What are the Best Fire Magic Tricks?

Magicians love fire magic tricks because they are a super visual and exciting way to command attention from an audience. Yet, with so many props and magic tricks using fire available, it can be difficult to decide which ones to use for your magic show. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best fire magic tricks for close-up magic or stage magic shows.

Flash Paper

Flash Paper is one of the most common props used for fire magic tricks. When ignited with a heat source like a lighter or match, Flash Paper produces a brilliant flame that immediately enhances any magic trick. It is perfect for producing, vanishing or transforming objects and is beloved by magicians because it burns instantly without leaving any smoke or ash.

Other alternatives such as Flash Cotton and Flash String and Flash Bills are also widely used by many magicians.

Fire Wallet

The Fire Wallet is frequently used by magicians to quickly grab the attention of an audience. This normal looking wallet can be carried with you anywhere and allows you to safely produce a massive flame when opened one way and operates like a regular wallet when opened the other way. Unlike Flash Paper, the Fire Wallet produces a sustained flame like a Zippo Lighter.

Many magicians who use the Fire Wallet also like the Fire Phone Case, which operates in a similar fashion.

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Finger Flasher

The Finger Flasher is a beloved fire magic prop used by many stage magicians to accentuate their magic tricks. Usually constructed of stainless steel, this discreet accessory uses Flash Cotton to help you produce a dazzling fireball at any time.

For slightly larger flames, many magicians will use a Flash Gun. The Flash Gun also uses Flash Cotton and allows magicians to produce astonishingly large bursts of fire as big as 15 feet.

Floating Rose

The Floating Rose is the signature magic trick of Kevin James, a regular performer in Las Vegas and legendary creator of stage magic and illusions. This romantic routine is one of Kevin’s smallest magic effects, but also one of his most memorable. A napkin rose floats impossibly in the air before magically turning into a real rose with a bright flash.

Some magicians perform an alternative to the Floating Rose known as the Fire Flower.


Flame is one of the most remarkable close-up fire magic effects ever produced. Using an ordinary-looking lighter, it allows you to control and levitate a real flame on command.

Fire Anywhere

Fire Anywhere takes the classic Fire Book effect to new heights by allowing you to produce a steady flame from any book, magazine, newspaper or restaurant menu. This simple fire magic device is super easy to use. Magicians can ignite a steady flame with just the push of a button on the special electronic unit.

Smoke Cube

While it’s technically not a fire magic trick, the Smoke Cube is an easy way to enhance any magic trick in a similar fashion. As one of the smallest smoke machines in the world, the Smoke Cube can be hidden discreetly in most props and allows you to produce a plume of smoke (or the illusion of a fire burning) with just the push of a button.

Fire Breathing

Fire Breathing is more science than magic. But, we decided to include this fire trick here because it’s a popular skill learned by many magicians and other variety entertainers. In fact, Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller got his start as a busking Fire Breather and Juggler. The ability to produce a burst of fire from your mouth like a dragon is a surefire way to capture the attention of any audience.

Important Reminder about Fire Tricks

When using any fire magic trick, it’s important to remember that real fire means real danger. Fire tricks should only be used by professionals over the age of 18 that have taken the necessary time to learn how to properly use them.

Most fire products like Flash Paper are made wet with water prior to being shipped. They must be fully dried before using. However, as they dry out, these fire products become highly flammable and increasingly dangerous. So, it’s important to also understand how to properly store your fire magic tricks. And never try to make your own Flash Paper, the results can be fatal.