Sponge Balls

Times have changed since Goshman was cutting out sponge balls from mattresses in his garage. Today, there’s a huge variety of sponge magic props available. And this is our collection of sponges for magicians. Yes, we do still carry his Super Soft range too.

Best-Selling Sponge Balls

Albert Goshman didn't invent sponge balls, but he did find the perfect way of making them spherical. His company Magic By Gosh continue to produce the best sponge balls long after Goshman's passing, and they continue to be our most popular. They come in various sizes and in "standard," "super soft," and "ultra soft" varities; the latter being much quicker to spring open when the participant opens their hand. Not sure what size you need? We recommend 1.5".

Sponge Bunnies and Other Sponger Animals

While Daryl popularized their most recent use, he was not the creator of Sponge Bunnies. Actually, it was mentalist Robert A. Nelson who invented the Sponge Rabbits. His trick "Peter Rabbit Goes to Town!" was released in the 1940s and is one of the most enteraining ways of performing the classic Sponge Balls effect.

Sponge Food and Gag Sponges

Hungry for some sponge food? As these items are handmade, they tend to go out of stock quickly, so grab them while you can.

Other Sponge Balls and Effects

Ready to know more? Read our article on the history of sponge ball magic.

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