Can Magic Tricks Be A Hobby?

Tl;dr: Yes, magic tricks can be a hobby.

magic as a hobby

Most magicians are hobbyists. Sure, there are some people like David Copperfield, David Blaine, Dynamo, Michael Carbonaro Justin Willman who are very famous magicians. Then you’ll have the ones doing stage and parlor magic in professional theaters. There’s even more professional magicians working in bars, restaurants and private parties around the world. But, there are a lot more people who do it as a hobby.

Why should I choose magic tricks as a hobby?

Why should you bother to learn magic tricks as a hobby? Entertaining and fooling people is fun! Giving people a sense of wonder, a feeling that they just witnessed something that should be impossible is an amazing feeling. That’s the honest truth. It makes you feel good to make other people feel good. When you learn card tricks, you can get that feeling every day because it’s so easy to pop a deck of playing cards in your pocket and be good to go.

On top of that, it’s a fascinating hobby that will lead to creating new confidence, social skills and physical dexterity.

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Where can I start to learn magic tricks?

Right here of course!

too late to learn magic?

When is it too late to start learning magic tricks?

Never! We wrote an article just for older people thinking about getting started in magic. It’s never too late to start.

Obviously, if you learn magic tricks for kids when you’re a kid it’s easier. Kids are like sponges and just can absorb information faster than adults. But there’s nothing to stop someone older getting into magic. In fact, we’d recommend it!

Every adult knows the best magic is in magic books, but sometimes when you’re younger you get obsessed with buying all the latest magic tricks. So there’s another advantage. But, if you do want the new shiny stuff, then as an adult learning magic you’re going to have more disposable income than younger magicians. Basically, you're not too old to start and there are even some advantages to being older!

What kind of magic tricks are there to learn?

OK. Get ready for a bunch of useful links breaking down the different types of magic tricks there are:

But the best way to get started is for free. And no, not YouTube tutorials, but a real magic download that we’ll give you for free. Just click the button below:

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