D'Lites / Prisma Lites

D’Lites (now called Prisma Lites) are a ridiculously popular and famous magic trick that continues to be popular all around the globe. In case you have not seen it, here’s what happens. The magician shows their hands empty, and then makes a bright light appear and disappear from their fingertips. Light can travel from hand to hand, from mouth to hand, penetrate solid objects.

Super Bright Prisma Lites

The Super Bright Prisma Lites are always our first recommendation for someone wanting to produce lights from their fingertips. They are the best-quality D'Lites that we have ever seen.

Prisma Lites with Sound!

Why just produce a light from your fingertips, when you can make tiny little sounds too?! We stock Rocco's full range:

Prisma Lites for Kids

Super simple to do and although used by professionals, is great for beginners too. You can use D’Lite anywhere, at anytime and leave your audience with a magical moment they’ll never forget.

Everything Else Too!

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