Magic by Joker Magic - Hungary

Chinese Coin Color Change Trick
Chinese Coin Color Change
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $45.00

Perform several magical color changes! The magician shows the audience a Chinese coin -- both sides are black. He rubs it a little, and both sides of the coin turn red. Another rub, and both sides of the coin are now blue! The coin can be examined...

BRB Dice Trick
BRB Dice
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $58.00

The magician hands out two large dice and a box to the spectators for inspection.After that he puts the white die into his pocket, and the red die into the box.After a magical move he shows that the white die is back in the box!He then recloses the box and after another magical move the white die...

Time Stopper Trick
Time Stopper
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $77.00

The magician shows the audience a black tube and a red ball. He asks a member of the audience to pick a number between 1 and 10. He/she picks - for example: 5.The magician pushes the button on the tube 5 times and then drops the ball into it. The ball does NOT come out the other side! The magician...

Sharpie Wonder Trick
Sharpie Wonder
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $34.95

With this Sharpie you can perform 10 "miracles"!In the end everything can be examined, it can even be used for writing (ie. on a card)! - turns around- its cap wanders- penetrates the hand- bends- vanishes- appears- shrinks- penetrates the spectator's handBONUS ROUTINES:- a golf ball appears from...

Penhenge Sharpie Trick
Penhenge Sharpie
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $34.95

A floating Sharpie trick brings back the mystical world of Stonehenge! Everything can be examined! You can also write with the Sharpie! The magician tells the audience that he recently visited the 4500 year old Stonehenge in England. Those huge blocks of stone stand vertically in pairs (he...

Mystic Wand Trick
Mystic Wand
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $26.00

The magician shows the audience a small black magic wand and a large cube. In the middle of the cube there is a hole just big enough so that the wand can be pushed through it.The magician does so, as shown in the diagram. What is this? The wand is getting smaller and smaller and almost completely...

Magical Knots Trick
Magical Knots
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $23.00

The performer shows a rope to the spectators. He coils it up around his hand, sprinkles a little "magical salt" on it, which makes four knots appear on the rope. He unties the first knot, but to speed things up he coils the rope once more around his hand, then comes the magic knot again. All the...

Twin Cards Trick
Twin Cards
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $42.00

Get ready to show your audience an impossible object that forms in their hands! This is Twin Cards! Do As I Do meets Invisible Deck in this clever and amazing routine by Joker Magic. A spectator selects a card from an open red deck of cards while another holds a blue deck still...

Ultimate Change Trick
Ultimate Change
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $35.00

Imagine visually transforming cards into completely different cards. Your spectators won't believe their own eyes!! With Ultimate Change, you will be able to easily and visually transform cards that you just took out of your wallet or card case into completely different cards....

Fully Packed Trick
Fully Packed
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $53.00

Reimagined version of the Appearing Decks! The spectator's card disappears. The magician turns to his wallet to find the card, but instead finds a case of playing cards! It's the wrong color, so he looks again. Another case appears in the wallet! And then a third! The spectator's...