Just Turned 30, Can I Still Learn To Do Magic Tricks?

OK. You're an adult and you're worried if you can still learn magic tricks?

Tl;dr: Yes.

We’re the largest magic store in the world, so we get all manner of queries and questions about how to learn to do magic tricks. One we frequently get is about “am I too old to learn magic tricks?”, and the answer is always no.

There’s no upper age limit to learning magic. In many ways, you have several advantages not being a kid. Let’s get into the benefits being older brings when you want to learn how to do magic.

People Will Take You More Seriously

kid If a seven year old tells you a story about how when they were young, such and such a thing happened, most audiences would politely smile. However, as an adult, you can say that sort of thing with a straight face and people will buy it.

Mentalism Becomes Much Easier

max maven the mentalist If a kid, however cute, pretends to be a master mentalist, there’s no way an adult will buy that. However, as you grow up, the plausibility of that scenario becomes more and more real. Sure, it’s kinda cute when a kid does it, but no one will believe them. And that belief (or potential thereof) is what makes someone a good mind reader.

Sleights Become Easier

sleight of hand Sleight-of-hand will be easier the bigger your hands are. Heck, many kids struggle to shuffle or even hold a deck of playing cards. With your big, adult hands, it’s trivial. And that is just the start. When you want to get into the basics of card magic, you’ll find having adult-sized hands puts you at a distinct advantage over your younger counterparts.

You Will Understand And Respect Your Audience More

audience A kid wants attention. Well, to be honest, many adult magicians just want attention too, but we can work out that shouting “Mom, watch this” over and over may not be the best strategy for creating a meaningful magical experience for our spectators.

You Know Magic Isn’t Real

Magic isn’t real SPOILER: Magic isn’t real. As a grown up learning magic tricks, you have a certain comprehension of how the world works that a child is missing. This allows you to understand the importance of recreating that childhood excitement, that fluttering feeling that magic is real. A kid will, for the most part, either still believe or want to believe in magic. As an adult, you’ll know the truth, and also know how wonderful it is to be able to give someone the feeling - even if just for an instant - that magic is real. That is the real secret to magic. To give your audience that “Christmas Eve Father Christmas” feeling. Even if it is ephemeral.

How To Start Learning Magic Tricks

learn magic as adult It’s really quite tough, isn’t it? If you google the question, you get lots of pages aimed at younger people, or magic sets for kids and so on. But, here at Vanishing Inc., we can help. Every single person that works here is a magician. We’ve all been where you are now. Wanting to take those first steps. So we’ll drop a list of free resources and some books and tricks that we’d also recommend to get you started.

If you have any questions, we have a team of Support Wizards who are available 24/7 to answer your questions and help point you in the right direction.

Free Resources