Flash Paper

Very little in magic is more eye-catching than fire. Be it flash cotton, flash paper, flash wool or flash cards, we’ve got you covered.

Flash paper
Flash cotton

Flash Paper

It burns in a split second, but leaves a lasting impression. Our flash paper is perfect for magic and theatrical performances. All of our flash paper ships dry, making it avalable for immediate use — and we even stock multiple colors.

Flash Cotton, String, and Sparkle Powder

Some props (such as Pyro and Pyro Mini) use flash cotton instead of flash paper. Or use flash string to perform tricks like Wayne Dobson's famous Ring Flash.

Flash Bills, Cards, and Cigarettes

Some fire magic tricks demand more than just a piece of paper. Here is a range of flash playing cards, flash cigarettes and flash bills.

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Other Flash Props

Need to produce a flash of fire? These fire production items are popular for magicians, theatrical shows, and even wrestlers!

Flash paper safety guidelines

When used correctly, flash paper isn't dangerous, but it does require caution. We'll only sell it to over eighteens. Here are a few safety tips:

• Always store flash paper in a dark, dry tin.
• Never buy more than you need. It's best to buy flash paper often, instead of hoard up a lot of it.
• As soon as you ignite it, throw the paper upwards and away from you, and your audience.
• Never, ever throw flash paper into your audience as the time it takes to burn is unpredictable.

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