parlour Tricks

  • Foreword (Hector Chadwick)
  • Introduction
  • Who Are Morgan & West?
  • How to Use This Book
  • The House is Now Open

Part 1

  • The Restarting Bottle
  • Opening Tricks and the Reworking of a Classic
  • Magic Boxes and Strange Looking Props
  • Mirror Mirror
  • A Moment of Impossibility
  • Magic Plots and Types of Surprise
  • The Scripting and Development of a Trick
  • The Impossible Ring on Ribbon
  • Removing the Cards from a Card Trick
  • Intra-Sensory Perception
  • Humility and Vulnerability in the Performance of Magic
  • The Instant Costume Change
  • Dealing with Children and the Unexpected
  • Number Writing
  • Knowing the Unknowable
  • Book Tests and Tricks that Make Sense
  • The First Version of the Dictionary Trick
  • Interval
  • Theatrical Design for the Modern Magician

Part 2

  • Explaining Misdirection
  • Misdirection and the Presentation of Magic as Skill
  • Setting up the Bag (Part 1)
  • Thought of Cards Across
  • The Evolution of a Magic Trick
  • Nobody Trusts Magicians
  • Writing the Audience into the Script
  • Tonal Variety and Pacing in a Magic Show
  • Setting up the Bag (Part 2)
  • The Permanent Linking Rings
  • Unanswered Questions and Permanence in Magic
  • Setting up the Bag (Part 3)
  • The 40 Digit Hyperbrain Act
  • Problematic Predictions and Tricks with No Middle
  • The Miraculous Escape of Mr West
  • Danger and Magic in the Real World

"Parlour Tricks is everything a good magic book should be: clever, insightful, funny and filled with miracles. I can't think of a single magician who wouldn't get a kick out of reading this. The most enjoyable magic book I have read in years - maybe ever."Hector Chadwick (Stephen Long)

“I have just plunged into the new book, Parlour Magic. I have a feeling it’s going to be somewhat like taking tea with Robert Morley at the Savoy. (Too dated? All right: with Stephen Fry at Downton Abbey.) At any rate, Morgan & West are so English you can actually hear them pronounce the U in ‘parlour’. I’m hoping this substantial tome will explain how that is done. Their work is so carefully developed, and so very good, I am quite certain that I’ll learn a lot. And, as with their performances, I know it will be great fun.” Max Maven

“Parlour Tricks is a hugely welcome addition to magical literature. In its holistic approach to sharing how two of today’s hardest working and most dedicated magicians create, hone and perform a theatrical magical experience for modern audiences the astute reader will learn exactly how to do it themselves. Great tricks, trick essays and great insight that could change the way you approach your magic. Highly recommended.”Luke Jermay

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Community questions about Parlour Tricks

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  • michael asks: Does this book come with a Dvd of the show they describe?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get a video download of the full 90-minute show.
    • 2. FAO ONLY Kris answers: Wher can you find the show to watch?
    • 3. Matthew answers: The link to the webpage the video is on is given within the first couple pages of the book. If you have additional trouble, please contact the friendly staff of Vanishing Inc's customer support via email.
  • Cyril asks: How much of the book is the specifics of effects and their routines, and how much is on the theory and construction of the show and the philosophy behind it? Is the script included in print? Thanks!

    • 1. Braden answers: Yes. To expand on that, half of the book is effects and half the book is theory. After each effect and explanation is an essay that loosely ties to the previous effect. The script is included, but it is their script for two magicians, so it probably won't apply for anyone else, but there is still so much to be learned!
    • 2. Cyril answers: Thanks for the clarification!
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  • Garrett asks: Will this book teach their coding act too? If so, does it teach everything that is taught in their Decoded video?

    • 1. Braden answers: There is some code work in here, but nothing that was in Decoded overlaps.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Will asks: I am a solo magician - not a group act - is this still something that I should look into?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Big yes! Some of the routines can be adapted for a solo performer. But the real gold here is in the scripts, essays, and construction of the show.
    • 2. Dominik answers: Morgan and West are talking about the book in The Insider podcast episode "Morgan and West (2)". https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/insider-magic-podcast/
    • 3. Danny answers: YES! YES! AND YES! This book is the most astounding act of generosity. It is, without doubt, one of the best magic books I have read ever (the best being Winnie The Pooh). There's the tricks (some of which could be adapted to one person), but to focus on the trick mechanics and repeating them verbatim seems like a terrible shame. If you just want a book of tricks- there are loads elsewhere and cheaper. But if you want something thought provoking, artistic, beautiful and challenging then buy this book. At double the price it would still be a steal.
  • Montana asks: Is the binding of this book sewn or glued?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sewn. I may be biased, but this book is first class all of the way.
  • Wadie asks: Can the tricks done by one magician or it needs two?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Almost everything can be done with one. Indeed, all the tricks started off as solo tricks that M&W worked up into 2 person tricks.
  • Colin asks: I'm very into the idea of seeing their exact script a la Scripting Magic. Is the script just written out or is it also commented upon and M&W share why they chose certain words/lines?

