Sparkle Flash (1 Oz. Bottle)

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Sparkle Flash (1 Oz. Bottle)

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This product will add a sense of wonder to any fire effect. Sprinkle on Flash Paper, Cotton, String or Cord to add electrically crackling sparks to your effect.


Customer reviews for Sparkle Flash (1 Oz. Bottle)



Was surprised how great this looked. Warning. A little goes a very long way. Bright white sparks. Drop a little in a bundle of flash paper for spectacular effect.



Excellent effect. Sparkles everywhere. Small quantities of this product ignition produce a lot of heat. Make sure during ignition it doesn't touch anything that can be burned (such as flooring or furniture). Use sparingly so that ignition takes place in the air and not on burnable objects. Small quantity produces a lot of sparkling effect. Good shipping this company always delivers on time.



I highly recommend this product to be added to your flash cotton and/or your flash paper. Sparkle powder added to the flash products will create a sparkling display much like fireworks. A little goes a long way, so be careful not to use too much and take care not to spill any of the sparkle powder. I like to add this stuff to all of my flash products to give them that extra special touch that the audience really responds to. I think that the sparkle powder adds just a little bit more production value than using flash cotton or flash paper all by itself. Great product, highly recommended... just as good as low temp sparkle powder.


Community questions about Sparkle Flash (1 Oz. Bottle)

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  • Kevin asks: Is sparkle flash a powder/liquid? how does it compare to low temp sparkle powder?

    • 1. G. Dean answers: Powder. Easily can be sprinkled over any flash paper for an extraordinary visual 'sparkling' effect
    • 2. Don answers: Low temp can be lit in the hand.It is warm but not real hot.You may still throw it because it is scary.Its getting harder to find.
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  • Carl asks: I see where others have commented on adding it to flash paper and or cotton. I can see how it would stick to the flash cotton, but does it stick to flash paper. I’m very interested in using this product.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can stick to flash paper because it's a fine powder.
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