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Stagecraft For Magicians: Producing Your Own Show For The Stage Book
Stagecraft For Magicians: Producing Your Own Show For The Stage
Book by Terry Magelssen - $35.00

Uncover the keys to taking your stage magic act to the next level with Stagecraft For Magicians: Producing Your Own Show For The Stage. With more...

Tenyo 2021 - The Blur Trick
Tenyo 2021 - The Blur
Trick by Garrett Thomas, Mathieu Bich and Tenyo Magic - $15.00

Teaming up with the talented Mathieu Bich and Garrett Thomas, Tenyo Magic is thrilled to introduce The Blur as part of their 2021 line of magic...

Tenyo 2021 - Magical Honeycomb  Trick
Tenyo 2021 - Magical Honeycomb
Trick by Tenyo Magic and So Sato - $12.50

Magical Honeycomb is a remarkable transposition effect created by So Sato as part of Tenyo Magic's 2021 line of amazing magic tricks. This fun and...

Tenyo 2021 - Magic Tweezers Trick
Tenyo 2021 - Magic Tweezers
Trick by Tenyo Magic and Kenichi Komiya - $20.00

Released with full permission from Mario Lopez, Kenichi Komiya and Tenyo Magic have partnered to create Magic Tweezers—a super fun and visually...

Tenyo 2021 - Cheek to Cheek Trick
Tenyo 2021 - Cheek to Cheek
Trick by Tenyo Magic - $17.50

Cheek to Cheek is brought to you as part of Tenyo's 2021 line of amazing magic tricks. A spectator's card is lost in a deck that is shuffled face up...

Totally Free Will Book
Totally Free Will
Book by Mark Chandaue - $65.00

The most comprehensive exploration of the "Free Will" plot ever written! "Thank you Mark for making this little Gem Glow..." ...

Mini Wand & Chest Accessory
Mini Wand & Chest
Accessory by Tony Karpinski - $55.00

This absolutely stunning 3 inch mini magic wand is crafted with a gorgeous high-gloss black body and elegant brass ends. Each wand comes secured in a...

Karpinski's Coin Penetration Trick
Karpinski's Coin Penetration
Trick by Tony Karpinski - $155.00

Karpinski's Coin Penetration is an gorgeous ornate box that enables you to cause a coin to pass straight through a solid piece of glass.

Flashlight Magic Trick
Flashlight Magic
Trick by Tejinaya and Syouma - $99.95

Magically control a flashlight held by your spectator with the amazing Flashlight Magic. There are no remote controls or foot switches needed. The...

Shabara Book
Book by Luca Volpe - $59.00

Discover what it takes to transform a simple mentalism trick into an emotional and unforgettable experience with Shabara, the latest release from...

The Boundless DVD or download
The Boundless
DVD or download by Dani DaOrtiz - $60.00

Now available as an instant download! 9 incredible new routines from the legendary Dani DaOrtiz! Dani DaOrtiz is one of the most innovative card...

ReMASKable - Expert at the Card Table Edition  Trick
ReMASKable - Expert at the Card Table Edition
Trick by Tjiu Agus Haryanto - $15.00

A stylish face mask developed exclusively for magicians. Each mask is constructed with super high-quality elastic material and an elegant design...

Lucid Coin Trick
Lucid Coin
Trick by Marc Oberon - $45.00

One of the strongest and most visual utility devices ever made for producing and vanishing a large coin. "Easy to learn, super visual, a...

Pick Me Trick
Pick Me
Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic - $39.95

Mickael Chatelain returns with one of his most impressive effects ever. When you read the description below, you might think it's impossible to be...

Coke Zag Trick
Coke Zag
Trick by Richard Griffin Productions - $120.00

A modern take on the iconic Zig Zag illusion that can be done with a can of Coke. This is perfect for any parlor magic show. A Coca-Cola can is...

Chalk Writer Trick
Chalk Writer
Trick by Amazo Magic - $19.95

Secretly write any prediction, from messages to numbers or symbols on a real standard chalkboard with Chalk Writer. This is an amazing swami gimmick...

 Ultraviolet Vegas Diffractor Playing Cards Deck of cards
Ultraviolet Vegas Diffractor Playing Cards
Deck of cards by VXD - $129.00

A stunning new Ultraviolet version of Vegas Diffractor Playing Cards has arrived and is bound to be one of the biggest releases of the year. After...

Win Win Trick
Win Win
Trick by Alan Chitty and Kaymar Magic - $15.00

Win Win from Alan Chitty is a remarkably clever packet trick that you're going to want to carry with you everywhere. You start by removing any two...

Vision Deck  Trick
Vision Deck
Trick by Magic Smile Productions - $29.95

Perform a variety of unforgettable card magic miracles with the Vision Deck. Every routine with this innovative trick deck will not only entertain...

18in Silk Flower (Black) Accessory
18in Silk Flower (Black)
Accessory by JL Magic - $9.95

High quality 18in square silk with a vibrant bouquet of flowers printed on it. Black background. Perfect for productions and vanishes.

Mosaic Book
Book by Perseus Arkomanis - $70.00

This stunning 500+ page collection of magic tricks and magic theory is the culmination of the entire life's work of the super talented Greek magician...

Cardini's Corner Trick
Cardini's Corner
Trick by Luis Enrique Peralta - $35.00

A small statue of the legendary Cardini is produced and placed in full view. A card is then selected by the spectator and you tear one of it's...

The Bermuda Trio Book
The Bermuda Trio
Book by Simon Lovell - $20.00

Simon Lovell takes the Triple Prediction to insane new heights with The Bermuda Trio, a special collection of THREE amazing new versions of this...

Less is More (Trick) Trick
Less is More (Trick)
Trick by The Orange Tree Magic - $100.00

Words CANNOT express how sensational this trick FEELS. This is the rarest kind of magic trick: a tactile illusion. Based on a centuries old illusion...

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