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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

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Petroleum Trick (pre-order)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Petroleum
Trick (pre-order) by Max Lukian - $29.95

A card is chosen, signed, and lost in the deck. The cards are shuffled face up into face down, and shown to be mixed on both sides. Without any funny...

5th anniversary Bicycle Cardistry Playing Cards Deck of cards
5th anniversary Bicycle Cardistry Playing Cards
Deck of cards by LLC Handlordz - $20.00

HOT! This BICYCLE® Cardistry 5th Anniversary Collector's Deck - "with PREMIUM METALLIC GOLD INK" AND Gold Holographic Foil is a MUST HAVE...

Marvelous Multiplying Card Box (2020 Edition) Trick
Marvelous Multiplying Card Box (2020 Edition)
Trick by Marvelous-FX Ltd - $40.00

Two years after its worldwide sell-out The Marvelous Multiplying Boxes is finally back in stock. With brand new teaching and set ups this incredibly...

The Only One Trick
The Only One
Trick by Martin Braessas - $40.00

From the mind of Martin Braessas comes "The Only One". Thanks to this deck you will be able to predict the only printed card in a deck of...

Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Vanishing Bird Cage Trick (pre-order)
Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Vanishing Bird Cage
Trick (pre-order) by Wings Magic and JM Craft - $1195.00

Tommy Wonder is one of the most influential magicians in the 20th century. It's our honor to re-release the works of the legendary Tommy Wonder. This...

Magician Bookends Accessory
Magician Bookends
Accessory by Knob Creek Metal Arts - $69.95

Add a touch of magic to your book collection with these stylish magician bookends. Each set includes two pieces with a gorgeous hammered black steel...

Miracle Puzzle Trick
Miracle Puzzle
Trick by Doruk Ulgen - From $105.00

A poetic mystery, an illusionette that can be carried with one hand, a display of pure elegance and beauty... The magician introduces a puzzle that...

Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy Book (pre-order)
Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy
Book (pre-order) by Richard Kaufman and Larry Jennings - $120.00

Richard Kaufman started writing this book in 1991. Since then, the world has been waiting patiently for this huge tome to be released, and it finally...

Buda Ball Artwork
Buda Ball
Artwork by Flyte - $139.00

Visually mesmerizing, magically satisfying. Like a drop of water frozen in time, Buda Ball is a visual meditation that has been scientifically...

CanTastic Trick
Trick by Maurizio Visconti - $170.00

Make a signed coin, borrowed ring or any other small object impossibly appear inside a sealed can! Now available in both the...

The Thinnest Deck Trick
The Thinnest Deck
Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic - $35.00

Show your spectators a bunch of small cardboard panels, each of which has multiple different playing cards printed on them. With just 10 small...

Matrix Revolution Trick
Matrix Revolution
Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic - $65.00

If you thought, "Matrix Art" couldn't get any better. Think again! Mickael Chatelain is one of the most innovative gimmick creators in the...

Ketchup and Fries Playing Cards Deck of cards
Ketchup and Fries Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Riffle Shuffle and Rich Li - From $12.95

Ketchup and Fries Playing Cards are a brilliant combination of fast food and Playing Cards by the talented Rich Li. The design itself is considered...

Alibi Trick (pre-order)
Trick (pre-order) by Mark Mason and Kaan Akdogan - $40.00

A mystery box / card to impossible location style effect you can (and will) carry with you everywhere. "Alibi" is a custom-crafted gimmick...

The Vault - Boneless Magic download (video)
The Vault - Boneless
Magic download (video) by Sultan Orazaly - $9.95

The section of penetration of objects through matter in magic is one of the most popular. Visual penetrations through matter are few and they can...

Smoggler Pro Trick
Smoggler Pro
Trick by Cigma - $250.00

Built from years of careful testing and refining, the "Smoggler Pro" is one of the most reliable remote-controlled smoke devices on the...

Lockdown Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Manoj Kaushal - $12.95

Easily locate a free selection in a borrowed shuffled deck using this brilliant creative principle from Manoj Kaushal. With "Lockdown",...

Curiouser & Curiouser Book
Curiouser & Curiouser
Book by Chris Congreave - $63.00

Chris Congreave's Curiouser and Curiouser was written for workers by a true worker. It's filled with more than 20 practical and commercial routines...

Chris Kenner: Masterclass: Live Live lecture
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Chris Kenner: Masterclass: Live
Live lecture by Chris Kenner - $75.00

Chris Kenner is one of magic's most respected minds. For years, he has been producing the magic and business affairs of David Copperfield. But Kenner...

Colors Rolls Trick
Colors Rolls
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $35.00

Surprise and delight all your followers on TikTok or Instagram, or your virtual magic audience with "Color Rolls", a fun new effect from...

Invocation Trick
Trick by Esteban Manazza and Michel - $45.00

The spirits in your pocket have been released. "Invocation" from Michel and Esteban Manazza is a unique set of mysterious pieces that...

Flavor 3D Trick
Flavor 3D
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $75.00

Bring food to life right in front of their eyes! "Flavor 3D" begins by introducing a flyer for a delicious can of Pringles chips. This...

Spray Away Trick
Spray Away
Trick by Gustavo Raley and Richard Laffite Entertainment Group - $45.00

"Spray Away" is a delightfully unique and fun new effect for all your shows from parlor and stage magic to your magic shows on Zoom. After...

Tally-Ho Gaff Pack Deck of cards
Tally-Ho Gaff Pack
Deck of cards by Jeremy Hanrahan - $19.95

Gaffed cards help magicians easily achieve incredible effects that are typically only possible after years of practicing difficult sleight of hand...

Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings  Trick
Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings
Trick by Michael Ammar and TCC Presents - From $199.95

TCC Presents and Michael Ammar have partnered to create an incredible Deluxe Linking Rings Set that has been carefully crafted to maximize both the...

Our top-selling new release: Giant Close-Up Pad

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