A thumb tip is a magic prop used for a wide variety magic tricks. It is a hollow, plastic, rubber or metal thumb that fits over the top of your thumb. It’s normally used for switches, vanishes and reproductions. Vanishing a small silk, salt or a cigarette. Performing the classic bill switch, Bill in Lemon, and all sorts of other miracles are possible with this versatile device.

Vernet Thumbtips

Vernet is the best-selling brand of thumbtips for magicians. But what size should you get? They are so inexpensive that we recommend purchasing a couple of sizes so that you can find the best fit for your thumb and whatever it is you want to vanish.

Hand-Picked Astonishments

Realistic Thumbtips

Thumbtips aren't really designed to be seen by an audience and so often don't have a lot of detail on them (the old addage goes that the thumbtip could be bright green because nobody will ever see it!). However, some performers feel more comfortable using a thumbtip that has more detail on it so that they can flash their hand empty after a vanish.


If a thumbtip is for the thumb, what is a fingertip for?! While there are less uses for a magicians fingertip, many creative magicians have used them in surprisingly devious ways.

Nail Writers
Prisma and D'Lites

Sanada, Hands Up, and Other Thumb Gimmicks

Created by Toyosane Sanada, this gimmick is typically used to produce, vanish, or switch sponge balls, coins, small silks and so on. We also stock magnetic thumbtips, flaming thumbtip, a whole range of D'Light flashing thumbtips, and more.

The perfect thumbtip

Some decisions for your show are vitally important, but thankfully, choosing the best rope for a magic trick is pretty low-risk decision. It typically comes down to this: do you want to cut the rope easily (and so is normally used for just one show), or do you want a nice rope that stays in good condition for repeat performances? If it's the latter, spend a little more to get the best rope.

Who invented the thumbtip?

The thumbtip has a surprising and little known history, so we put together a detailed article describing who invented it. Find out who invented the thumbtip!

Learn to use a thumbtip like a pro

It might be a simple tool, but it has many practical applications. Here are our favorite books and DVDs about thumbtips:

Hand-Picked Astonishments: Thumb Tips
SWITCH - Unfolding The $100 Bill Change
Encyclopedia Of Thumb Tip Magic

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