Magic by Spidey

Induction DVD
DVD by Spidey - $49.95

The ability to control the mind of another human is nothing short of a true super power. Hypnosis is the ultimate impromptu miracle, with no gimmicks, preparation or set up you can entertain a small group of people or a stadium of thousands. Spidey is amongst the new generation of hypnotists and he...

The Vault - Induction Magic download (video)
The Vault - Induction
Magic download (video) by Spidey - $49.95

If you want to change your shows forever, you need Induction! See how practical hypnosis will transform your performances! Start developing your new superpower now! Spidey travels the world with his induced hypnotism show, performing for thousands with no gimmicks or setup. In Induction, he...

DVD by Shin Lim and Spidey - $29.95

SCAR is a custom made gimmick which allows you to literally turn an endless number of everyday objects into killer revelations. The Scar DVD is full of presentational ideas and applications created by international mentalist; Spidey (Psycho, Phantom, Ultra gum) and additional thoughts...

Spectre Trick
Trick by Spidey - $40.00 NOW $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

"Say goodbye to your Glorpies, Spectre is fresh, practical and a great piece of magic."- Richard Sanders Imagine having the ability to perform a wide range of visually ASTONISHING effects using an everyday, common ordinary looking object that fits in your back pocket! Spectre is a completely...

Sub-Zero DVD
DVD by Spidey - $40.00 NOW $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

Imagine having the ability to instantly freeze water at your fingertips! Sub-Zero is a revolutionary technology that allows you to perform mind blowing magic using the most basic element of life. With this DVd you will be provided with a gimmick which will turn any ordinary glass of...