HD Thumb Tip

Accessory by Alan Wong
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HD Thumb Tip

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Accessory by Alan Wong (3.25)

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From the creative mind of Alan Wong comes an all new HD Thumb-tip.

Thumbtips aren't designed to be seen, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't look as close to your actual thumb as possible.

Therefore, Alan Wong's HD Thumbtip is a perfect solution. He has designed a thumbtip with painstaking detail to match the curves and contours of a real thumb. It works exactly like a normal thumbtip (one of magic's greatest secret gimmicks) but will remove some of the restrictions of keeping the tip hidden at all times.

Available in hard plastic or soft versions.

Measurements: 2.2in x 1.1in (55.9mm x 27.9mm) -- For reference, this is closer to a Vernet Medium Thumb Tip than a Vernet Classic Thumb Tip.


Customer reviews for HD Thumb Tip



Pretty nice looking thumb. A little longer than the vernet. Nicely done. I’m Hispanic so the color kinda sort of matches but in the end you’re not suppose to flash this thing to where people can see it anyway. I like it.

I got the soft version. Very lifelike.



Best thumb tip I've ever owned. It's slightly smaller than Vernet King size, definitely larger than Classic and Medium thumb tips. I'm going to get a couple more and see if I can cut them to different lengths. It's also somewhere in between hard and soft as compared to Vernet. I can use it for the Koslowski switch just fine, it doesn't hang up because of grip or friction inside the tip. But at the same time, it improves your grip on the OUTSIDE, meaning you can, for instance, hold a can or bottle or glass with condensation on it much better than the smooth, hard thumb tips.

The anatomical detail is very high. But the biggest advantage to me is color. The skin tone of this tip is an almost perfect match for me. Granted, this won't hold true for everyone, I can only speak for myself. To me, color is the single biggest factor in concealing a thumb tip while BRIEFLY flashing it. These reviews that complain about the thick edge apparently don't have a clue about using a thumb tip. You should never let the audience look at your thumb long enough to notice a detail like that. What they WILL notice is a drastic difference in color.

There are ways to use a thumb tip where its never seen at all. You can use a tip painted fire engine red if you handle it correctly. To each his own but I don't like that restriction, I want to be able to briefly gesture, wave my hand or point at something. Don't get me wrong, I love Vernet thumb tips and will still use them, but this has become my new favorite because of the color, it just gives me an extra little peace of mind to know its as absolutely invisible as it can possibly be.

Highest recommendation.



I got the HD Thumb Tip and LOVE it! So realistic. Highly recommend it.



This is an awesome thumb tip. The detail on it makes it look really realistic. It may not match your skin tone perfectly but no one notices it. You can also perform so many great effects with this.



I also had a ridge where it is supposed to blend into the skin of my thumb. I shaved it down with a scissors, but don’t recommend the likely hacked-up and jagged look I created, so I recommend that only downfall (and small size) be remediate in it’s 2.0 version.



Very nice "looking" thumb tip, but with some design reservations...
1) Small size - I have small hands and the HD thumb tip was too tight to fit comfortably on my thumb -- not workable for a bill switch. I put it in hot water for a minute to soften it up and then pushed a piece of hard rubber into the opening and let it sit overnight to make it usable. Very surprising that it was made so small.
2) I realize a thumb tip is not supposed to be seen, however the edge on the opening is a lot thicker than a Vernet thumb tip. Instead of it tapering to meet your thumb, you see a noticeable thick ridge around the edge of the opening.


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  • Erik asks: That looks like a great idea. Does the HD Thumb-tip come in colors for Afro-Americans, Native Americans, and other races?

    • 1. Roger answers: It only comes in one color. Sorry!
    • 2. Karl answers: With respect to Vanishingincmagic, there are other manufacturers who do. Search "black thumb tip" (or whatever.) It's always called a "thumb tip" regardless of brand.
    • 3. Karl answers: BTW, it's not their idea! This famous magician's prop is older than most of us are, maybe even older! The softer material and added detail looks nice though.
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  • Steve asks: Does the thumb tip come in different sizes? I have very large hands.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I'm afraid not. There is only one size.
  • Michael asks: Is this thumb tip hard or soft?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Soft.
  • Michael asks: They thumbs are hard and not soft

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The texture is in between hard and soft. It is sturdy enough for standard routines but also soft enough for other tricks.
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