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Magicians at War: How Espionage and Deceit Changed History Book
Magicians at War: How Espionage and Deceit Changed History
Book by H. Wayne Capps - $24.95

Does the CIA use magicians in the field? Was Houdini a secret spy? Did a card trick lead to end of World War II? Discover all this and more in Magicians at War: How Espionage and Deceit Changed History, an exclusive look at how Magicians throughout history have used their skills of misdirection...

Expert Rope Magic Made Easy Download Magic download (video)
Expert Rope Magic Made Easy Download
Magic download (video) by Daryl - $39.95

Note—This contains all three download videos for Expert Rope Magic Made Easy. Daryl, world renowned and World Champion magician, teaches you a veritable Encyclopedia of rope magic! This three volume set gives you a working knowledge of the basics of Expert Rope Magic. Daryl then teaches you some of...

Revolution Riser Magic download (video)
Revolution Riser
Magic download (video) by Magic Encarta and Vivek Dinesh Singhi - $4.99

An insanely visual, impromptu rising card effect you can perform with ANY deck of cards. A selected card rises from the middle of the deck to the top of the deck in an instant. This card can even be signed. Download today!

TOUCHED Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by ARNEL L. RENEGADO - $9.95

"Genius!!!!! I love this" Mickael Chatelain "Touched is a unique and impossible looking effect, very clever thinking" Nicholas Lawrence Vanish a torn piece right on the hand of your spectator. With Touched from Arnel Renegado, you can have your spectator choose any card they...

Building Your Own Illusions: The Complete Video Course DVD or download
Building Your Own Illusions: The Complete Video Course
DVD or download by Gerry Frenette - $150.00

NOW AVAILABLE AS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD! For the FIRST TIME IN MAGIC HISTORY, a professional illusion builder is revealing his MOST GUARDED techniques. This 6-part set offers an exclusive look at illusion building unlike anything we've ever seen. After watching this comprehensive set, you'll have all...

Rubinstein Coin Magic Book (pre-order)
Rubinstein Coin Magic
Book (pre-order) by Michael Rubinstein - $85.00

"Every 10 years or so in magic, a book comes out that is a game changer. Dr Michael Rubinstein has finally shared his magnum opus, his legacy." John Carey A lifetime of coin magic and learning has been jam-packed into this unbelievable treatise on sleight-of-hand coin magic from Dr....

Houdini Stunt Trick
Houdini Stunt
Trick by Merlins of Wakefield and Phil Peters - $15.00

Houdini impossibly escapes from a jail cell and appears inside your spectator's pocket in this powerful and easy to perform card trick! Houdini Stunt comes with gorgeous, specially-made cards designed exclusively for performing this amazing magic trick.

Colour Match Chips Trick
Colour Match Chips
Trick by Merlins of Wakefield - $25.00

Two sets of 4 pokers chips are shown. Each set contains a red, blue, green and white chip. The spectator selects either set (no force) and you take the other. You both hide the chips behind your back and mix them thoroughly. You then swap them without looking and mix them again to be sure both sets...

The Dribble Project Magic download (video)
The Dribble Project
Magic download (video) by Hafriadi Saputra - $15.00

Learn a powerful, utility card sleight that can be used to invisibly control cards or perform visual color changes and vanishes. Everything is done in the action of dribbling cards. 100% sleight of hand! NO Gimmicks. This magic download includes 5 amazing effects: 1. DribshiftIn the act of your...

Elementary  Trick
Trick by Merlins of Wakefield - $25.00

Recreate the iconic tales of Sherlock Holmes with this incredibly powerful and easy to do effect. After the police fail to catch their perp, Sherlock Holmes and Watson take on the case...and, they never fail! Elementary comes with amazing, high-quality cards featuring Sherlock Holmes, Doctor...

Rubik Solved Trick
Rubik Solved
Trick by Merlins of Wakefield and Tony Gardner - $25.00

This amazing effect is perfect for any magician, whether you perform Rubik's Cube Magic or not. The magician fairly fans out four playing cards featuring a color image of a mixed-up Rubik's Cube and then hands two to them to the spectator to hold. After showing that the two remaining cards still...

Rubik Rhumba Trick
Rubik Rhumba
Trick by Merlins of Wakefield and Tony Gardner - $25.00

A super clean and easy to do card trick that takes advantage of the popularity of Rubik's Cube Magic. The magician cleanly fans and shows the faces of four playing cards featuring a full-color illustration of a mixed-up Rubik's Cube. These cards are then squared and given a magical shake. When...

