Can you Make Flash Paper?

Many magicians often want to know if you can make your own Flash Paper. The short answer is: in theory, you can make your own Flash Paper, but you really shouldn't. It's dangerous, time consuming and people have died doing it

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Flash Paper is a form of Nitrocellulose, a highly flammable chemical compound that can be incredibly dangerous if not handled properly. Making flash paper involves strong acids and acid vapors that can cause serious harm if mishandled. We strongly suggest that you only use professionally made Flash Paper in your fire magic tricks.

Flash Paper, Flash Cotton or any other Fire Product should also only be used by magicians over the age of 18 who have taken the time to understand how to safely use it and store it. And don't try to make your own, it's not worth the risk.

Can you Print on Flash Paper?

Some magic shops tell you that it is possible to print on flash paper. But we urge you to never, ever print on flash paper. There are two reasons: firstly, it's dangerous β€” printers heat up and could easily spark on flash paper. In fact, it's so dangerous that one young boy in the United Kingdom died due to a printer and flash paper accident. Secondly, the results of using a home printer and flash paper really isn't good. The ink looks OK for a day or two, but very quickly fades.

Writing on flash paper is totally fine though, so perhaps there's a way of building that into your routine instead?