Sanada Gimmick

Accessory by Magic by Gosh
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Sanada Gimmick

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Accessory by Magic by Gosh (4.18)

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If you only need the Sanada gimmick, here it is! Mr. Toyosane Sanada has created a quality gimmick to produce, vanish or exchange any small item (sponge balls, coins, bills, etc.).


Customer reviews for Sanada Gimmick



If you own a thumb tip, which you should, this classic gimmick is a close relative. I find a lot of laypeople are familiar with the thumb tip gimmick(doesn't matter. still fools them. even when they're looking right at it) but they've never heard of or seen a Sanada gimmick so it adds another level of deception. It fits okay in my hand. The color doesn't entirely match my skin but it doesn't matter. people just aren't looking for it. It's not the thumptipless thumb tip. It's its own animal. You can replicate a lot of classic thumb tip effects, but it has other effects that can't really be done with a standard thumb tip and vice versa.



The gimmick has many uses and has been a favorite utility item in my performances for many years. I use it for productions, switches, mentalism, as well as some classics that would normally use a thumb or finger tip. Highly recommended.



This is another accessory that I believe every magician should have. It's very versatile, since it works for stage, parlour an maybe even for close-up, with several materials (silks, sponge balls, bills, etc.). No instructions are provided, so you might want to get additional books or DVDs if you have no idea on how to use it. Or you will just need time and creativity to come up with your own.



I've never used one of these before, but I can see how the tool could easily have as many applications as a Vernet T-tip. Initially, I thought it might be easy to see from a spectator's POV, but doing various things in the mirror proved otherwise.
It works very well for exchanging a billet, or completely concealing a CT.
Very cool little device!


Einar Aron

The Sanada gimmick fits well in your hand and does everything you want from the gimmick. This is my first Sanada so I don't have the comparison from other manufacturers though. This should last you a lifetime.



Just received them in the mail (quick turn-around Vanishing :). I am surprised about how much bigger than the original. I have a cloaking device I bought off of Jay Scott Berry and his was more compact and a better fit.


Community questions about Sanada Gimmick

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  • Edward Alexander asks: Henry Evans shows a gimmick very similar to Sanada he says it's a lot older created about 90 years ago. Sanata the Japanese magician started using it in the year 1991 this accessory was forgotten... this accessory is similar to Sonada but it has more capacity and it's made of acrylic it doesn't shine. Henry Evans explains the difference on a DVD of silk magic. Vol. 2 Worlds Greatest Magicians. He demonstration the use of this gimmick in his routine, Silk Through Transparent Bag. Quite stunning. He doesn't give the name of the gimmick only that it is similar to Sanada. Would you know anything about this? Sincerely, Alexander

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I am afraid that we are not familiar with this. Henry sounds like the person to contact.
  • Chris asks: Hi I've been trying, in vain, to locate Jay Scott Berrys, Sanada Cloaking Device. Do you know if they are still available? Thank you Chris

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Please email to for this kind of question
    • 2. Kenneth answers: He know teaches how to make them
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  • Michael asks: Hi, i bought this item but there was no instructions on how to use it. is there a video link or PDF. to show how to use this gimmick?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: This is a common gimmick (like thumb tip or svengali deck) so it does not come with any instruction
    • 2. Kyle answers: check out sanada gimmick routines dvd, comes with gimmick and sponges. full routine, and also spoons and coins, its like 20 dollars. shows you how to cut the gimmick and all.
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  • Jeremy asks: I'm looking for a shell that can cover just one finger. Are these easily cut down?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can easily cut this gimmick in half but keep in mind that this isn't a shell to go over an entire find, it will cover the front of a finger.
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