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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

Scroll down to see all of our favorite new magic tricks, or view a complete list of our newest magic tricks, magic books and, of course, magic downloads. Nearly every item has a video demo and, if you have any questions, we're always here to help!

Engraved Trick
Trick by Magic Shop San Diego - $15.00

Etch a prediction into glass WITHOUT any expensive tools or machinery! Engraved is a remarkable utility that allows you to turn any glass, from beer...

Glacier Trick
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $30.00

A liquid suspension that looks like real magic...with a borrowed bottle! That's right, similar effects of the past have required you to often...

Double Face Super Triple Coin (2 Silver & 1 Copper) Gimmicked coin
Double Face Super Triple Coin (2 Silver & 1 Copper)
Gimmicked coin by Johnny Wong - $105.00

The 2S1C Double Face Super Triple Coin allows you to perform CGI level coin tricks just inches from the spectator's face. It is truly a coin...

JPV Wallet Trick
JPV Wallet
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino - $79.95

This tool made to measure in high quality leather allows you to present many of routines and varied effects thanks to its new features, it also has...

The Vault - Faith Hacker Magic download (video)
The Vault - Faith Hacker
Magic download (video) by Dr. Cyril Thomas and Cyril Thomas - $9.99

An insanely visual rubber band vanish and color change unlike anything you've ever seen! "This looks like real magic. I love it!" Joe...

Leo's Coin Trick
Leo's Coin
Trick by Leo Smetsers and Holland Tricks - $41.50

One of the best kept secrets in Magic... Leo Smetsers is a prolific creator and performer. His entire life revolves around magic and he has released...

Switch Cup Trick
Switch Cup
Trick by Jerome Sauloup - $45.00

We're pleased to introduce this unusual and extremely useful utility prop. Whenever we're confronted with a trailer that looks too good to be true,...

Magicseen Magazine - January 2021 Magic download (ebook)
Magicseen Magazine - January 2021
Magic download (ebook) by Magicseen Magazine - $6.50

Here at Vanishing Inc., we have always sought to curate products we love. They must be unique, of a high quality and different. Magicseen Magazine is...

Magicseen Lite - November 2020 Magic download (ebook)
Magicseen Lite - November 2020
Magic download (ebook) by Magicseen Magazine - Free

Magicseen Lite offers you tricks, interviews, and reviews for no charge! This condensed version of the digital edition of Magicseen Magazine is the...

Devil's Bandana Accessory
Devil's Bandana
Accessory by Lee Alex - $30.00

The largest devil's handkerchief available on the market today. You can wear it anywhere you go! "Every magician needs a Devil's Hank: it's an...

T-1000: Special Edition Trick
T-1000: Special Edition
Trick by Hanson Chien and Nemo Liu - $35.00

After endless customer demand, the beloved and AUTHENTIC T-1000 is finally back—and this time, it's available in a new special edition! Brought to...

Missing Card  Trick
Missing Card
Trick by JL Magic - $24.00

Make the markings and pips instantly disappear off a playing card with Missing Card! This effect allows you to transform a regular-looking playing...

Connected: Bundle Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Connected: Bundle
Magic download (video) by Dani DaOrtiz, Karl Hein and Robert Ramirez - $50.00

First you see a virtual performance, and then you're taught the material in great detail. For example, Dani DaOrtiz DAZZLES a virtual audience with...

Matrix Glass Magic download (video)
Matrix Glass
Magic download (video) by Patricio Teran - $10.00

An impossible and Unique Matrix routine using shot glasses filled with liquid. "Most unique matrix I have seen Yet!" Kevin Li This...

Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost - Volume 8 Book
Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost - Volume 8
Book by H&R Magic Books - $55.00

"I think this is the best volume yet." Steve Beam More than 100, remarkably easy-to-card effects are jam-packed into this special release...

Contactum Trick
Trick by Magic Pro Ideas - $39.95

Take control of a spectator's phone with the latest app from the creators of AnyWeb. Contactum is more than a simple trick. It's a versatile magic...

Switchvelope Trick
Trick by Craziest! - $39.95

The ultimate pocket-sized switching envelope is here! Inspired by Julio Montoro's Manila (and published with his permission), Switchvelope is a...

Sky Cube Trick
Sky Cube
Trick by Julio Montoro - $39.95

A super visual, three-phase Rubik's Cube routine that can be carried on your keyring anywhere you go! Sky Cube is brought to you by the innovative...

CBS (Copper Brass Silver) Trick
CBS (Copper Brass Silver)
Trick by Paul Vigil - $79.95

Paul Vigil is a modern legend in the underground of magic. A student and close friend of Johnny Thompson. When he performs other magicians stop and...

Hofzinser's Dream Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Hofzinser's Dream
Trick by Benjamin Chickering - $30.00

Hofzinser's Dream is that rare effect that looks EVEN BETTER in real life. The trailer can't fully convey how visually eye-popping this strange and...

Lockdown Trick
Trick by Steve Cook and Kaymar Magic Company UK - $30.00

Steve Cook puts an incredible new spin on the iconic 'Combination Lock' routine with his killer new effect—Lockdown. Check out trailer to see it in...

Vision Box 2.0 Trick
Vision Box 2.0
Trick by Joao Miranda - $75.00

Joao Miranda's revolutionary, see-through card-to-impossible-location box is now better than ever! When Joao first introduced this innovative device...

Jumbo Marked E.S.P. Cards (Vernet) Trick
Jumbo Marked E.S.P. Cards (Vernet)
Trick by Vernet Magic - $25.00

These professional quality ESP Jumbo Cards are a must have for any mentalist or magician. They can be seen by crowds of 10 to 1,000 people and are...

Wanderlust Trick
Trick by Vernet Magic - $50.00

Take your audience on an unforgettable journey around the world with Wanderlust. A couple is invited on stage. You then help them tear a map into...

Omni Armor Card Clip Accessory
Omni Armor Card Clip
Accessory by Hanson Chien Production Co. - $15.00

A revolutionary card clip that perfectly balances protection and design! The Omni Armor Box was designed exclusively for magicians and cardists as...

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