Chop Cups

Three cups seem too much? Check out these Chop Cups. We have a fine collection of Chop Cups and balls. The basic concept of a Chop Cup is that you have only one cup and one ball, and yet are able to do a series of amazing appearances, transpositions, vanishes and transformations. Reputations have been made with these one effect! Looking for final load balls too? Check out our Cups and Balls page too.

Cups and Balls
Chop Cups

Chop Cups

We stock a range of Chop Cups from inexpensive beginners ranges, to gorgeous professional-quality Chop Cups.

Coffee Cup Chop Cups

This small range of coffee cup Chop Cups allow for a motivated routine using natural-looking props.

Balls for Chop Cups

There's little point in having a stunning Chop Cup unless you've got the balls to match. We stock a wide range:

Everything Else Chop Cup

We stock a complete range of Chop Cups and accessories!

Who invented the Chop Cup?

The Chop Cup was invented by Al Wheatley, an American magician who performed under the stage name "Chop Chop." His original cup was made out of polished bamboo and was sold through Exacto Magic in the 1950s, and sold for $9.50! Wheatley believed that the routine was only given its full potential when performed by Don Alan, who essentially created the routine that most magicians use today.

Wheatley eventually produced a metal version, which he called the New Master Cup. Don Alan used such a cup when he performed the trick on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1960.

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