Magic by Spidey

A.B.See Trick
Trick by Spidey - 34.95

Unlock the power of a devastating mentalism tool that will leave your audiences speechless. "Spidey has taken a classic concept, made the...

King Con Trick
King Con
Trick by Richard Sanders and Spidey - 19.95

The unique, knockout comedy opener you've been looking for. This amazing 4-card change features a ridiculous and fun presentation paired with some...

Tidal Wave Trick
Tidal Wave
Trick by Spidey - 19.95

Blowing minds is guaranteed with Spidey’s unique evolution of an all-time classic. This is the perfect opener! “Tidal Wave” has been Spidey’s go-to...

The Vault - Induction Magic download (video)
The Vault - Induction
Magic download (video) by Spidey - 49.95

If you want to change your shows forever, you need Induction! See how practical hypnosis will transform your performances! Start developing...

Induction DVD
DVD by Spidey - 49.95

The ability to control the mind of another human is nothing short of a true super power. Hypnosis is the ultimate impromptu miracle, with no...

Spectre Trick
Trick by Spidey - 40.00

"Say goodbye to your Glorpies, Spectre is fresh, practical and a great piece of magic."- Richard Sanders Imagine having the ability to perform a wide...

DVD by Shin Lim and Spidey - 29.95

SCAR is a custom made gimmick which allows you to literally turn an endless number of everyday objects into killer revelations. The...

Sub-Zero DVD
DVD by Spidey - 40.00

Imagine having the ability to instantly freeze water at your fingertips! Sub-Zero is a revolutionary technology that allows you to...

Akkelian Envelopes Trick
Akkelian Envelopes
Trick by Spidey - 24.95

Akkelian Envelopes are a powerful, practical mentalism tool that enable you to instantly divine exactly what your spectator has written down - words,...