AnyWeb Trick
Trick by Javier Franco - $39.95

Force ANYTHING from ANY website with this unbelievably powerful magic app from Magic Pro Ideas You don't need to learn any fancy or complicated techniques. The AnyWeb app takes care of everything for you. AnyWeb is SUPER EASY TO USE. With the included comprehensive video instructions, everyone...

Standing Up On Stage Volume 7 (Cards) DVD
Standing Up On Stage Volume 7 (Cards)
DVD by Scott Alexander - $49.95

The ultimate guide to packing flat and playing big! Scott Alexander continues his massively popular Standing Up on Stage series with a new installment dedicated to 4 iconic close-up card tricks that have been completely reimagined and choreographed to meet the needs of stage magic performers. In...

The Vault - Get Nyman Magic download (video)
The Vault - Get Nyman
Magic download (video) by Andy Nyman and Alakazam UK - $59.95

Derren Brown's most trusted friend and consultant Andy Nyman is a creative force in magic and mentalism. Now, with this MASSIVE 3-video download, you can gain exclusive access to his most exciting routines. "Andy Nyman is my favorite mentalist in the world. His performances are an absolute...

Card Collector Trick
Card Collector
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino - $50.00

a NO PALM signed card-to-wallet effect that any magician can perform! It is perfect for all skill levels. The spectator can even open it up themselves! . Card Collector is practical and direct magic. This effect is a true reputation maker that you'll want to add into your close-up magic set right...

Ultimate Deck Holder Deck of cards
Ultimate Deck Holder
Deck of cards by B-Magic - $39.95

The perfect hands-free solution for professional table-hopping magicians. Constructed with high-quality leather and metal clips, the Ultimate Deck Holder is built for maximum durability. It can hold any bridge size or poker size deck of cards and is also great for special gimmick cards and props...

B2 - For Those Who Dare Magic download (ebook)
B2 - For Those Who Dare
Magic download (ebook) by Philipp Ganglberger - Book $35.00 or download for $19.99

B2 is a professional billet mentalism routine taken straight from the working repertoire of Philipp Ganglberger. For more than two decades, this has been one of Philipp's premiere moneymakers as he performed on nearly every stage in Austria. B2 is an mind-blowing advanced mentalism routines where...

Intersection Trick
Trick by Hondo - $49.95

This unusual effect is so visual, so strange, and so seamless in appearance that we wondered, "What's the catch?" But here at Vanishing Inc. Magic, we put everything to the test before we promote it. We're happy to report that "Intersection" is as fun to perform as it is visual....

ReMASKable Trick
Trick by Tjiu Agus Haryanto - $15.00

The easiest and most straightforward in-plain-sight prediction of a playing card ever! With ReMASKable, your spectators see your prediction from the very beginning of the trick. Yet, they will never notice it until you REALLY show them. But, that's not it. You then repeat the trick and FOOL them...

Hands Free Trick
Hands Free
Trick by SansMinds and Mario Tarasini - $25.00

An insanely visual Torn & Restored effect that you'll swear is CGI. You never even have to touch those cards! This innovative variation on the classic TnR plot is brought to you by Mario Tarasini in collaboration with SansMinds. Don't be surprised if Hands Free convinces your spectators that...

HDP Box Trick
Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $29.95

3 powerful magic tricks packed into 1 unbelievable, easy to use gimmick! A spectator's freely selected card is signed and lost in the deck. You then shuffle the deck of cards. Suddenly, the playing cards visually transform into a box. When that box is opened, it can be clearly seen that all the...

Machinations Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Machinations
Book by Ben Harris - $40.00

With Machinations, Ben Harris builds upon an unusual and unbelievable puzzle developed by Martin Gardner and Bob Neale known as “The Trapdoor Card”. This topological effect allows you to essentially turn a card INSIDE OUT. In effect, you display a playing card (or piece of paper, or ticket, or...

DMC Shark V2 Playing Cards Deck of cards
DMC Shark V2 Playing Cards
Deck of cards by - $10.00

A vivid and evocative casino-style deck, SHARKS V2 is the latest creative collaboration between British magician DMC and magic designer Phill Smith. As the creative alliance behind the now world-famous and award-winning ELITES playing cards, this latest unmarked creation harks back to the first...

Our top-selling new release: Distilled (Ryan Plunkett)