Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone)

Trick by Leo Smetsers
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Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone)

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Trick by Leo Smetsers (27.95)

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Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone) - magic
Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone) Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone) Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone) Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone) Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone) Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone) Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone)

The redesigned and improved "Harmonica Chop Cup 2" by Leo Smetsers is now available in an amazing red color.

These amazing "Harmonica Chop Cups" have the same brilliant design that many pro performers have grown to love with the original version. But they are now made using very high-grade silicone. This new version of the ground-breaking product is as nearly perfect as possible.

The "Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone)" is very small in size and easily fits in the pocket of your jacket or pants, or even in the handkerchief pocket of your jacket.

The Harmonica Chop Cup is the ultimate packs small plays big prop!

Get yours now in black or red.

Note: Chop Cup Balls are not included.

Note: Can only be used with Leo Smetsers Chop Cup Balls.


Customer reviews for Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone)



I really like this product. The fact that it is compressible means that it can be easily carried around in a pocket. It is also based on a regular collapsible cup, so the chop cup doesn’t seem to be contrived, or look like a magicians prop. I also love that it comes in black!



I really like this prop. I bought it as I saw it used with the 3 in one dice set. I like how portable it is and fits into my edc carry bag. It's really well made. It will have to be seen how it will stand the test of the time. Glad I made this purchase it works well with the LS dice.



The idea is very good, but I am very disapointed as the design off magnetic ball is not strong enough to attach itself inside this chop cup.
I tried loads of times, maybe one in ten it might work if your lucky that is, so this is not reliable.very disapointed


Community questions about Harmonica 2 Chop Cup (Silicone)

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  • Sammy asks: How big can the final load be?

    • 1. Jim answers: Approximately 2.5 inches.
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  • Joel asks: Why does this only work with a specific brand of ball?

    • 1. Ron answers: I read somewhere that the gimmicks are extra strong to work with the silicone.
    • 2. Jim answers: It may work with other brands—the creator only recommends using his brand. YMMV.
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  • Diego asks: Can you pls provide a link to the recommended balls?

    • 1. Angelo answers: https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/chop-cups/chop-cup-balls-white-leather/
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  • Rodney asks: How well does this one work? Is the magnet big enough? I was searching this product and can't find anything on it.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's a really well made prop and works perfectly
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