    • 1. Rhys Jones (creator) responds: Lots of comments on why the script was written the way it is and what things are for throughout them all in footnotes.
  • Dave asks: How do I get the video download since I purchased the book at Magifest?

    • 1. Matt answers: It is available on the page adjacent to the table of contents
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  • Michael asks: I love what I have read in the book so far. But please be accurate. It is not a "download" video of the 90 minute show. It is a streaming video. At least I can't find anyway to download it. A pet peeve of mine but an amazing book so far. MJM

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you purchase from Vanishing Inc., the download is available in your account. If you didn't, email us a photo of you holding the book and we can add it to your account.
  • Ernest asks: What is the size and weight of the book?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Dimensions: 10.3 x 7.5 x 1.5 Weight (lbs): 2.62
  • MILOUD asks: Will we need special props to do the tricks ? I mean does it come with some props ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: For some of the tricks, yes. For others, no. The book teaches everything in intricate detail but does not come with any props.
  • dulana asks: so for the props needed for the act can we make it our own or canwe buy them locally

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You could make most of the props, but some would be easier to uy.
  • Eric asks: Piggybacking on Wadie’s question above, Though I believe that the greatest value of the work is in the non-trick material, I am one of those people who is, nonetheless, still pretty interested in the tricks. I appreciate the assurance above that “almost all” of the tricks it contains can be done alone. Does that include the teleportation of the signed pack?

    • 1. Eric answers: *though
    • 2. Rhys Jones (creator) responds: There are ways that I can think of to do that particular trick solo - much like a wrist watch to sealed tin of food or similar it is entirely dependant on how long you are willing to be fiddling around with things. But that could be broken down into stages. Can it be done solo - I would argue yes it can. Should it be done solo with this particular method? Probably not. But it should give plenty of ideas as to how to use an adapted method for solo.
    • 1. Eric answers: *though
  • Arnaude asks: Hello, Are there subtitles in English in the video? Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, they speak English.
  • Claus asks: When is the book available for purchase again?

    • 1. Tony answers: Please email Vanishing Inc magic for this kind of question
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Customer reviews for Parlour Tricks



I'm currently 3/4 of the way through this book & can't say enough about it! The chapter "Removing the Cards from a Card Trick" it worth the price of this title alone!



I read it cover to cover after buying at MagiFest. Destined to become compulsory reading for anyone trying to learn magic, storytelling, developing character, and stage craft. A much needed addition to the Magic world and template for future books (I hope). Dare I say that is destined to be one of best Magic Books of the century. Highly recommended by a 50 year old, amateur Magi.



I purchased this book at MagiFest and devoured it as soon as I got home. I've already re-read the massive thing as well. I'm predicting that Parlour Tricks will go down as one of the best magic books there is. This is now an automatic recommendation of mine if anyone asks me about performing magic on a stage.



I was lucky enough to pick up an early copy of this at The Session Convention. I am a big fan of Morgan and West, I like their style and I like the way they think about magic, so I was fairly sure I was going to like the book. I more than like it I love it, it’s one of the very few magic books I have read from cover to cover, every word, not just skipping to the tricks I was interested in.

There is a currently a bit of an upsurge in magicians putting on parlour shows. If you have ever thought of putting on a show, then you need to read this! If you have a cabaret spot, then you need to read this. If you are a children’s magician, then you are already performing a show, so you need to read this!

There are some great tricks in the book, most of which are doable as a single person act, some of which like “thought of cards across” are available from dealers. Brilliant as these items are, it is the bits between the tricks that contain the “golden nuggets”.
I loved reading about how they came to choose certain tricks and how they had to adapt them to fit their style. They worry about the perception of magicians to an audience and they work on breaking the stereotype that many people have of a smug magician.
I think that if you were to be chosen as a volunteer at a Morgan and West show, you would leave the stage feeling better than when you were called up, if only that were true in more shows.

For those of us who regularly perform for children we will recognize the idea that “children aren’t like adults. They are like drunk adults. Drunks adults who have sobered up a teeny bit and been put in a room where they are expected to sit down and pay attention.” A great thought when designing your next piece for children.

You will also learn about designing, scripting, sound design, prop decoration, writing the audience into the script and so much more, including how to make an impossible object!

The book is beautifully written with the full script for each trick and plenty of full colour photos. You also get access to watch the full “Parlour Tricks” show so you can see how everything works with a real audience.

A totally unreserved 5 Star review.



'Our Magic' for modern times, simply written with humour throughout and in a manner that shows the value of thought, research and performing experience. Beautifully produced, i'd have liked the DVD included with the book but that's a minor quibble. At £50 it's a steal. It could just be the book you fall in love with.



This has instantly become one of my favorite magic books. The tricks are great, but since I'm a solo performer, most of the tricks are not all that practical for me. However, what I love are the insightful essays following each routine. These essays go deep on why they selected the trick, what they liked or didn't like about the source material, why they changed it, what kind of reactions they get, and more. Those essays are absolutely wonderful and useful to someone like me who's trying to polish his act.



