Pro Light 3.0

Accessory by Marc Antoine
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Pro Light 3.0

60.00 usd

Accessory by Marc Antoine (From $60.00)

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Pro Light 3.0 - magic
Pro Light 3.0 Pro Light 3.0 Pro Light 3.0 Pro Light 3.0 Pro Light 3.0 Pro Light 3.0 Pro Light 3.0 Pro Light 3.0 Pro Light 3.0 Pro Light 3.0

The brightest and most vibrant fingertip light ever made.

"Pro Light 3.0" is a high-tech upgrade on the producing light at your fingertips concept that was popularized by "D'lites". This amazing device is the brightest you'll find and is available in multiple colors. Its LED light is 20% more powerful than the V2 "Pro Light" (which was already the brightest on the market), and the battery capactiy has been almost doubled— allowing you to get nearly 70 performances on one charge.

  • Light can be seen even in daylight
  • 2-point switch for smooth and consistent control
  • Fast-charging with USB magnetic connection
  • Easy-read charger indicator light
  • Gold PCB tracks and contactors for maximum reliability
  • Reinforced printed circuit with anti-transpiration protection

"Pro Light 3.0" was designed with the professional magician in mind. The undetectable system is integrated right into a high-quality Thumb Tip. It is available in: White, Red, Green or Blue.

You can grab your favorite color in either a single version or save money on "Pro Light 3.0" by grabbing a discounted two-pack!

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Customer reviews for Pro Light 3.0

VI Monthly


These are the BEST D'lite's there is in terms of quality and build.

The only things that I will caution to for any potential buyer is that the lights are very VERY strong and I would strongly advice against looking directly at the lights.

I have a red set and even a brief look causes me eye strain



I got the double pack (white) lights and I love them so much. I deliver pizzas to customers who usually leave their porch light on for me. When they answer the door I hand them the pizza and grab their porch light and throw it from one hand to another and then pretend to eat it. The pro light made so many people's day. The thumb tips are good quality and there is so many things you can do with them. I really like using them to grab people's "thoughts" and put them into my head to make a reveal. These things are very bright and overall I am happy. The only negative would be the price point. I do think it's a little high but I think I already got my money's worth with all the great reactions I have gotten with them in just two weeks of having them. Everyday I find new ways and opportunities to use them. One more thing I should mention is these Thumb tips are the same size as the Vernet mediums. I hope this review was helpful.



This is super bright. I got the blue one, although judging by the stock I imagine most people go for white to do the thing with a phone torch. Honestly, I'd encourage you to go for a colour and come up with something even more creative. You're literally making light appear at your fingertips, and because these are so bright the dazzling effect helps hide the method more than older versions.


Community questions about Pro Light 3.0

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  • The asks: Does the double set come with two charging cables?

    • 1. Jim answers: Only one charger is supplied for the two gimmicks.
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  • Michael asks: I'm presuming this comes in a normal sized TT. Would it easily be able to be transplanted into a large one? Or would the one it come with be able to be stretched?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is possible to transfer into a different one but you'll have to find the right tip and do some DIY for it to fit.
  • See asks: Any warranty? Mine one not working anymore

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hit up our Support Wizards and we'll they'll take care of you.
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