My goodness, this book is simply spectacular! Magical—really magical—effects are detailed and explained, the photos are excellent, the storylines are wonderful . . . but the best part, to me, is Morgan and West’s thinking: the “why” behind what and how they do things. Thoughtful, interesting, valuable . . . magical.

It's quite an education to watch them perform, then read the chapter in the text that explains everything (including the thinking behind the effect). Wow!



Absolutely love the book (I love the act, too). In fact, I feel like I am actually reading it with a "spiffy chap" accent.

In the same way that most tricks are explained...Effect, Paraphenalia, Prep, Performance...these guys spell out the effect, explain their props, exact preparation (including where on the stage they put their stuff, i.e. stage left, center stage, back stage), explain their method, and then give a verbatim performance script (with important cues of when subtleties are to be performed). The best part is the follow up where they explain what they were thinking or what they have learned over the years of performing the effects.

Sure this is a collection of illusions performed by two people but magic is the art of performance and these guys really make that the reason this book is gold. They talk about the reasons they perform it the way they do...not just doing an effect, but making a moment of magic. You may not come away with a solo act, but you will definitely learn how to think about your act.

Love the act. Love the book.



OMG!!!!! this book has been eye opening, thought provoking, enjoyable funny, inspirational and informative. Being a lover of not just how tricks are done but the whys and the thought processes behind them is where the "true magic is". I have many favorites in my rather larger collection and this is up there with the likes of the Ortiz, Tamariz, Burger and Wonders works. I love that they included their show as well as a study guide. I will not attempt to do any of these routines myself but the insight it has brought me is priceless, its not what you do but how you do it and more importantly WHY you do it. Having the video is just enjoyable to see professionals in their element showing you WHY they are professionals. the only parts I have read is they essays that they included because they are some of the greatest straight forward to the point practical essays I've ever read. WELL DONE CHAPS....... or should I say friends. Thank you very much for these and thank you Vanishing Inc for producing these absolute Gems




The binding, design and layout of the book are first class; this does not affect or guarantee the quality of the content, but indicates a commitment to and respect for the material. (How pleased Messrs Morgan and West must be with the daguerreotype depictions, many in colour.)
A splendid demonstration of the refinement and adaptation of methods and techniques, rather than the adoption of novelty without merit or mere feckless complications. (This may not be a tome for Cristian Angelifans.)
A delightful read, thoughtful and informative with entertainment, not facile deceit, being the primary goal.
Well played, chaps!



Love! Love! Love! The book is clearly written with fine detail. This book is different in my opinion from many other magic books. I think what sets the book apart is that it is written to explore their show. You get a feel for how they took the effects and worked it into a show with their characters. It has been a fun journey reading this book and reflecting on how I can make my magic better. Highly motivating! I also appreciate the humor and how thought out their entire act is. Incredible!



One of the best books I have read!! Everything is extremely well thought out and no detail is spared, the video really helps to see how they perform the tricks, overall a really good book and well worth the money!!



More than Excellent 11 Stars!



There's no two ways about it, this is one of the loveliest magic books ever produced. The design and production are first class, and the material is great. A true labour of love all around.



I don't normally review a product, unless they are especially good (or especially bad). This book is so phenomenally good, it should be required reading for all magicians. I could not think of a better book to illustrate how to design a show, why to design it a particular way, and how much thinking should go into the design. This book is easily on par with books from Tommy Wonder, Arturo de Ascanio, Darwin Ortiz, and other great writers on the craft of magic. Get it, read it, read it again. You'll be glad you did.





Wonderful audience engagement, using humor and reimagined illusions. They are Morgan & West!!!



These chaps are not just gentlemen and time-traveler, they are writers! Really good ones indeed. Besides the obvious cleverness of their routines, and the fact that they really, really care about how they design and present every single little detail of their act (pretty much all of their props are made or modified to fit their theme), this book is outstanding, because their writing is so clear, engaging, and truly a joy to read. That deserves extra praise. Being science-educated theater-enthusiasts that met in college clearly is the source of this writing gift. Now on to the contents: I really enjoyed the breakdown of a show into every conceivable aspect (music, lighting, backdrop, props, costume, script). Interspersed everything about their complete show and its entire speaking and acting 'movie script' are thoughtful essays about why they do each detail. Get it! Read it! Brilliant!



Yet another amazing book. Just the fact it includes the entire script to there show makes it worth the price for me.





It was an added bonus to get the commentary of the performance and very much an insight into their thinking. Watch the performance, then watch this!



It's...".GOLD"..Will probably be one of the best books ever written on magic. Get it....don't let it go by. Tom Williams



What can be said that hasn’t been already? This is an amazing book and piece of work from VanishingInc and M&W. The book is easy to read, extremely high quality and includes a plethora of great material. The fact that the book comes with links to performances of the routines is an absolute bonus. If you haven’t got it, why not?

Parlour Tricks by Morgan & West